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Phil Goedeker | Long-Term Success in Trading and Investing Video Topics Opportunity Cost in Trading (Keeping a Narrow Focus) Market Changes Over the Past 20 Years Adapting to Changing Markets The Process of Learning a New Trading Strategy Current Trends in the Market Trading Styles...

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Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For February 26, 2024

Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For February 26, 2024

A real clean week last week - no real headaches in small cap land. The only action I saw that could have caught shorts off guard was on about five names with major clearouts into the close (i.e., OCEA Friday, as an example). It is the same deal with EFOI, TBIO, and a...

Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For February 20, 2024

Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For February 20, 2024

Nice long weekend for President's Day! I have a busy few weeks coming up, busy on Wednesday with some real estate stuff. I hope I am wrong, but I have that 'feeling' that small caps may start to settle a bit. They're running out of China names to swipe up...

Week In Review: February 12-16, 2024

Week in Review: February 12-16, 2024

Friday was the cherry on top of a pretty nice week. There are so many names just feeding off of each other but they all end the same way. Sale this week is an annual IU membership with a bonus 2 months.   ARM Short...

Week In Review: February 20-23, 2024

Week in Review: February 20-23, 2024

It was nice to have a shorter week this week. It was a pretty entertaining end of the week keeping up with all the moon lander ups and downs. If you are on the fence about trying IU. Start with this promo for 1 month and then if you decide to stay on board I will...

Brian Shannon | Technical Analysis And Chart Reviews

Brian Shannon | Technical Analysis and Chart Reviews Topics Discussed Brian’s “Aha” Moment in Trading Using VWAP Effective Ways to Use Technical Analysis Looking at SMCI from a Technical and Fundamental Perspective Fundamentals vs. Technicals Best Technical Indicators Chart...

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