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Brian Shannon | Technical Analysis And Chart Reviews

Brian Shannon | Technical Analysis and Chart Reviews Topics Discussed Brian’s “Aha” Moment in Trading Using VWAP Effective Ways to Use Technical Analysis Looking at SMCI from a Technical and Fundamental Perspective Fundamentals vs. Technicals Best Technical Indicators Chart...

Sang Lucci | Millionaire Options Trader Talks Success And Failure

Sang Lucci | Millionaire Options Trader Talks Success and Failure Topics Discussed The Famous T4AC Pickleball Racket Story Do Traders Learn More from Success or Failure? Dealing with (and Recovering from) Serious Trading Losses Options Trading vs. Stock Trading Changes in the Options...

Jack Kellogg | “Retiring” After Making $12 Million From Trading

Jack Kellogg | “Retiring” After Making $12 Million from Trading Topics Discussed Is “Hustle Culture” in Trading Good or Bad? Do Traders Need to Be All-In To Make It? How Trading Can Improve Your Life When is it Time to Pull Back from Trading? Applying the 80/20 Rule to Trading How to...

Cody Pavlak | Gut Feelings In Trading + Capitalizing On Trends

Cody Pavlak | Gut Feelings in Trading + Capitalizing on Trends Topics Discussed Should Traders Trust Their Guts? If so, when? Trading Intuition vs. Quantifiable Setups How to Identify Hot Trends in the Market How to Research New Trends How to Identify Hot Stocks Within a Trend Current...

Stan Ivanov | Is The Market Rigged!? + “Aha” Moments For Traders

Stan Ivanov | Is the Market Rigged!? + “Aha” Moments for Traders Topics Discussed The Impact of Ozempic News on the Market How to Trade News Plays The State of the MJ Market (and how to trade it) A Recent Trend in Uranium Stocks How to Spot New Market Trends and Find Hot Stocks Spirit...