Recapping a WILD Trading Day! ($NBEV $AWSM $CRON and More) + Free Chat Logs

by | Sep 20, 2018

It's been a wild trading week so far! First, we had TLRY run from $114 to $300 and now we're seeing a lot of other big moves in the sector.

I think today is a very important day to understand just how quick a career can go. If you're going to be a short biased trader you need to have a plan and stick to it. For most traders especially new it's best to stay away from these things - that's why I always pre warn new traders to STAY CLEAR. Very fortunate to have been very bullish on this name today - keeping myself safe & profitable despite being short biased.

Understanding when & where traps happen is imperative in this game. You're one trap away on size from blowing up an account. As I said in the pre market broadcast I was anticipating a trap and potential squeeze/halt up towards $6.50. Truthfully, that first halt I thought that was it -- OVER for shorts. I thought they'd be blown out into a circuit halt but once the circuit halt reopened it was lackluster at best and not much follow through so they let everyone out, again.

It's one thing to understand a stuff move and what it means but when a stuff move happens followed by intense soak -- do you know what to do? Do you know how to identify it? YOU NEED TO!

I hope these chat logs provide a solid understanding of the types of trades we make in the room. This isn't a buy now sell now service. This isn't a first in first out service. This is a place where trade plans are CLEARLY spelled out AHEAD of time - and where great traders offer their commentary along the way.

Very fortunate to have such a fantastic resource at our fingertips.

Premarket Broadcast from September 20, 2018

 Trade Recap Video (NBEV and More!)

Here's a recap of today's top plays and key takeaways.

To see my pre-market comments from yesterday on NBEV, check out the video in our free Facebook group.

