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The monthly investment is pennies compared to the knowledge and process you gain. Nate teaches people how to fish! Appreciate ya
Rare service that doesn't breed a bunch of sheep. Don't expect "Buy here, Sell there" alerts, This chatroom puts a lot more emphasis on understanding the Big picture, and WHY things move the way they do.
If you have a brain and at least some trading experience, it will provide you with heaps of value. However, If you're looking for someone to tell you when to buy and sell, probably best to look somewhere else. (Easy way to tell if it's gonna be valuable for you is to check out the free Sunday scans on their youtube. If you like those ideas and it leads you to having profitable trades, then def consider giving IU a try)
I pay for service Investors Underground. Best service in the world hands down! Teaching people how to trade not telling them what to trade.
I think the latest Sunday scan has been the best one I have watched in my short time as a member, Nate handled unfair criticism extremely professionally and as usual, gave a candid view on stocks and the markets. I personally feel the likes of Twitter are full of noise and crowded with self-proclaimed experts who can't accept reality. Do not change Nate, you are more experienced than 99.9% of the Twitter crowd, and if they can't accept reality and your experienced views then they shouldn't follow you.
Gotta give a BIG shoutout to @InvestorsLive & @OddStockTrader. Following since 2016, just joined IU last week and already up over $10,000 since joining (in 4 trading days)! GRATEFUL! 🙏🏽🙌🏼🚀
I've been with IU for about a month now, and this has been one of the important principles that I've learned from you that has already paid for the annual subscription. Thanks!
In my opinion, IU is one of the cleanest chat rooms for stock movement in the market. Absolutely no pumping is allowed. This room if for traders who want to improve and take trading seriously instead of waiting for buy or sell signals. Nate goes over trade ideas and thesis every single day. Even when I become a consistent successful trader, I will forever be in this chat, they alert you with some of the best moving stocks, and of course it is up to you to play that setup based on your personality.
The community is outstanding. Being in the 'room' gives me a connectedness to the market that I was lacking before. Nate's highligting of opportunities is top notch. This definitely has helped me hone my edge and become a better trader!
IU is hands down the best service out there. It's not an alert service but truly a community for those that want to become better traders. The way Nate reads the market is like nothing I've ever seen before and you're able to learn from his experience everyday. There is no other place that you can trade with and learn from the most experienced traders daily and everybody is willing to help as long as you are putting the work in.
Joined IU back in February 2020 while evaluating many other chat rooms/services. If you are looking for a sheep herder ... buy here, sell there, this isn't the room. If you are willing to learn, take some tough love / brutal honesty, build a repeatable process, IU is the service to join....Just with feedback/news alerts and others in the community it's returned well over the cost paid for the service ... many times over and above.
Nate and the community are extremely helpful in providing insight on what to trade and more importantly to me, what not to trade. The what not to trade have saved me thousands of dollars by providing me insight that I didn't think about. This is the best community out there. I also think all the other communities don't compare because their programming design is so generic with their Discord models. Kudos to Max!
I felt extremely calm trading today in part because of the @InvestorsLive resources including chat rooms, scan analysis and educational materials. Thanks again. Felt like I made a plan for every trade and had an extra sense of each name from the room that I didn’t before.
Thanks to @InvestorsLive & @OddStockTrader. def would not be where I’m at today with out them and the community they have provided.
There are always several great ideas offered daily by Nate, other mods, and members. Longs, shorts, option strategies - a lot of variety depending on my strategy/mindset for the day.

News alerts are timely and relevant.

