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Investors Underground trading tools are built to the specifications of traders with decades of experience.

Get access to all of the tools you need to identify, research, and trade the best opportunities.

No frills. No unnecessary complexity. Just actionable trade ideas.

Scanners And Tools

A Stream of Actionable Trade Ideas Served Fresh Daily

Utilize our custom built stock scanners to identify the top momentum movers daily. IU scanners were built from the ground up with the active trader in mind.

Market Data Scanners

Identify the best trade opportunities at any hour of the day. Our data scanners keep you alert to the top movers so you never miss a move. 

Pre-Market Scanner
Intraday Scanner
After Hours Scanner
Fully Customizable

After Hours Scanner


Trend Scanner

Identify stocks with strong intraday trends on both the long and short side with our proprietary trend scanner.

Bullish Trends
Bearish Trends
Customizable Filters

Customizable Filters + Shared Scanner Library

Customize your scanners to fit your trading strategy or tap into our library of shared scan filters from traders within the community.

Advanced Data Filters
Saved Filters
Shared Filter Library

Scanner Filters

Market Research Tools
That Keep You in the Know

Get access to all of the information you need to make educated trading decisions – all in one convenient chat window.

Research Tools

Earnings Calendar

Keep track of upcoming earnings reports and the expected volatility.

Stock News

Search the latest news on any stock ticker.

Volatility Halt Monitor

Receive alerts for volatility halts and resume times.

Analyst Ratings

Get updates on the latest analyst rating changes and profit targets.

AI News

Get alerted to stock news with a high likelihood of moving stocks.

Integrated X Feed

Get updates from influential X users directly within the chat room.

SEC Filings

Search through SEC filings directly within the IU chat room.

Newsletter Tracking

Get alerts for industry-leading newsletters.

Ticker Alerts

Get alerts when tickers on your watch list are mentioned in the chat room.

Most Active Tickers

Most Active Tickers

Follow the action! Keep track of the most active tickers across multiple timeframes to identify the best momentum trading opportunities.

Proprietary Analysis System
Available on Multiple Timeframes
Filterable by Market Cap
Audio Alerts

HOD/LOD Scanner

Identify stocks making new highs and new lows throughout the day. Utilize our HOD/LOD top hits scanners to identify stocks that are continuously making the list.

Track New Highs/Lows
Add Price Filters
Track Top Hits
Set Audio Alerts

Price Alerts

Advanced Price Alerts

Stay on top of your favorite trade setups by setting automatic trade alerts.

Unlimited Alerts
HOD/LOD Alerts
VWAP Alerts
Alert History

Iu Chat Scanners

Experience True Market Clarity

Most scanning tools flood your screen with a stream of stock tickers without any true context. Investors Underground tools are backed by a community of experienced traders who can shed light on the significance of each hit. Learn why stocks are moving and how to trade them.

Proprietary scanners meet community context for true clarity.

Start seeing the markets in full color.

Backed by the Most Feature-Rich Trading Chat Room on the Web

The Investors Underground chat room is not your typical “chat room.”
IU Chat was custom-developed as a terminal for active traders.

Lightweight Framework
Automatic Ticker Tagging
Price Alerts
Integrated Watch Lists
 One-Click Stock Data
Live Chat History
Private Messaging

Audio Alerts
Video Broadcasts
Voice Calling
Inline Earnings Notifications
Inline IPO Notifications
Inline Halt Notifications
Inline News Alerts

Inline News Alerts
Price Action Alerts
User Message Filtering
Saved Layouts
Translation (25+ Languages)
Eye Strain Reminders
Member Reputation Scores

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