Investors Underground Chat Logs for September 20, 2018

06:28:26 am InvestorsLivegm all
06:28:39 am nick: TLRY has absolutely nothing to do with business prospects or anything at all,it's criminal P&D and that's all it is
06:29:36 am InvestorsLiveregulators are not meant to bail out short sellers for a bad trade
06:29:45 am InvestorsLiveso I'm not sure what TLRY has done is criminal
06:29:49 am InvestorsLivejust folks got caught on wrong side
06:29:55 am InvestorsLivesomeone had more $
06:30:04 am d4ytrad3ok but thats not useful commentary - people said that at 40 50 60 80 100 120 150 170 220 240 250 260 300
06:30:16 am InvestorsLiveTo be fair tho D4
06:30:19 am InvestorsLivethe 300 guys were right
06:30:19 am InvestorsLiveso far
06:30:27 am d4ytrad3for at least 16 hours nate
06:30:34 am d4ytrad3record on this stock lol
06:30:36 am InvestorsLivelol
06:30:47 am nick: it's really not me talking, it's the market through options pricing
06:30:50 am d4ytrad3naww look, you cant say its not a real company
06:30:54 am nick: there is no arguing about it
06:31:16 am nick: but ya short term, it doesnt help, it's even hurtful lol
06:32:05 am Wiseheart: i believe Cramer was out for Jewish high holiday , Yom Kippur yesterday but should be back today
06:32:54 am nick: I bought some 40 strike march puts when stock was at 50
06:33:00 am nick: i'm up on them, i'm not shitting you
06:33:13 am d4ytrad3of course
06:33:26 am d4ytrad3thats what you call volatility
06:33:32 am nick: no dude
06:33:36 am d4ytrad3yes dude
06:33:40 am nick: not when the stock does times 6
06:33:44 am nick: come on
06:33:51 am d4ytrad3if you understand how option pricing works
06:33:59 am d4ytrad3then you would agree
06:34:02 am nick: lol
06:34:05 am d4ytrad3you are ONLY up because of volatility
06:34:27 am InvestorsLivepremiums are absurd
06:34:42 am nick: stock does *6 and puts up, this is not normal
06:35:12 am d4ytrad3i suggest u google options pricing
06:35:21 am d4ytrad3
06:35:29 am d4ytrad3friend recommending this for u
06:35:44 am nick: jesus
06:35:49 am nick: are you serious man
06:35:55 am nick: what a joke
06:36:38 am InvestorsLiveBLDP gapper
06:36:44 am InvestorsLiveABIL nice
06:37:14 am InvestorsLivegapper today
06:37:20 am InvestorsLivehave small from the 6-K
06:37:39 am InvestorsLivenever caught yesterday
06:37:41 am Wiseheart: option pricing has several elements VOLATILiTY biggest factor in my youth was a CBOE options trader we loved vol
06:37:51 am InvestorsLiveCRON CGC exciting
06:39:22 am d4ytrad3vol the 99/1 trade
06:39:41 am d4ytrad3you make a mint 99x selling it
06:39:44 am d4ytrad3and then that one time....
06:39:54 am InvestorsLiveYou get XIV'd
06:39:56 am InvestorsLiveerrr TLRY'd
06:40:17 am d4ytrad3TLRY i think prolly the most extreme example
06:40:29 am d4ytrad3outside of mkt crashes, for sure
06:46:58 am PauloCarreiro: gm all
06:47:01 am PauloCarreiro: gm Nate
06:48:14 am d4ytrad3CRON monsta bid gettin hit here
06:53:34 am InvestorsLivewho sneezed
06:53:35 am spectre: amazing range again in TLRY this morning
06:54:32 am Knowgood: what a TLRY premarket pull... the sky is falling
06:54:46 am InvestorsLive7am you'll see some vol again
06:54:48 am InvestorsLiveand then 8am
06:57:48 am Amp: IGXT LOI w/ TLRY pr
06:58:06 am Amp: IGXT TLRY
06:59:18 am Amp: oh im late on that ha sry
 07:00:10 am d4ytrad3CGC PR (Dow Jones 09/20 07:00:04)
07:00:57 am d4ytrad3Organigram & Canopy Growth partner in Newfoundland and Labrador by signing supply agreement including distribution and retail services(Dow Jones 09/20 07:00:04)
07:01:02 am InvestorsLiveTLRY lol hello 7am
07:01:17 am Merestetrades: like clock work
07:01:19 am InvestorsLiveCGC gonna be up 3 soon or what
07:01:23 am InvestorsLivePRs every day lets go lol
07:04:24 am Wiseheart: RIV CANAPY RIVERS CORP starts trading cdn venture 28.50 bid on fidelity its RIV.V
07:07:30 am InvestorsLivePDD bidder
07:07:46 am InvestorsLivebrb
07:11:47 am wgtrader: PTIE little gap
07:11:49 am PauloCarreiro: CRON Aleafia Partners With Cronos Group on Medical Cannabis Sleep Study -
07:14:54 am spositoalex: lolol I guess CRON TLRY and CGC coincidentally have news today
07:17:55 am PauloCarreiro: lol
07:18:12 am InvestorsLiveCGC lil mo
07:18:46 am InvestorsLivethis is nuts lol
07:19:59 am Sputnik: NBEV thru yesterdays highs
07:20:01 am InvestorsLiverealize how many folks are short CGC CRON again
07:20:03 am InvestorsLiveall over again
07:20:16 am InvestorsLiveNBEV they're fuked in imo
07:20:32 am InvestorsLiveso aggrivated w/ that one I was day trading it
07:20:36 am InvestorsLiveshoulda put it in my IRA at the $1.80s
07:20:43 am InvestorsLivewhen I said $2.50s breaks $3.50-4
07:20:45 am InvestorsLiveI meant $5-10
07:20:50 am InvestorsLivenot $3.50-4
07:20:51 am InvestorsLive😛
07:22:38 am InvestorsLiveback shortly
07:22:45 am InvestorsLivestay safe stay patient
07:22:48 am InvestorsLivewe have all day and PLENTY OF RANGE
Def nutty out there!
07:34:05 am St4R_L0RD: WPRT gap up
07:40:22 am DanSNBEV beast mode
07:40:37 am St4R_L0RD: when moon
07:40:42 am St4R_L0RD: used the bitcoin people to say
07:41:09 am St4R_L0RD: now im just high as a kite
07:45:40 am DonVie: Good Morning
07:47:54 am InvestorsLiveBroadcast is up
07:48:19 am InvestorsLiveNBEV oh man
07:48:20 am JimTilton: That was quick, great job
07:48:57 am InvestorsLiveAnyone who uses hot keys what's your go to top 3 keys?
07:49:07 am InvestorsLiveI've been using them a lot more lately and love them
07:49:12 am InvestorsLivenot sure why I never used
07:49:17 am InvestorsLiveso friggin fast
07:49:23 am InvestorsLiveI was testing with 100s last week
07:49:26 am InvestorsLivethis week 500 1000s
07:49:49 am InvestorsLivebut I need a swipe offer slam bid button
07:49:53 am InvestorsLivei got all the adding offfer bids down
07:49:56 am InvestorsLivecancel all
07:51:03 am davrik86: Shift +Z, X, offer short, Shift+C,V short on bid
07:51:25 am au: ctrl+x , c, v , left hand is always there right hand is on the mouse
07:51:26 am d4ytrad3loving these setups into the open
07:51:31 am d4ytrad3keep em coming
07:51:33 am DayRangeri had F5 set to short 1k shares of focused montage, and several times when doing tests on chat, thinking i was refreshing the browser, put on a short, so watch out for that key
07:51:49 am InvestorsLivelol my F5 is short 1k as well but
07:51:52 am davrik86: Shift +A , S,D cover on bid
07:51:58 am InvestorsLivecan you imagine how many times I've refreshed chat?
07:51:59 am InvestorsLivelol
07:52:01 am Amp: lol
07:52:23 am davrik86:
07:52:32 am snuffleplatypus: algo shorting? nah, just F5ing it
07:53:40 am InvestorsLiveNice thought D4 last night on TLRY
07:53:45 am InvestorsLivethey def couldn't cover into close
07:53:50 am InvestorsLivegiven the halt
07:53:56 am InvestorsLiveincredible
07:54:18 am Amp: GAL positive prelim results
07:54:25 am Amp: GALT
07:55:02 am jun: Most used hotkeys for me: Cancel order, sell/cover x% on bid, sell/cover x% on ask-0.01
07:55:33 am InvestorsLiveNice guys - ty appreciate input
07:55:42 am InvestorsLivebeen leaning small CRON just baby size for now
07:55:49 am RWY05: Is the news out Amp?
07:55:58 am Amp: yea
07:56:19 am Amp: in the 8k i believe
07:56:56 am InvestorsLiveNBEV shew
07:57:22 am d4ytrad3MU strong
07:57:29 am InvestorsLiveput a couple on as well dangit
07:57:33 am InvestorsLiveslammed on my order lol
07:57:42 am InvestorsLivere; NBEV
07:57:47 am InvestorsLivethats ok i'll add at $6.40 and 7.20
07:58:32 am InvestorsLivejust dabbling btw -- nothing I am aggressive pre just practicing for later
08:00:50 am Amp: MYnd Analytics, Inc. (NASDAQ: MYND), a market leader in improving the delivery of mental health through the combination of telemedicine and data analytics/augmented intelligence, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Arcadian Telepsychiatry Services LLC, has partnered with Integrated Behavioral Health, Inc. (“IBH”), a pioneer in managed behavioral health and integrated employee assistance programs and services, to provide TeleEAP services to IBH’s members. IBH currently serves over 7 million members, representing 26,000 individual clients across the United States and is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California.
08:01:17 am d4ytrad3TLRY turn
08:01:38 am jcherniackNBEV has had nice way of working out longs and trapping shorts 830-open past couple days will use that if repeats again for entry
08:02:31 am InvestorsLiveNBEV feels like only sellers are shorts lol
08:02:39 am InvestorsLiveI think no longs made it past the crack yesterday
08:02:44 am InvestorsLiveand if they did they are perma longs anyway
08:03:15 am Nkaz: ^still long from 2.40
08:03:17 am StarflameDia: NBEV - I didn't make it after the crack, sold in the first half hour after hours
08:03:34 am Nkaz: mostly bc i was out yesterday lol
08:04:05 am InvestorsLiveman the size I had at $1.8x's -2.3x's
08:04:10 am InvestorsLivewelcome to trading