I also enjoy leveraging the tools Max has developed. I haven't seen anything like the most mentioned tickers tool anywhere else, and it's extremely useful imo - it has saved me from dealing with many headaches when social ramps up the mentions.
Can not say enough amazing things about everyone at Investors Underground. @InvestorsLive has been beyond influential in my life. Highly encourage people to join the community. There is a TON of free material out there too if you are unsure.
IU is a great community of seasoned traders willing to help you. The goal of the community is not to give you signals but to share the concepts so you can recognize the patterns in order to make your own trading decisions. If you want a get-rich-quick program, this is not your room. If you want to learn from the best, this is your place.
9 consecutive green days since @InvestorsLive's free Sunday scan when he said he focuses on only a few plays per day. I was trying to track nearly a dozen—and usually ended up chasing. Now I focus on 3-5 per. I'm up 105% these last two weeks. Thanks, Nathan!
I'm a new trader and the insight I get from Investors Underground is invaluable. I tried day trading without an insight in chasing stock prices before understand how the market actually works. Their warnings of stocks that rise rapidly without any news or sustainable news would have been BIG loses. As well as understanding key points of support and resistance..Look left ??? Who would have known ??!!!
Ever since I joined Investors Underground last year my trading has been steadily improving and my eyes have been opened for a lot of the things happening in the market. The chat room function is amazing and invaluable for a day trader. If I had to do it all over again I would join IU back in 2015 instead of going through many of the other rooms.
If you guys want to learn trading go to investors underground.
The Momo chat is so good that you dont even need a scanner really. Even if you do need one, IU has a built in one to use. Top tier content is being dropped all the time. From webinars to intra day reviews. 10/10 for any trader.
Recently crossed 2m in profits making it my first multi-million dollar year ever (always a big thanks to @InvestorsLive for 10 years of leadership)
I’m telling you right now to get the subscription. The amount of things you learn by watching the pros do it in real time is a game changer. Not to mention all the extra features. Priceless
S/O to @InvestorsLive for all the knowledge and Mentorship they provide. My main focus is the ABCD Setup with Catalyst/News and/or previous day runner. $NOVN was a top watch. Didn't get in when I wanted, was nervous and saw it rip past my entry. Had my biggest win by 3x. TY!
Best month ever 💪🏼 Just starting year 3 of my trading journey and my process is really cooking with 🔥 now. Owe a huge debt of gratitude to @InvestorsLive and the community he’s built for showing me how to go the distance in this game 🙏
IU has really helped me get a better understanding of the ever changing market. It never tells me when to buy or sell a ticker; yet, learning the process through continued feedback in the chatroom/ nightly scans is honing my skills as a trader giving me stronger conviction on where the "edge" is. Nate and his large team of successful traders have been expediting my learning curve helping me avoid many big losses new traders usually endure. I am grateful for the sheer amount of grinding work they put into the community for us day in and day out!
IU is one stop solution for all needs of trading for me; great chatroom, experienced moderators and senior traders sharing their ideas, best scanners, quick breaking news and many more features are so helpful in day trading. I am grateful to be a member of IU.
As a new day trader, I was looking for a chat room where experienced traders dialog and converse where I could learn from them proper entry and exit strategies for both longs and shorts, ask questions, and be coached every day through the commentary posted throughout the day. And I love it, because the commentary starts premarket and runs well into the post market! I have learned much! A big THANKS to Nate and the entire IU family! Best investment I've ever made in myself ~ Trademark
Top notch trading. Ultra professional on every level. The chat actually has a lot of features built in. Featured where you would be paying extra in other services.
A Great platform with superb traders. The value you get for what you pay is nothing short of brilliant ive been in a few trading services over the years but Investors underground is hands down the best. You get a great number of chatrooms with so many tools to use from news alerts to scanners and so many educational webinars to watch from week to week. Massive thank you to Nate and all the team there at investors underground for a great platform
Watched every learn to #daytrade video made by @IU_Chat and @InvestorsLive during the month of November and December and joined the IU community the first week of January and have made back what I lost in December and then some.
Nate and IU team helped me as well with my trading. Im more profitable this year than the past few years. The technical analysis in this group is unreal.
I followed Nate on Twitter for a year before I decided to take the plunge and subscribe to Investors Underground. I was consistently profitable but felt isolated trading alone and wanted a community I could learn from that I could trust wasn't pumping or dumping for their own gain. Nate's commentary is especially helpful. I made 3x my previous salary in my first full year of trading and hope to continue building on that in 2020. As part of IU I feel more confident than ever that by the time the closing bell rings, I'll be looking at green. Thanks!
Happy to be part of IU @InvestorsLive family , best traders room so far
I've found every aspect of my experience with Investors Underground to be incredible. I am new to day trading, and there is a steep learning curve, but the resources, advice, and support are all here.

At the end of the day, I have to make my own decision, but I can do so with greater confidence knowing that I am part of a community of intelligent investors.

I signed up for a one month trial - but I am sold. I'll be joining on a yearly basis moving forward.
I cannot say enough positive things about Investors Underground other than my biggest mistake was not joining sooner. Prior to joining, I was as inconsistent as a trader can get. This room is not designed to hand hold but to help teach folks to survive on their own and develop their own plans which is what I have finally turned a corner on. After 6 months of losing $$, I am now 4 months consecutive positive and can clearly see my mistakes in real time to avoid blow ups. Hats off to the entire IU community and the no excuses attitude!
I have been with Investors Underground for over 4 years now. So many talented amazing elite traders of all types in the room willing to help and teach from short/long small, mid, and large caps and even options. There is always something new to learn every day. They have an extensive library collection of videos to learn from past live trading, weekly recaps, technical and fundamental analysis, different type of setups from "Failed Follow Through" momentum to "Liquidity Trap". And not to mention their scanners from pre to intraday to after hours to high of day low of day and much more are super helpful to prepare for the day and trade - news and SEC filings hitting the room almost instantly and they are color coded make them so easy to recognize and be ready to attack because in trading every second is money! Price alerts can be shared which is awesome because you can see what other traders are looking at and preparing for. Real time live commentaries not only from Nate but from many other amazing moderators throughout the day provide an absolute top tier trading space to learn and uplift all level of traders!
If you're looking to actually learn how to trade stocks, whether it's day trading or swing trading, IU is the best and only place to do it. Nate's service is extremely beneficial for traders of all kinds. No matter if you're a novice or more of an advanced trader, the content and help you receive is hands down what you need to grow as a trader. As long as you're willing to put in the work, of course.
IU offers not only a well structured Chat for both the experienced trader and the novice, but also excellent educational opportunities. The education is both foundational, giving you real strategies that work, plus the ability to see the trades happening on recordings. Looking at a static chart, with nothing moving, can be pretty useless in terms of learning Price Action. This is the real thing! The education continues with weekly seminars. This is great
January best month ever for me. It was actually life changing. And I tip my hat to Nate and IU for this.
For me the best part of membership is the morning broadcast and trade recaps. Add to that all the past educational trade recaps and webinars all archived and all of Nates DVD’s included with Elite.
Really IU has some of the most generous individuals in the markets. They are also the most real and legitimate traders I have associated with. Several style of chat rooms to involve oneself in, and assistance is a message away. Been here since 2014 and plan to stay as long as I am able to come to the market each day. Thanks Nate and team for showing up always!


“Best Online Stock Trading Class” – Investopedia


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“Investors Underground is the best trading service for the money. You get access to a large community of traders, daily watch lists, a thriving chat room, libraries of trading education, and more.” – Top Trade Reviews

“Investors Underground is undoubtedly one of the premiere services to help you learn the art and the science of day trading.” – Modest Money

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If you want to learn how to day trade and you want to sign up for a chat room and educational service, Investors Underground is your best bet. They offer the best courses, the best chat room, the best guidance, and some of the best bang for your buck.” – Trading Skeptic

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“Investors Underground is one of the best trading communities on the web. The service provides a lot of value, especially for active traders.” – Investors Underground Review at Day Trade Review

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