08:04:15 am InvestorsLivewhere a lot is never enoug
08:04:17 am InvestorsLiveenough
08:04:27 am St4R_L0RD: TNDM gap up
08:04:30 am Gamestocks: ^had 25000 share at 1.80
08:04:34 am DCtrader5: wow IGC
08:04:51 am InvestorsLiveholy cow
08:05:08 am jcherniackNice FB MU like these for “normal” action lol
08:05:34 am JimTilton: Oh theres other stocks out there?
08:05:43 am Amp: no just 5 Jim ha
08:05:48 am stapes1quietly SP futures at all time highs
08:06:01 am InvestorsLiveNBEV once it gets rollin' midday just be cautious of circuits
08:06:37 am trader99: Stapes: Meanwhile Bonds continue to slide IE Rates rise
08:07:17 am jcherniackThinking FB due for an expanded range day08:07:58 am jcherniackSoonish
08:08:06 am InvestorsLivedecent adds there on NBEV but may just be the .02 pull back
08:08:12 am InvestorsLivebefore the .20 ramp lo,.
08:08:15 am DanSELAN prices 62.9 million shares at $24 NYSE IPO
08:08:32 am jcherniackWill watch SQ pops
08:08:34 am DanSEB prices 10 million shares at $23 NYSE IPO
08:08:35 am jcherniackfor ss
08:09:16 am Crisgo: NIO some gap
08:10:59 am stapes1nice gap on w/TLRY this morning
08:11:37 am InvestorsLivenick - hasn't he always had that? or at least control it was 6 month paper or something right
08:11:47 am InvestorsLivecuz they weren't going to 'raise' for 6 months
08:12:26 am nick: yeah you're probably right
08:13:00 am InvestorsLivebe careful today guys -- going to be insane range again
08:13:56 am InvestorsLiveLIQT gap back up
08:16:01 am InvestorsLiveHTGM bit of a gap as well
08:17:08 am Crisgo: GALT some gap
08:17:51 am stapes1watch MU
08:18:49 am InvestorsLiveNBEV still trapping shorties nicely
08:19:07 am Nfx:
08:20:20 am InvestorsLiveThey bringing the bids out on NBEV
08:20:46 am InvestorsLivethey're just pros
08:20:49 am Sendzik: NLST held that .40 level well past few. days, starting to gap a bit
08:20:52 am InvestorsLiveNIO big gap
08:21:06 am InvestorsLivecov some CRON around core
08:21:44 am Nkaz: NEPT moving
08:22:25 am d4ytrad3pots coming in
08:22:45 am InvestorsLiveThey want 6.20-6.50 prolly but feel like they use the $6 to exhaust early sized shorts
08:22:50 am InvestorsLivethen we get a good trade
08:22:53 am InvestorsLiveCRON nice
08:22:59 am d4ytrad3NBEV nice timing on that squeeze
08:23:14 am InvestorsLiveInventory found
08:25:17 am elkwood66NBEV divergance fro rest
08:25:48 am InvestorsLivecov more CRON
08:27:09 am Tj13: USD daily not looking to hot
08:29:10 am InvestorsLiveNIO damn
08:29:19 am InvestorsLivenice ABCDer we'll be watching dips there today
08:29:40 am InvestorsLiveNBEV the add add adders getting grinded hopefully they hold it up for open 0
08:30:07 am InvestorsLivebut if they stuff it I'll get involved in a meaningful manner
08:31:31 am InvestorsLiveCRON will watch for opps into ramps again but def not interested in add add add just little trades like I had
08:31:37 am InvestorsLivepracticing for the big one
08:32:46 am jcherniackNBEV 830 shuffle right on time
08:33:11 am InvestorsLivestill very responsive to bids
08:33:16 am InvestorsLivethey put a bid in everyone scurries
08:33:19 am InvestorsLivethat's good
08:33:22 am InvestorsLiveemotions are high
08:33:48 am InvestorsLiveget out weak hands then slam it
08:33:56 am InvestorsLivebe smart on the way down guys don't need hero trade we have all day
08:34:17 am d4ytrad3NBEV prolly not a short
08:34:23 am jcherniackdef not
08:34:26 am d4ytrad3lets hope it holds this $6 area
08:34:31 am jcherniackhas just repeated this day after dayh
08:34:38 am d4ytrad3TLRY not looking good tho imo
08:34:45 am d4ytrad3$230 should have held
08:34:51 am InvestorsLiveTLRY only $100 of range upoa nd down so far today
08:34:51 am InvestorsLivelol
08:34:59 am InvestorsLivenice CRON
08:35:02 am Emilnot too shabby
08:35:32 am d4ytrad3All focus will be on TLRY, if it goes red off the open I think we're gonna go red + SSR, so have to be cautious on ALL pot names into open imo
08:35:47 am jcherniackVKTX will watch pops
08:36:00 am InvestorsLiveNBEV trapped a lot in the $5.70-5.80 range they need to work out those add add adders
08:36:19 am InvestorsLivethen prob splash real nice they came up with the 25k bids and everyone went nuts to offers means emotions are super high
08:37:18 am InvestorsLiveall covered CRON
08:38:38 am stapes120-Sep-2018 08:36:19 AMSept 20 (Reuters) - Canada's Aurora Cannabis Inc ACB.TO is looking to list its shares in the U.S. in October, the Financial Post reported on Wednesday, citing one of its executives.
08:38:43 am stapes1not sure if anyone posted but just saw
08:38:53 am d4ytrad3fwiw, was out yest (twtedd)
08:39:01 am stapes1oik
08:39:03 am stapes1ok
08:39:07 am BmK: Was out last week ^
08:39:15 am stapes1yes
08:39:15 am d4ytrad3nah, fresh Financial post yest bmk
08:39:25 am d4ytrad3but ys been talked about prior
08:39:54 am InvestorsLive$5.80 is your line NBEV
08:39:58 am InvestorsLiveand they know it
08:41:14 am InvestorsLivetough fills to say the least NBEV lol
08:41:20 am InvestorsLivecov'd some .77 but they knew
08:42:11 am InvestorsLiveAMD nice gapper today did have an upgrade + the market
08:43:59 am stapes1HYYDF activist on
08:44:05 am stapes1had deal w/TAP a few weeks ago
08:44:58 am InvestorsLivewill prop let CRON do its thing into open
08:45:14 am InvestorsLivePDD inch bit more
08:46:04 am non0x: BLDP gap
08:48:21 am InvestorsLiveFocus so far CRON NBEV CGC --> Secondary AMD BLDP NIO
08:49:24 am Zach: Good morning! Just a friendly reminder that the T4AC18 hotel block closes today! If you haven't registered and are considering, please reach out with questions! The open rate at the Cosmopolitan is very expensive - you don't want to miss out
08:50:20 am stapes1CGC CEO on CNBC tomorrow 840am
08:50:30 am InvestorsLiveof course why not
08:50:33 am InvestorsLiveforward looking event for Friday
08:50:36 am InvestorsLivelol
08:50:40 am elkwood66neverending pump , gotta love
08:50:47 am elkwood66keep these in play!!
08:50:56 am InvestorsLivewell CGC will be $100 when TLRY is $450 so whats the big deal
08:51:03 am elkwood66exactly
08:51:10 am InvestorsLivethese guys are too good NBEV
08:51:16 am InvestorsLiveliterally bottom tick twice partials
08:51:16 am InvestorsLivelol
08:51:32 am elkwood66i can say that now with a clear board , yesterday i woulda killed u for that comment
08:51:40 am elkwood66jk
08:51:44 am InvestorsLivecov some NBEV from size up
08:53:09 am jcherniackNBEV yep
08:53:35 am jcherniackeverday same lol wild
08:53:53 am InvestorsLiveI'm not getting cute w/ it
08:55:31 am InvestorsLivesee how many times they bottom ticked me lol
08:56:09 am Nfx: some nice entries/exits near the latter using the pitchfork
08:56:49 am stapes1HYYDF trading up about 5%
08:59:03 am d4ytrad3NBEV thats not ideal
08:59:40 am d4ytrad3Now thinking if this opens and doesnt immediately bounce, there is going to be some SICK size seller mashing it, MTSL $6 > $2 style if
08:59:49 am d4ytrad3if you pickin up what im puttin down
08:59:54 am InvestorsLivecov more 1/4 left
09:00:01 am minutes to market open!
09:01:20 am Amp: im smelling what you are stepping in D4
09:02:25 am d4ytrad3hahaha
09:02:47 am d4ytrad3TLRY cramer on now
09:02:48 am d4ytrad3he may bash
09:03:13 am spositoalex: This TLRY pull from Cramer or has he not talked about it yet?
09:04:00 am DenisB13: buyer in pm spot was 225
09:04:41 am InvestorsLiveNeed to focus out of the gate guys we are going to have unlimited opportunities again today
09:04:46 am InvestorsLiveFind what you're best at
09:04:47 am InvestorsLiveand FOCUS
09:04:56 am InvestorsLiveyou do not need to trade 700 tickers
09:05:10 am InvestorsLiveif you are NOT good at momentum names -- AVOID and stick to low hanging fruit
09:05:15 am InvestorsLivei'll scan for a few shortly
09:05:33 am InvestorsLiveMy full focus = CRON NBEV CGC for now
09:06:26 am InvestorsLive100% cov'd NBEV
09:06:30 am InvestorsLivewant to be able to focus off open
09:06:34 am InvestorsLivew/o a bias
09:06:47 am d4ytrad3CRON bidder broke
09:06:51 am d4ytrad3only like 300k bought $13
09:07:16 am jcherniackso much opp out there no need to rush
09:07:18 am jcherniackliterally
09:08:16 am d4ytrad3AMD $32
09:09:12 am St4R_L0RD: TNDM gap up
09:10:34 am InvestorsLivestarting quick recap/preview broadcast as posted in lounge
09:11:21 am d4ytrad3cramer TLRY now
09:11:31 am wgtrader: tlry
09:11:41 am wgtrader: sorry wrong window
09:12:12 am OddStockTraderheck of a gap on IGXT on that TLRY pr
Calling this insane.
Even mentions work done by arch-enemy @CitronResearch !
09:14:07 am elkwood66watch for me same as yall but add GALT for pop and fade
09:18:10 am Arsenal: ALT gap down
09:21:12 am DarthTrader: VKTX @ 20
09:24:22 am elkwood66JDST under 70, nice multi day rally for miners lookin for continuation
09:25:01 am minutes to market open!
09:25:01 am Most Mentioned Tickers, Pre: NBEV, TLRY, CRON, CGC, NIO
09:25:56 am Skynet_Trading: OSN nice move
09:26:13 am InvestorsLiveFocus guys
09:26:20 am InvestorsLivepots are not just shorts everyone is wrong and still wrong
09:26:28 am InvestorsLiveso you need to trade with an edge
09:26:38 am InvestorsLiveif everyone is on same page and stock does different -- think think think
09:26:46 am InvestorsLiveENTRIES so important
09:26:52 am InvestorsLiveCRON NBEV CGC FOCUS
09:27:00 am InvestorsLiveNIO QTT dip scoop goal if trend holds
09:28:11 am KG_Trader: BABA @ 166 Resistance
09:28:50 am Argento: ALT spike
09:28:58 am trader99: ALT 17 indication lol
09:29:01 am minute to market open!
09:29:04 am trader99: 17.5
09:29:05 am Argento: 18
09:29:18 am InvestorsLivegeez
09:29:22 am InvestorsLivencie swipes CRON
09:29:49 am InvestorsLiveNBEV nice traps again
09:30:59 am InvestorsLivePDD swipes
09:31:16 am InvestorsLiveNBEV thru 6
09:31:22 am InvestorsLiveQTT near 10
09:31:27 am stapes1adding more HYYDF
09:31:33 am AlexP: VKTX swipe
09:31:46 am InvestorsLivetrading NBEV strength ss dabbling only
09:31:47 am InvestorsLiveplenty of day
09:31:54 am InvestorsLiveCRON as= well
09:32:06 am trader530CLS (negative) - DELL has terminated its contract with Celestrica and moving all production in house
09:32:35 am InvestorsLiveCrap AMD
09:32:49 am HelloJacques: SFIX on lods
09:32:49 am InvestorsLivewill join pops there AMD ss
09:32:53 am InvestorsLiveNIO slam
09:32:54 am InvestorsLiveTLRY rip
09:33:59 am InvestorsLiveXYF halted
09:34:00 am davrik86: ALT $21
09:34:06 am InvestorsLivebut nm
09:34:14 am InvestorsLiveiits just other exhange trade ideas was off
09:34:26 am InvestorsLiveAMD nice
09:34:26 am wgtrader: KBSF swips
09:35:05 am InvestorsLiveNBEV beauty
09:35:37 am St4R_L0RD: NTNX nlods
09:35:45 am Selective_Trader: NTNX eyeing ss
09:36:16 am zooyzeh: GEMP
09:36:24 am Argento: ALT beauty
09:36:41 am Rothrunnertexas: GEMP on the move new hod 2.52
09:37:02 am InvestorsLiveHoly cow SECI
09:37:40 am davrik86: NIO wgat a reversal
09:37:43 am InvestorsLiveMissed NIO wash - great
09:37:52 am InvestorsLiveNBEV cautious nice off open but remember have a plan
09:37:54 am AlexP: NEPT gearing
09:37:56 am InvestorsLivebe aware if grinds back etc
09:37:59 am InvestorsLiveCRON staying a bit heavy
09:38:00 am InvestorsLivehit some AMD
09:38:05 am trader530covered CLS on the wash
09:38:17 am St4R_L0RD: ALT nhods
09:38:33 am stapes1nice one on CLS
09:38:39 am benjo: MRMD another weed name getting nice legs off big $3 break
09:38:57 am d4ytrad3CGC weak
09:39:27 am InvestorsLivecov soem CRON
09:39:31 am d4ytrad3TLRY $220 goes and we may get that cascade
09:39:41 am d4ytrad3$211~ open low
09:39:45 am Argento: ALT halt up
09:39:45 am zooyzeh: ALT halt
09:40:01 am d4ytrad3NBEV now
09:40:02 am Volatility halt: ALT, resume time 09:44:06 EST
09:40:16 am InvestorsLivedone CRON
09:40:18 am InvestorsLiveAMD great
09:40:21 am d4ytrad3AMD very weak so far
09:40:32 am DTJonathanScott: SECI on air?
09:41:34 am Nkaz: AVEO massive bid been there all morning
09:41:42 am OddStockTraderSECI likely due to this
09:41:47 am d4ytrad3cramer +ve ocmments SFIX
09:41:50 am d4ytrad3tjhinking of reccing it
09:41:56 am jcherniackNBEV imo lods washout coming
09:41:58 am InvestorsLiveYGYI ripper
09:42:20 am St4R_L0RD: NTNX pullin a bit
09:42:30 am AlexP: VKTX ABCD
09:43:36 am Volatility halted ALT set to resume in 30 seconds (09:44:06 EST)
09:44:04 am cnewbury: LMT smack
09:44:31 am elkwood66TLRY keep inn mind tomorrows call sells expire max pain and they may be inclined to punish into that , i think unlikely but possible
09:44:39 am jcherniackFB nice
09:44:52 am InvestorsLiveASCMA oldie ramp
09:45:03 am InvestorsLiveTRVG from scan yest
09:45:06 am InvestorsLivethru 6 nowe
09:45:47 am InvestorsLivePDD highs
09:45:48 am P_Mil: PVD through hod
09:45:55 am Moe: CRON no longer ETB fwiw
09:45:57 am InvestorsLiveNBEV nice 6 shove again
09:45:58 am InvestorsLivelike pre
09:45:59 am P_Mil: PDD^
09:46:15 am Argento: ALT 29!!
09:46:27 am elkwood66CRON shares available Moe , gotta pay pal
09:46:38 am TexMexMBOT volume bar
09:46:41 am apr084: Nio hod
09:46:41 am d4ytrad3NBEV duuuuump
09:46:42 am InvestorsLiveGreat NBEV
09:46:45 am jcherniackNBEV slam
09:46:46 am d4ytrad3BIG unload there
09:46:49 am jun: NIO nhod
09:47:59 am AlexP: NEPT green on the day
09:48:01 am Volatility halt: ALT, resume time 09:51:40 EST
09:48:01 am InvestorsLivere load a few AMD make sure to cover into washes if trading it ncie flipper otoday
09:48:07 am InvestorsLiveCRON nice trappy candle
09:48:16 am InvestorsLiveALT if you're trading it -- please be cautious
09:48:18 am InvestorsLiveif you are new avoid
09:48:28 am InvestorsLiveyou'll make or break your account in the snap of your fingers
09:49:08 am InvestorsLiveNIO nice game plan
09:49:11 am HelloJacques: 42.5 break on TNDM is break on daily consolidation too - worth keeping an eye
09:49:14 am InvestorsLivegoing to join dips ideally but wanted that wash but was busy w/ rest
09:49:29 am AlexP: ACBFF nHOD
09:49:36 am non0x: looking for banks follow through BAC JPM C
09:49:52 am SS1IU: NIO a swing trade for you?
09:49:53 am OddStockTraderNIO very nice
09:50:08 am jcherniackCGC nice uptrend relative to current TLRY action
09:51:10 am Volatility halted ALT set to resume in 30 seconds (09:51:40 EST)
09:51:26 am InvestorsLiveAWSM ripping
09:51:28 am apr084: MYSZ gearing
09:51:45 am InvestorsLivewill join dips on AWSM
09:51:52 am InvestorsLivefeels like type that can do another buck or 2
09:51:53 am Nkaz: TSLA looking weak here
09:51:59 am jcherniackreplace covers ss CGC
09:52:12 am wgtrader: TWTr nice trend
09:52:18 am wgtrader: TWTR
09:52:51 am InvestorsLiveAMD yes sir
09:53:15 am PauloCarreiro: Good eye Nate, AWSM nice ABCD
09:53:20 am StarflameDia: TRVG nhod
09:53:21 am InvestorsLiveTRVG sick scan plan
09:53:25 am InvestorsLivefor swing idea 2 days ago
09:54:14 am InvestorsLiveAMD near red
09:54:15 am elkwood66GALT entries working
09:54:18 am elkwood66ss
09:55:07 am jcherniackTLRY 230 key over under so far
09:55:27 am InvestorsLivelocked some NBEV
09:55:54 am RiskManager: RIO short 50.98
09:56:53 am stapes1cramer pitched CRBP
09:57:01 am stapes1cannabis drug on tonite
09:57:48 am Argento: ALT 35
09:57:50 am InvestorsLiveALT not trying to scare anyone but
09:57:54 am InvestorsLiveif you're cool with real halt risk
09:57:56 am InvestorsLiveby all means
09:57:58 am InvestorsLivecautious otherwise
09:58:01 am Volatility halt: CRBP, resume time 10:01:51 EST
09:58:07 am TexMexJONE r/s over yesterday highs
09:58:59 am InvestorsLiveLEVB highs
09:59:35 am elkwood66NBEV hanging by a thread only due to TLRY , tricky spot but leaned hard pop
10:00:02 am Most Mentioned Tickers, 1st 30m: ALT, NBEV, AMD, NIO, CRON
10:00:11 am Llewda: IGC climbing
10:00:17 am InvestorsLivescaled out some more NBEV I can always re add but I don't want to be exhausted for the real move
10:00:26 am InvestorsLivedamn AMD had a nice score but usual snap back
10:00:53 am wgtrader: TWTR 30 test
10:01:01 am Volatility halt: ALT, resume time 10:05:07 EST
10:01:09 am jcherniackCGC NBEV nice
10:01:17 am Selective_Trader: long some JONE out of my trading style but ALT made me do this
10:01:21 am Volatility halted CRBP set to resume in 30 seconds (10:01:51 EST)
10:01:36 am InvestorsLivesick job NBEV
10:01:43 am elkwood66yep
10:01:51 am InvestorsLivecov more
10:01:54 am Argento: AWSM 8
10:01:59 am InvestorsLivescaling into AWSM nice job guys
10:02:00 am Argento: pop
10:02:13 am d4ytrad3AMD perfect reject
10:02:15 am stapes16.50 indicated CRBP
10:03:01 am biaggo: AMD yesterday's mid 31.17 .. total control
10:04:38 am Volatility halted ALT set to resume in 30 seconds (10:05:07 EST)
10:04:48 am stapes1interesting
10:04:57 am Argento: VKTX perking
10:05:09 am InvestorsLivedone w/ NBEV for moment
10:05:24 am InvestorsLivefeel like everyone is on same page will let it settle and dribble back in on pops
10:05:57 am TexMexIPCI going now
10:06:02 am InvestorsLiveNIO good
10:06:58 am Argento: NIHD trending
10:07:07 am LeokAm: ALT halted again
10:07:14 am HelloJacques: not feeling the panic on CRON - seemss comfortable here
10:07:23 am InvestorsLiveNBEV just feels liike it will snap back hence my cover
10:07:26 am elkwood66NBEV tiny covers will re add on more confirm
10:07:30 am InvestorsLivewill re visit after it gets all shorties out again
10:08:01 am Volatility halt: ALT, resume time 10:11:53 EST
10:08:12 am Skynet_Trading: NCTY a bit higher every day , wondering if it gonna run one day
10:08:58 am Kojiman: CRON gerber pumpin
10:09:02 am vesthardt: NIO testing hods
10:09:14 am elkwood66sweet covers so far NBEV clearly TLRY still in charge
10:09:21 am HelloJacques: weed baby food?
10:09:24 am BJChessnut: FB high
10:09:25 am InvestorsLiveNBEV nice work all
10:09:29 am InvestorsLiveCRON slam
10:09:31 am elkwood66re add NBEV
10:09:37 am InvestorsLiveall pots slam
10:09:53 am jcherniackCGC!! yessir cov some
10:09:58 am InvestorsLiveNIO nic eone
10:10:03 am slee:
10:10:35 am elkwood66CGC ssr and still heavy i will join pops josh with u
10:10:43 am elkwood66actually chased here
10:10:53 am d4ytrad3next TLRY breakdown till take ALL of these names red imo - but no rush
10:10:55 am jcherniacktrading off TLRY
10:11:04 am jcherniackNBEV relative strenght actually
10:11:24 am Volatility halted ALT set to resume in 30 seconds (10:11:53 EST)
10:11:33 am d4ytrad3ALT has anyone found a reason yet?
10:11:49 am Argento: Cody posted something on novartis
10:11:53 am Argento: re ALT
10:11:57 am Knowgood: CRBP hod
10:11:58 am InvestorsLiveCtrl + ALT + Del is popular MSFT short cut D4
10:12:06 am InvestorsLivepossibly?
10:12:24 am elkwood66NBEV trap
10:12:28 am InvestorsLive:
10:13:19 am jcherniackim hedging CGC with long NBEV
10:13:42 am P_Mil: PDD on hod
10:13:47 am InvestorsLivedabbling NBEV real small ideally 6-620 shov eubt
10:13:56 am InvestorsLivejust to get in there for the real trade
10:14:12 am Crisgo: GALT some perk
10:14:17 am jcherniackNBEV!!!!!
10:14:19 am InvestorsLiveNBEV halt up
10:14:20 am jcherniackwow
10:14:21 am AlexP: NBEV halted
10:14:22 am Boostd68: wow
10:14:25 am vesthardt: damn
10:14:32 am jcherniackdude
10:14:33 am InvestorsLiveCheck pre markeat comemnts
10:14:55 am InvestorsLiveQTT slam
10:15:02 am Volatility halt: NBEV, resume time 10:19:25 EST
10:15:18 am jcherniackFB beauty
10:15:22 am Crisgo: Nice Josh
10:15:35 am InvestorsLivePDD highs
10:15:57 am InvestorsLiveyou trading size contra trend on NBEV you're asking for it
10:16:02 am InvestorsLivegreed will KILL you
10:16:31 am InvestorsLivethink about the day guys all shorts trapped last few days
10:16:36 am InvestorsLivegaps up and traps when it should die it doesn't
10:16:51 am InvestorsLivethat's why I covereed there even tho looked trash they are holding WAY too well
10:17:01 am InvestorsLiveAWSM great
10:17:03 am BJChessnut: PDD thru
10:17:42 am INCTrader: AWSM just awesome!
10:18:20 am InvestorsLiveAWSM !!
10:18:45 am StarflameDia: CRON nlod
10:18:55 am Volatility halted NBEV set to resume in 30 seconds (10:19:25 EST)
10:19:45 am InvestorsLivegot small off
10:19:45 am d4ytrad3add NBEV ss
10:20:01 am d4ytrad3feels like bad timing for a rip with MJR pot names literally abt to break down
10:20:06 am d4ytrad3will cover if they hold
10:20:12 am d4ytrad3but i dont see it
10:20:23 am Amp: ^
10:20:27 am Crisgo: CRBP over 7
10:20:46 am slee: CGC yessir
10:21:18 am d4ytrad3NBEV major stuff move look now
10:21:36 am InvestorsLivecov bunch AMD .46
10:21:44 am d4ytrad3CRON $13 is big area
10:21:50 am InvestorsLiveNBEV I think edge is gone
10:21:59 am InvestorsLivegoing to let emotions get out of the stock
10:22:08 am InvestorsLivei have minimal but
10:22:12 am InvestorsLivenot looking to size
10:22:38 am d4ytrad3CGC BREAk
10:23:03 am jcherniack1.4 left CGC
10:23:04 am P_Mil: PDD through 24
10:23:08 am InvestorsLivePDD 'bout time!
10:23:13 am P_Mil: right ^
10:23:24 am InvestorsLiveNice plan into Mon Tues scoops worked to a tee just wish I didn't have core those prior days on the flips lol
10:23:43 am InvestorsLiveNBEV moved on fully want emotions ot stay away
10:24:03 am HelloJacques: SFIX slow fades near lod
10:25:21 am InvestorsLiveAMD coulda been a big one but I had to do the right thing after doing the wrong I was up a ton add add add sized in w/ a great avg from this AM
10:25:32 am InvestorsLivebut scaled up so w/o question when that happens I size back to my initial size
10:25:42 am jcherniackNBEV peeled some off
10:25:59 am ProfitRunner_NB: Gogo
10:26:06 am vesthardt: NIO slam
10:26:51 am jcherniackdone for now NBEV
10:28:16 am jcherniackAAPL AMZN nice moves
10:29:01 am d4ytrad3TLRY 205 circuit if snaps hard
10:29:01 am Crisgo: ASCMA still going
10:29:32 am InvestorsLiveJosh great job CGC !!!
10:29:39 am d4ytrad3FB BABA ss
10:29:51 am jcherniackCGC red!
10:29:56 am jcherniackredtest
10:29:58 am jcherniack**
10:31:01 am jcherniackNBEV strength inuts so far relative to the mothership TLRY
10:31:01 am spositoalex: add ss CRON
10:31:47 am INCTrader: AWSM hod
10:31:56 am InvestorsLive$9s!
10:33:54 am elkwood66CGC so weak
10:34:40 am d4ytrad3if TLRY halts
10:34:48 am d4ytrad3i think NBEV will reverse into circuit downside real fast
10:35:03 am Challenger: In ALT 29-ish for a possible rebound
10:35:08 am OddStockTraderASCMA damn
10:35:21 am d4ytrad3195
10:35:38 am spositoalex: Feels like someone is trying to do the most to keep CRON alive.
10:35:46 am spositoalex: Wonder when it gives
10:35:52 am InvestorsLiveAWSM is purely awesome
10:35:53 am jcherniackwill prob regret
10:35:57 am jcherniackbut down CGC
10:36:06 am jcherniackgonna stop pushing for morning no giveback
10:36:13 am slee: me too, great job
10:36:14 am jcherniackdone CGC*
10:36:16 am SplashCD: SKX up
10:37:16 am Nkaz: TSLA pulling
10:38:12 am Argento: AWSM!!
10:38:54 am jcherniackNBEV total strength adding dips
10:38:54 am InvestorsLivedone w/ AWSM got everything I wanted and more
10:39:02 am InvestorsLivewill bitch aobut it at $11-12
10:39:33 am jcherniackwill use 5.90s mental guide NBEV
10:40:30 am JimTilton: ELAN a hot IPO but opening up already fairly high
10:40:34 am elkwood66how in the hell is CRON holding up
10:40:41 am spositoalex: its done right here
10:40:54 am d4ytrad3184
10:41:04 am jcherniackstopped NBEV
10:41:05 am InvestorsLivebeen leaning CRON slowly
10:41:18 am jcherniackhow is NBEV holding up
10:41:25 am InvestorsLivethe only sellers are shorts ^
10:41:26 am InvestorsLiveis why
10:41:28 am jcherniackyes
10:42:01 am OddStockTraderTLRY dive
10:43:50 am InvestorsLiveCRON nothing i'll size don't really see edge was just joining the waterfall
10:44:46 am spositoalex: CRON astonishing how it held.
10:45:08 am elkwood66fukn TLRY ssr gonna be serious games now
10:45:27 am InvestorsLiveAWSM I see this going maybe $10-12 into paras I prob should not have sold but wanted to make sure I was staying on my game today after yesterday etc
10:46:02 am biaggo: TLRY 5min .. trap .. TRAP .. and now possibly small trap again
10:46:25 am P_Mil: PD through hod
10:46:27 am P_Mil: PDD
10:46:48 am spositoalex: Joining CRON dips long. held way too well. Will risk lod
10:47:10 am GatewayTone: VKTX red
10:47:24 am CFA312: EB Eventbrite, Inc. indicated to open at $35.00-35.25 on the NYSE
10:47:24 am jcherniackif short NBEV be careful and rlly ask urself why here
10:49:16 am Challenger: ALT holding nicely above VWAP support. Looking for a possible rebound to retest 30s.
10:49:58 am d4ytrad3NBEV how many 150k swipe and fails can it do here geez
10:50:30 am vesthardt: NBEV there it goes
10:50:32 am JP_34: IGC failing
10:51:04 am InvestorsLiveNBEV yeppp
10:51:21 am trader99: NBEV Peeps waving the white flag
10:52:05 am InvestorsLivejoining some AMD
10:52:06 am InvestorsLivefader
10:52:39 am InvestorsLiveNBEV stay smart guys
10:52:42 am InvestorsLiveNO REASON TO HERO TRADE IT
10:52:43 am jcherniackNBEV i am not there for this hope warnings helped out
10:52:49 am InvestorsLiveNO REASON TO SIZE AGAINST TREND
10:53:13 am elkwood66started ss NBEV
10:53:29 am InvestorsLiveLEVB highs
10:55:39 am BJChessnut: AMD may crash here, or bounce
10:56:21 am OddStockTraderNBEV killer call few days ago nate
10:57:35 am InvestorsLivethe private cell phone call will be extra next time
10:57:45 am Challenger: Out near flat ALT. No action atm
10:57:46 am InvestorsLivenext one is a dud tho 😉
10:58:16 am JimTilton: you mentioned 3.50, it is twice as good
10:58:36 am InvestorsLiveAMD red
11:00:03 am InvestorsLiveAYTU swipe
11:00:31 am InvestorsLivecov some AMD
11:00:47 am Jrogers91: ZIOP slow steady trend.. nice daily too
11:01:20 am spositoalex: shorts trapped on CRON imo. If TLRY gets any life i see nhod.
11:01:29 am InvestorsLiveAYTU into circuit
11:01:40 am Challenger: In AYTU 3.50
11:01:52 am Challenger: Halted AYTU
11:01:53 am bryanl: DBX at hod
11:01:58 am INCTrader: AWSM approaching hod
11:02:27 am jcherniackNBEV yep
11:02:32 am stapes1DIS flying
11:03:02 am Volatility halt: AYTU, resume time 11:06:27 EST
11:03:05 am vesthardt: AWSM over 10
11:03:34 am InvestorsLivedone AMD
11:03:38 am InvestorsLivere visit into next stuff
11:04:00 am Argento: AWSM bingo!!
11:04:57 am InvestorsLiveAWSM nice work guys
11:05:41 am InvestorsLiveTOPS oldie
11:05:55 am InvestorsLiveCRON watching for a 'real' trade I put on small early but looking for the 1/3-1/2 +
11:05:58 am Volatility halted AYTU set to resume in 30 seconds (11:06:27 EST)
11:06:22 am jcherniackNBEV morr
11:06:24 am spositoalex: sold
11:06:24 am jcherniackmore
11:06:25 am spositoalex: CRON
11:06:26 am InvestorsLivemonster
11:06:27 am spositoalex: TLRY weak
11:06:36 am InvestorsLiveAYTU only 100k vol so may have to see how it reacts off open then may turn into something
11:06:41 am InvestorsLiveCRON slap CGC TLRY
11:06:42 am InvestorsLiveALT curl
11:07:37 am InvestorsLiveNBEV sickness good work staying safe guys holy hell
11:07:38 am InvestorsLiveALT again
11:07:50 am Challenger: AYTU still halted
11:08:05 am Yosamitesam41: TLRY bought $150 puts. See if we can get a good flush
11:08:21 am jcherniackand by 6.50-7 i meant 8 NBEV
11:08:57 am InvestorsLiveleaned small NBEV
11:08:58 am InvestorsLivescalp only
11:09:13 am jcherniacknice 1 ^
11:09:17 am InvestorsLivenice timing
11:09:48 am InvestorsLivescaled
11:10:22 am InvestorsLivecov around core guys more important than ever
11:10:26 am InvestorsLivecan always re add
11:10:39 am InvestorsLiveTLRY lows
11:10:44 am d4ytrad3TLRY halt risk
11:11:05 am JimTilton: AWSM, very nice
11:11:28 am Challenger: AYTU resuming momentarily if 10 minute halt.
11:11:32 am Challenger: Resumes
11:11:42 am P_Mil: PDD fresh highs
11:11:48 am InvestorsLiveAYTU again
11:11:57 am elkwood66CEO of NBEV was involved in 2 stock pumps that went to zero
11:12:05 am elkwood66just sayin lol
11:12:13 am elkwood66will add way higher
11:12:16 am InvestorsLiveAYTU not 4
11:12:33 am Challenger: AYTU out 3.90 from 3.59 from before the halt
11:12:46 am InvestorsLivecov some CRON
11:13:16 am InvestorsLiveAYTU next halt
11:14:01 am Volatility halt: AYTU, resume time 11:18:25 EST
11:15:27 am InvestorsLivedone CRON zzz
11:17:55 am Volatility halted AYTU set to resume in 30 seconds (11:18:25 EST)
11:20:09 am InvestorsLiveAYTU oh my
11:20:35 am trader530MED
11:20:36 am trader530shortpeice
11:20:46 am elkwood66add small NBEV
11:21:08 am cnewbury: LIQT hod
11:21:15 am trader530those guys are good
11:21:23 am InvestorsLivecov some NBEV around core
11:21:32 am Nkaz: TSLA more fade
11:21:58 am InvestorsLivedone w/ NBEV re visit after more stuffs
11:22:29 am InvestorsLivePDD !!
11:22:33 am InvestorsLiveNBEV is holding far too well
11:23:00 am Sendzik: NLST .43 volume
11:23:13 am InvestorsLiveIt was $1.85 it's $7 ... if you try to find top w/ size highly risky -- you'll have plenty of downside when time
11:23:19 am InvestorsLivejust remember that
11:24:21 am InvestorsLiveMED sick call !!
11:26:01 am Yosamitesam41: TLRY next leg
11:26:37 am Sendzik: NLST .46
11:26:38 am InvestorsLiveNBEV tempting but no fomo here
11:26:57 am apr084: TOPS perk
11:26:59 am benjo: heads up for any options players -- AMZN daily is about as bread-and-butter as it gets
11:27:15 am davrik86: CRBP at hod
11:27:31 am DanSELAN open
11:28:03 am Skynet_Trading: nice alert on NLST
11:28:19 am InvestorsLiveNBEV good read
11:29:31 am JimTilton: Think ELAN will get pleanty of good talk very short term
11:30:33 am InvestorsLiveATYU radar for 2pm+
11:30:41 am InvestorsLiveAYTU *
11:30:47 am InvestorsLiveNBEV huge trap again
11:31:42 am Autopilot: AMD testing lows
11:32:27 am InvestorsLivePDD ideally no more head aches and does my plan
11:32:39 am InvestorsLiveas longer term close eyes and sell $40-45
11:32:44 am InvestorsLivereally felt like a TLRY style trap those days
11:35:09 am Argento: AMD flushing
11:35:30 am Emillong some MU
11:35:40 am Emilwill keep the leash tight
11:36:15 am davrik86: NBEV CRBP stuff
11:36:16 am d4ytrad3EB open
11:36:17 am DanSEB open
11:36:40 am InvestorsLiveAMD nice fade damn
11:38:34 am InvestorsLiveNBEV had re hit and then fat fingered some so had to size down added extra zero lol gulp
11:38:51 am InvestorsLiveif not part of plan don't try to make one just size back out whenever that happens
11:39:35 am InvestorsLiveAMD will scale pops vs. 31 if gives a chance
11:39:52 am InvestorsLivepatience went a long way there I lacked it
11:42:21 am jcherniackCGC starting the disconnect
11:42:44 am InvestorsLivestarted small AMD ss
11:43:01 am InvestorsLivewhen they give it up on NBEV will be fast .340
11:43:08 am InvestorsLive.30
11:43:10 am Selective_Trader: long some EB
11:43:17 am Knowgood: EB pushing
11:43:18 am jcherniackTLRY heavy below 170 could be wash to 150s real quick
11:43:19 am InvestorsLivekey is not being too early to exhaust yourself from the move
11:44:21 am Selective_Trader: EB took 1/2 off
11:45:09 am d4ytrad3ss EB
11:45:16 am jcherniackTLRY sell wall forming
11:45:20 am d4ytrad3TLRY oh the humanity, first it couldnt uptick
11:45:30 am d4ytrad3err downtick, now it cant... u get it..
11:45:40 am InvestorsLiveTLRY but but but it was just $300
11:46:13 am Selective_Trader: took rest off EB here
11:47:06 am InvestorsLiveNBEV so damn close
11:47:21 am RicFlair: CGC holding up pretty well considering TLRY
11:47:48 am Selective_Trader: longsome ELAN ipo vs vwap
11:47:59 am InvestorsLivethey still caught it NBEV must be so many shorts to work out form $4-5-6
11:48:05 am InvestorsLiveinsanea emotion here
11:49:24 am jcherniackoh jeez
11:49:52 am Yosamitesam41: TLRY could see some serious panick
11:49:57 am Selective_Trader: bank in EB few shares
11:50:21 am Tj13: IGXT
11:50:22 am Tj13: moving some
11:50:23 am jcherniackthinking NBEV midday slam as well
11:50:31 am jcherniacksimilar to yday
11:50:47 am jcherniackso far absorbing tho
11:52:39 am InvestorsLivecov AMD
11:53:13 am Skynet_Trading: ASCMA nice save
11:53:34 am Knowgood: YGYI vwap reclaim no volume
11:53:43 am StarflameDia: TRVG quite the retracement
11:54:28 am InvestorsLiveyeppppppppppppppp
11:54:32 am InvestorsLiveyepppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
11:54:51 am InvestorsLivetook a few off
11:54:52 am InvestorsLiverememebr guys
11:54:57 am InvestorsLivethe BIGGEST MOVE COMES after the first move
11:54:58 am InvestorsLivemany times
11:55:07 am OddStockTraderGPRO some hits
11:55:09 am InvestorsLivebe smart but pay yourself so you have patience
11:55:14 am jcherniacknice job Eric
11:55:27 am InvestorsLivecov 1/2 NBEV
11:55:48 am Tj13: ELGX nice pinch
11:57:01 am elkwood66GALT slow bleed
12:01:17 pm jcherniackMU steady fade from morning momentum
12:02:01 pm Autopilot: ELAN b/o
12:02:14 pm InvestorsLiveELAN nice one
12:02:20 pm Selective_Trader: ELAN nhod
12:02:33 pm Selective_Trader: EB not much
12:03:38 pm Selective_Trader: like DOMO in the coming days
12:03:47 pm elkwood66may be wrong but to me pot retail long feels like they just movin from expensive to cheap , not really any money comin out and keepin profit
12:03:51 pm Emilout flat MU
12:04:06 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV big save again
12:04:17 pm InvestorsLiveAMD can't keep me away
12:04:45 pm jcherniacksemiconductors weak
12:04:51 pm jcherniackNVDA
12:05:05 pm wallstreetfatcat: SECI up 20 now down 4..ouch
12:05:23 pm jcherniackMU earnings will effect all if swinging AMD etc
12:05:40 pm Emilnow u tell me ha
12:05:56 pm JimTilton: I really like this ELAN IPO
12:06:33 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV cautious of circuits agian
12:06:40 pm elkwood66NBEV this is fools who short weakness runnning out the door now
12:07:13 pm JimTilton: On @CNBCFastMoney tonight: Andrew Left of @CitronResearch talks about his $TLRY short
12:08:04 pm jcherniackfrom a boat
12:08:05 pm jcherniack?
12:08:50 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV stalking it for later I sized up for that unwind $7.10 avg covered some when I said and covered rest for flat -- zero reason to scale/size when this can swipe up into a circuit
12:09:10 pm Argento: AWSM perking
12:09:18 pm InvestorsLivevery aggressive day killer morning - going to take small mental break
12:09:28 pm Selective_Trader: EB gearing
12:09:40 pm d4ytrad3TLRY changing bias here near term
12:10:03 pm d4ytrad3ELAN long looking allright
12:11:03 pm jcherniackROKU nice trend
12:11:21 pm vesthardt: NIO lod test
12:14:42 pm Selective_Trader: TNDM trend
12:16:05 pm Selective_Trader: ELAN 33.50s key
12:18:13 pm Emilof course MU
12:21:00 pm d4ytrad3TLRY if accelerates could halt upside
12:21:04 pm d4ytrad3bout 10pts of room here
12:21:28 pm d4ytrad3ideally the first bounce here gets a little silly
12:21:35 pm d4ytrad3gives a nice ss re-entry
12:21:52 pm jcherniackjoined ELAN
12:23:34 pm stapes1ACAD rip
12:23:37 pm jcherniackCGC strength
12:23:52 pm JimTilton: Missed MU, broke my down trend line
12:23:58 pm OddStockTradergoing to be buying GPRO on dips for swing
12:24:21 pm Boostd68: ACAD sick
12:24:40 pm Selective_Trader: ss ROKU starter
12:25:11 pm d4ytrad3ACAD isnt this HUGE?
12:25:15 pm jcherniackheaded to office be back
12:25:47 pm wgtrader: b AMD heere
12:25:50 pm d4ytrad3b ACAD some
12:27:37 pm stapes1Although FDA did not identify any new or unexpected safety risks, some potentially concerning prescribing patterns were observed, such as the concomitant use of other antipsychotic drugs or drugs that can cause QT prolongation, a potential cause of heart rhythm disorder.
12:27:42 pm stapes1interesting in that from FDA
12:29:31 pm d4ytrad3ya thats prolly why came off, missed that
12:29:39 pm Selective_Trader: done eith ELAN and EB
12:29:39 pm d4ytrad3threw it back out for loss
12:29:50 pm Nkaz: MED moving up
12:30:24 pm Skynet_Trading: ASCMA gearing
12:31:15 pm Tj13: IGXT little more
12:32:10 pm St4R_L0RD: TNDM pulling
12:32:23 pm Nkaz: ss MED
"FDA analysis finds no new or unexpected safety risks associated with Nuplazid (pimavanserin), a medication to treat the hallucinations and delusions of Parkinson’s disease psychosis"
12:33:20 pm Selective_Trader: added to ROKU ss
12:33:57 pm InvestorsLiveNIO smoked
12:33:57 pm d4ytrad3add AMD long
12:34:19 pm Nkaz: SICK med
12:34:21 pm OddStockTraderPM me if you have share info on EB anyone
12:34:52 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV stuff
12:35:15 pm JimTilton: Don't fall off a Cliff, not playing
12:37:41 pm JimTilton: CLF 6,000 October 13 calls bought for 0.35
12:38:40 pm InvestorsLivetrading AMD ramp again for scalp ss
12:38:47 pm InvestorsLivewhat else is new lol
12:38:50 pm Skynet_Trading: NIO now red
12:38:50 pm InvestorsLivewatching NBEV for another stuff
12:39:09 pm Nkaz: add MED
12:39:18 pm InvestorsLiveslow dabble for me on offers just to be there scale when time
12:39:19 pm B1rko: MYSZ sneaking
12:39:19 pm InvestorsLiveALT see ya
12:40:00 pm JimTilton: or not
12:43:22 pm Boostd68: ACAD pushing
12:44:58 pm JimTilton: MU also broke 1 minute down trend on day and testing VWAP
12:45:56 pm InvestorsLiveso close
12:45:58 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV
12:46:37 pm InvestorsLiveThey are working out some seriously emotional bent shorts
12:47:52 pm OddStockTraderstarted small EB long
12:50:35 pm Crisgo: CGC swipe
12:50:44 pm Amp: Naj^
12:50:46 pm InvestorsLiveQTT lows
12:51:51 pm InvestorsLiveCVM grinding back
12:53:44 pm St4R_L0RD: NTNX nhods
12:54:10 pm InvestorsLiveAMD done w/ and off radar
12:54:25 pm Tj13: ASCMA nice look
12:55:03 pm St4R_L0RD: TNDM pulling again
12:55:27 pm InvestorsLiveAMD really nice one off pops I just get a bit excited and uses too much attention
12:56:29 pm OddStockTraderMRMD otc decent setup with 3 risk
12:57:20 pm OddStockTraderACAD nhod
12:58:21 pm InvestorsLiveyeppppppp
12:58:26 pm InvestorsLive:
12:58:35 pm InvestorsLivelock along way this thing is so damn hard to size lol
12:58:55 pm InvestorsLiverememebr can ALWAYS size back up too
12:59:09 pm InvestorsLivetook some .20-.40s off in the .9s
12:59:35 pm KG_Trader: CRBP hod, a 0.05c name
01:02:40 pm Tj13: IGXY 1.50 swipe
01:02:48 pm JimTilton: Great alert on ACAD
01:03:11 pm Boostd68: ^
01:03:24 pm OddStockTraderGPRO perk
01:03:28 pm stapes1[email protected]"I'm worried about the perception that somehow there's no risks associated with youth use of the product." The FDA commissioner worries marijuana legalization is making pot look safe to use and easier for teens to get.
01:03:30 pm InvestorsLiveYep great work ACAD guys
01:03:46 pm Argento: AWSM spike
01:03:52 pm HelloJacques: EB holds vwap well
01:06:10 pm davrik86: AWSM is moving of of vwap
01:06:14 pm OddStockTraderKSHB ramping
01:06:19 pm InvestorsLiveCRBP non stop
01:06:37 pm InvestorsLiveminimal NBEV left still trading around core waiting for stuff to confirm
01:06:49 pm InvestorsLive1/3 what I had building the realized
01:12:37 pm OddStockTraderadded bit more EB, full risk on 36 o/u
01:12:41 pm InvestorsLivedone but need to run a quick errand
01:12:48 pm InvestorsLiveso cleared NBEV should have broke re visit on pops later
01:12:54 pm InvestorsLiveback shortly
01:13:01 pm Selective_Trader: last add ROKU ss
01:13:13 pm Argento: AWSM abcding
01:14:44 pm Skynet_Trading: ASCMA just broke up flag pattern now got to break 2.15
01:15:26 pm HelloJacques: nice perks off vwap on EB
01:16:20 pm stapes1Meg [email protected] week @SGottliebFDA warned youth e-cigarette use was at epidemic levels. But he’s even more worried about pot — from @angelicalavito
01:17:32 pm Challenger: NBEV perking above 7.00
01:18:55 pm Challenger: SE spike
01:18:57 pm Challenger: SE halt
01:19:17 pm jcherniackadd ELAN
01:19:48 pm JimTilton: Josh I need it to consolidate for a few hours before run later
01:20:09 pm jcherniacknoted
01:21:44 pm Tj13: ASCMA perking more
Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Announces Adoption of Commission Decision Granting Marketing Authorisation Approval in the European Union for XERAVAâ„¢ (eravacycline) for the Treatment of Complicated Intra-Abdominal Infections
01:24:05 pm jcherniackb CGC
01:26:36 pm jcherniackwill focus CGC let ELAN consolidate for Jim
01:27:21 pm Tj13: looks good for highs ASCMA
01:31:30 pm Tj13: AMD nice W pattern been stuffed all day feels diff now
01:36:32 pm OddStockTraderACAD again
01:36:41 pm Challenger: IRBT rebound play. In 107-ish for a rebound. Down from 113+, and near 110 in the last 40 minutes alone.
01:37:48 pm apr084: IDRA hod
01:37:52 pm Tj13: AMD threw 31 on volume if not stuff can squeeze
01:38:06 pm BJChessnut: IQ & Huya moving
01:40:25 pm apr084: CRON volume
01:41:03 pm JM2: ASCMA nice
01:41:17 pm Tj13: ascma was perfect flag
01:41:22 pm Tj13: AMD nice pop
01:41:55 pm OddStockTraderEB on hod
01:42:17 pm OddStockTraderheck yes guys
01:42:22 pm Dailyzen: EB at its 2 hour hod
01:44:52 pm Challenger: IRBT starting to rebound nicely off 7 support. Now asking 107.48.
01:49:12 pm BJChessnut: IQ getting smarter
01:51:44 pm stapes1ADT hod off partner w/Alexa device
01:51:52 pm stapes1Alexa Guard
01:54:00 pm InvestorsLivenice NBEV beahved came in some but held up
01:54:03 pm InvestorsLiveback
01:54:05 pm InvestorsLiveASMCA nice rally too
01:55:05 pm InvestorsLiveASCMA *
01:55:45 pm P_Mil: PVTL trying to turn down here- putting a feeler on long
01:55:48 pm bryanl: DBX back @ 27; holding Jan calls for longterm swing
01:56:49 pm InvestorsLiveCGC gearing
01:57:56 pm InvestorsLiveIGXT waking back up
01:57:59 pm jcherniackTLRY push
01:58:16 pm d4ytrad3starting to form bit of longside bias TLRY into the close
01:58:28 pm P_Mil: PVTL r/g push
01:59:35 pm BJChessnut: IQ at VWAP. HUYA thru
01:59:44 pm jcherniacktook some CGC gains
01:59:57 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV higher better and stuffs is goal for trade here likely everyone is on same side crowded mess
02:00:54 pm jcherniackCGC hods
02:01:05 pm InvestorsLivegreat call CGC
02:02:47 pm stapes102:02 PM PRN ARRY European Commission Approves BRAFTOVI (encorafenib) in Combination with MEKTOVI (binimetinib) for Advanced BRAF-mutant Melanoma
02:03:50 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV I will chase the slam down on pops or I will go into EOD para I feel like no edge and feel like everyone is stuck same side. No pos.
02:04:00 pm Challenger: ARRY spike
02:04:07 pm d4ytrad3EB gettin a headfake look
02:04:18 pm InvestorsLive$1.70-1.80 to $7 not going to riisk $1-2 craziness when I can risk .20 when its time
02:06:22 pm InvestorsLiveGuys fighting pot names just remember CGC on FM tomorrow AM
02:06:30 pm InvestorsLiveso can be a nice pump job across them all
02:06:30 pm Nkaz: trying MED ss again
02:07:05 pm Selective_Trader: took some BSVN ipo down here with 19 stop
02:08:30 pm Selective_Trader: ate ROKU ss , I went against the trend duh
02:09:30 pm Selective_Trader: DOMO continues with low vol. watcher into next week
02:10:39 pm InvestorsLivenice NBEV
02:10:48 pm OddStockTraderMRMD grinding higher
02:11:14 pm OddStockTradernice NBEV
02:11:36 pm InvestorsLivedidn't get the size I wanted but thats sick entries today regarless
02:12:10 pm InvestorsLivehav ehte crack on video as well
02:12:53 pm Selective_Trader: BSVN jumpy
02:14:26 pm Selective_Trader: ELAN ipo gear, but rather long the nhod
02:15:10 pm P_Mil: lol
02:15:12 pm TJtheTrader: Lol
02:15:20 pm JimTilton: That was a great dip though ELAN
02:15:26 pm P_Mil: AGN big push today- nice daily chart
02:16:25 pm InvestorsLivehere comes the shove of all the chase shorts
02:16:26 pm InvestorsLiveworking them all out
02:17:10 pm InvestorsLivecautious guys from here on out - u can trade long but just know your risk and downside halt
02:17:20 pm InvestorsLivebest imo to do scalps quietly
02:17:25 pm elkwood66i PM u
02:17:25 pm BJChessnut: HUYA nice
02:17:27 pm d4ytrad3add TLRY long
02:17:27 pm InvestorsLivevery dangerous and every post super late
02:17:36 pm InvestorsLivehence my short comemnts how I was doing it but not posting each one
02:17:43 pm InvestorsLiveTLRY ramp
02:17:47 pm elkwood66and said basically same as nate , sorry for chat clutter
02:18:16 pm apr084: MYSZ NHOD
02:18:34 pm trader530LUV (negative) big racial lawsuit filed lleging racial discrimination at the Dallas-based carrier, claiming coworkers set up a whites-only breakroom at Houston Hobby Airport that persisted for years, according to a federal lawsuit.
02:19:23 pm OddStockTraderGPRO abcd
02:23:11 pm InvestorsLiveLUV delayed but there
02:23:23 pm InvestorsLivemaybe hit bloomie 10 min after T530 like usual or something
02:24:22 pm InvestorsLiveCRBP gearing
02:26:28 pm OddStockTraderGPRO nhod
02:27:27 pm InvestorsLiveNIO ramp
02:28:35 pm wgtrader: QTT with NIO
02:28:43 pm InvestorsLiveCRBP non stop
02:29:32 pm JimTilton: ELAN nHOD
02:29:55 pm Selective_Trader: nice work Jim...
02:29:57 pm InvestorsLivespecator on NBEV
02:30:02 pm InvestorsLivenot gonna screw w/ it
02:30:16 pm InvestorsLivewill re short ramps but we got all day tomorrow
02:30:27 pm stapes1LEAMINGTON, ON, Sept. 20, 2018 /CNW/ - Aphria Inc. ("Aphria" or the "Company") (TSX: APH and US OTC: APHQF) today announced they have signed supply agreements with official distributors in all ten provinces and one territory to provide high-quality, branded cannabis products for the adult-use market across the country come recreational cannabis legalization on October 17th.
02:31:40 pm d4ytrad3ELAN highs, like this into close
02:32:09 pm JimTilton: Right now, I like it for next few days
02:32:18 pm InvestorsLiveCRBP 8
02:34:05 pm jcherniack1/4 left CGC
02:34:38 pm Selective_Trader: CGC yes, nice one from 50s J
02:36:01 pm d4ytrad3AMD ting up for eod squeeze here potentially
02:36:04 pm d4ytrad3*sett
02:39:01 pm InvestorsLiveDTEA ramping
02:39:04 pm InvestorsLivehitting scans
02:39:12 pm d4ytrad3AMD i rang
02:39:27 pm InvestorsLiveGreat job man always like when you're playing it as well keeps me from getting too biased
02:39:30 pm InvestorsLivere: AMD
02:40:45 pm biaggo: AMD yesterday's mid reclaim .. 31.38 low on opening 5min .. that will tell the tale
02:41:05 pm Challenger: CNAT hod
02:42:49 pm Selective_Trader: SPY tank
02:42:53 pm Selective_Trader: yank
Stock up 50%.
Doesn’t get much dumber than that.
02:43:42 pm Tj13: nice take dip
02:44:07 pm d4ytrad3NBEV caution w/ CGC TLRY whacks
02:44:25 pm damsf: DTEA following NBEV
02:45:39 pm d4ytrad3TLRY whipp
02:45:51 pm OddStockTraderanother nasty trap NBEV
02:45:57 pm jcherniackNBEV nothing to d owith TLRY
02:46:15 pm Challenger: CRBP seeing stubborn 7.70 resistance
02:47:53 pm InvestorsLiveELAN big miss -- perfect snap there towards VWAP usually like those on IPOs
02:47:57 pm InvestorsLiveNice exits NBEV
02:48:19 pm d4ytrad3ELAN beaut
02:48:30 pm jcherniacknice 1 JI m
02:48:33 pm jcherniackJim
02:48:37 pm P_Mil: PVTL nhod
02:50:22 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV need few more stuffs but cautiously re adding ramps only
02:53:05 pm InvestorsLivepost 310-315PM if it holds well after buy ins come thru
02:53:11 pm InvestorsLiveyou need to be cautious
02:53:28 pm InvestorsLivepays better for them if they know the intraday margin requirements etc downsize etc are coming to exit
02:56:52 pm Challenger: CYLC tanking
02:57:03 pm OddStockTraderTGODF decent trender here
02:57:37 pm InvestorsLiveMDCA rip
02:57:44 pm InvestorsLiveinto halt
02:58:00 pm stapes1exploring sale
02:58:05 pm stapes1[DJN] 20 Sep - 02:57:28 PM (MDCA.O) - *DJ Ad Company MDC Partners Exploring Strategic Options Including Potential Sale -- Sources
02:58:31 pm Challenger: MDCA halted
02:59:02 pm Volatility halt: MDCA, resume time 15:02:47 EST
02:59:35 pm Selective_Trader: NIO gear ove vwap
02:59:50 pm kb1802: NIO over vwap
03:00:02 pm Challenger: CRBP breakout
03:00:10 pm OddStockTraderSPWR trend, like that 5 min chart
03:01:01 pm InvestorsLiveCRBP back on highs
03:01:34 pm Tj13: IGXT making a move
03:02:18 pm Volatility halted MDCA set to resume in 30 seconds (15:02:47 EST)
03:02:56 pm InvestorsLiveMDCA open
03:04:00 pm InvestorsLiveALT perk on VWAP
03:04:56 pm JimTilton: Took some ELAN off, the buys from the dip
03:04:59 pm InvestorsLivefast $3 ALT nutz
03:06:24 pm d4ytrad3ALT oh my
03:06:28 pm KimS: Yeahr but ALT has that Crazy 1$ spread
03:06:29 pm d4ytrad3wow
03:06:36 pm d4ytrad3thats just ultra nutty
03:06:36 pm KimS: tough trader
03:06:53 pm d4ytrad3someone out there buying floats again
03:07:11 pm d4ytrad36x rip & no dip
03:07:48 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV be cautious
03:09:48 pm InvestorsLiveBLRX from yesterday perk up
03:10:20 pm Skynet_Trading: CODA starting to move up a bit with volume
03:11:31 pm Challenger: BBOX popping nicely on some volume. In 7.18
03:11:36 pm Challenger: 1.18 that is
03:12:50 pm OddStockTraderTRTC ramp
03:13:39 pm InvestorsLiveBLRX near $1 may get legs if swipes
03:13:57 pm Challenger: BBOX nhod at 1.30 now
03:14:17 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV feel really good about how i Traded it -- couple tries there late day lost dime each time but safety first killer job across board
03:14:33 pm InvestorsLiveits at a very key level and likely stuffs 7 and if its going ot unwind it happens fast but in my opinion
03:14:39 pm InvestorsLiverisk / reward I'll re visit tomorrow
03:14:47 pm InvestorsLivenot worth giving back a penny on it to me
03:16:09 pm Tj13: dollar break Nice Nate
03:16:16 pm AlexP: BLRX on 1
03:16:22 pm Emilgoing to post link to webinar right after closing bell
03:16:24 pm Emilgoing to post link to webinar right after closing bell
03:18:00 pm TraderKen: THOR perk and thru vwap
03:18:07 pm TraderKen: THO
03:19:30 pm InvestorsLiveTRPX finally did it
03:20:26 pm AlexP: AMD back on red
03:20:32 pm Challenger: CSBR bid sitting at day support of 12.75
03:21:01 pm HelloJacques: ss CRON her tight stop
03:21:08 pm HelloJacques: here
03:22:09 pm musclehead: Remember NIO unwinded yesterday around this time
03:23:53 pm LeokAm: PDD on vwap
03:24:08 pm Tj13: IXGT at highs great volume today
03:25:15 pm Ptrader: NBEV is angry
03:26:26 pm InvestorsLive$1.05-1.10 range on daily for BLRX likely brings the momentum
03:27:49 pm OddStockTraderTRTC looking to add on dips for swing...straight up so far
03:27:51 pm benjo: real fly tweeted BLRX along with TRPX
03:28:47 pm DCtrader5: whoa big vol bar IGC
03:28:55 pm Tj13: IGXT nuts
03:29:07 pm tickle: BLRX is not just mj play. It has important data next month (ESMO 2018).
03:30:04 pm benjo: thx
03:30:06 pm benjo: in some
03:30:08 pm benjo: and TRPX
03:30:13 pm benjo: MRMD on highs
03:31:15 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV I will be up earlier and prepared for $10-12 type action
03:31:21 pm InvestorsLiveif they don't slam it into close
03:31:34 pm InvestorsLiveNo way in HELL I'd hold it over even w/ that thought
03:33:42 pm Challenger: MYSZ hesitating some near highs of 1.33. Currently 1.29
03:33:45 pm Skynet_Trading: AWSM gearing
03:33:47 pm benjo: there goes TRPX
03:34:21 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV nice stuff into close blow out some shorts but same spot it was 10 min ago
03:39:05 pm InvestorsLiveLEVB highs
03:39:22 pm HelloJacques: TLRY getting hit
03:39:28 pm InvestorsLiveBLRX nice
03:39:41 pm Challenger: NBEV 7.20 resistance. Could squeeze if it breaks above.
03:40:02 pm InvestorsLiveLEVB HODs
03:40:43 pm jcherniackTLRY unwind
03:42:20 pm InvestorsLiveLEVB $6s
03:42:21 pm benjo: MRMD TRPX BLRX all solid into close
03:42:29 pm RyanM: IGC squeezing
03:44:02 pm InvestorsLiveTRPX thru 5
03:44:16 pm Challenger: NBEV
03:45:02 pm Earnings Post: MU SCS UNFI
03:45:39 pm InvestorsLiveTRPX last time ran $2 AHs just fwiw
03:45:45 pm JimTilton: can we see 36.00-36.50 after hours on ELAN, asking for a friend
03:45:49 pm InvestorsLivejust stating facts not trying to be ultra bullish
03:46:28 pm OddStockTraderEB pull
03:49:38 pm InvestorsLiveNutty closes guys - cautious and be ready tomorrow lets keep this momentum going
03:51:29 pm OddStockTraderMRMD sick one guys
03:51:31 pm InvestorsLive12:05:23 pm jcherniack: MU earnings will effect all if swinging AMD etc
03:51:32 pm Challenger: NBEV more
03:51:34 pm jcherniackCGC holding rest over
03:51:34 pm InvestorsLivefwiw if anyone playing
03:51:50 pm InvestorsLivereminder CGC on fast money in the AM
03:51:59 pm InvestorsLiveBLRX big close will hold over
03:52:07 pm Challenger: NBEV classic squeeze into the close
03:52:08 pm HelloJacques: sigh stopped on CRON
03:54:25 pm Downtown2342: PYX moving as well
03:55:38 pm Selective_Trader: ELAN taking some overnight,, props Jim
03:55:50 pm Challenger: NBEV nhod 7.65
03:56:33 pm OddStockTraderNBEV man, peeps stuck hard again TLRY style
03:57:04 pm OddStockTraderswinging EB MRMD TRTC
03:57:27 pm d4ytrad3ELAN hollllla
03:58:17 pm InvestorsLiveNBEV
03:58:38 pm d4ytrad3NBEV reminds me of SINO
03:58:43 pm InvestorsLive100% ^^^
03:58:52 pm InvestorsLiveI just said that to JCherniack 20 min ago
03:59:00 pm InvestorsLivehence my $10-12 comemnt
03:59:09 pm OddStockTraderMRMD :monster
04:00:02 pm Most Mentioned Tickers, today: NBEV, TLRY, CRON, CGC, AMD
04:00:03 pm InvestorsLiveABIL good close
04:00:09 pm InvestorsLiveman awesome
04:00:39 pm OddStockTradermight be crazy but took some NBEV calls lol
04:01:20 pm InvestorsLiveAnd there we go
04:01:23 pm InvestorsLiveMU ripper
04:01:44 pm JimTilton: Micron prelim Q4 $3.53 vs $3.32 S&P Capital IQ Consensus Estimate; revs $8.44 bln vs $8.25 bln S&P Capital IQ Consensus Estimate
04:02:17 pm InvestorsLive+++++++ NBEV so nice guys
04:02:19 pm InvestorsLivegreat work
04:02:21 pm InvestorsLiveGREAT WORK

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  1. Nate... Thanks for the post and the chat room notes. You are a very generous person. Great work by the chat room. It is clear that the group knows how to work as a team. Enough praise... When you are good, is hard to be humble. Keep up what you are doing...


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