July 27 Market Recap: Free Video Lesson, Chat Logs, and Trade Recaps

by | Jul 27, 2017

There were a LOT of great trading opportunities today. The market experienced a big drop followed by a nice bounce towards the end of the day.

If you’re in the chat room and struggling to capitalize on these opportunities, just reach out via PM during trading hours.

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Day Trading Video Lesson

Preparation Paid $PYPL Anticipating $AMZN Unwind $NFLX $NVDA $AMD and More

IU Chat Logs for July 27, 2017

07:46:29 am InvestorsLiveFB monster
07:46:35 am d4ytrad3yes what a gap down on DCIX
07:46:46 am d4ytrad3only down 15%
07:46:59 am d4ytrad3impressive, we'll see by eod lol
07:47:11 am InvestorsLiveThis time could be different ?
07:47:13 am d4ytrad3we're on a -50% run rate right now on these
07:47:18 am d4ytrad3yes this time will be -45%
07:47:57 am d4ytrad3good news, by eod today, DCIX could announce another r/s
07:48:09 am d4ytrad3and just claim 'accidental' duplicate pr?
07:49:53 am daniio90: the float is around 1M, right?
07:50:22 am InvestorsLiveI'd assume it's 1M + 16,852
07:51:35 am d4ytrad3LOL
07:53:46 am InvestorsLivestarted some FB
07:53:47 am InvestorsLivess
07:55:36 am InvestorsLive175.55-70 ^ but idea into 8AM shuffle not looking to marry just a scalp
07:55:40 am InvestorsLiveoops
07:55:43 am InvestorsLive176.55-.70
08:01:12 am bg109: TWTR seller
08:01:44 am bg109: AXTI gap up on e/r may open with new 52's
08:01:48 am InvestorsLive176 a buyer FB
08:06:50 am InvestorsLiveFB that buyer pretty much took it all
08:06:52 am InvestorsLive176
08:07:10 am InvestorsLiveI was .01 after that but barely anything came down
08:07:25 am InvestorsLiveAMD near $15
08:07:51 am InvestorsLiveIDXG news looks like the text/pump front ran todays news
08:08:02 am bg109: thinking of scooping some TWTR here...
08:08:31 am InvestorsLivewas coin heads or tails?
08:08:39 am bg109: lol
08:09:01 am Amp: lol
08:09:20 am Savino: gm all
08:10:11 am Amp: TROV trying to make the morning gap list with the FDA aproval this am
08:10:24 am Amp: just printed 700 shares
08:10:25 am InvestorsLiveseems like they want $180 FB ... but added a bit around core here
08:11:01 am 3Sigma: TEAR some $3.05 prints
08:11:15 am InvestorsLiveTEAR not bad if they get a buy in today
08:13:46 am InvestorsLivePYPL higher please
08:13:49 am InvestorsLivenot lower
08:15:27 am InvestorsLiveguess I shoulda taken all of the .70/share FB vs. wait and be down $1 around core lil fukers playin' ball this AM
08:15:58 am InvestorsLive178 = the new 176 so far until they break him
08:16:16 am InvestorsLiveGILD giving back some of that gap
08:16:36 am InvestorsLiveBWLD what's interesting is its a .05/name at this price
08:16:59 am chasefry: FB wild
08:17:54 am Abderrazak: good morning all
08:18:40 am Nycio310: gm
08:19:23 am MMLifeMatt: good morning and good luck to all today
08:19:50 am InvestorsLivenice print TREE sheesh
08:21:49 am JimTilton: Bought the dip yesterday,made a quick $3 now up $20.0 wtf
08:23:17 am Savino: thats the worst you think you are s uper winner than be like really
08:23:52 am InvestorsLivethat little tease ... 178 reclaimer
08:24:27 am JimTilton: Yeah that was a fast reclaim, that's telling
08:24:31 am InvestorsLiveGoing to be a sweet one today, either blow off or sub VWAP for a size style trade
08:24:37 am teodora: I don't think buying will stop anytime before 9.20am
08:24:50 am InvestorsLiveThinking $180 magnet still
08:25:24 am teodora: TOO going
08:25:29 am InvestorsLive$180-182 ideally
08:25:33 am JimTilton: heard at least 5 talking heads on TV yesterday saying that it has ran too much before earnings, think heavily shorted into ER
08:25:40 am spectre: a nice big blow off candle over 180+ would be sweet.
08:25:46 am InvestorsLiveuntil then I guess I'll just sit and wish I covered it all 176.01
08:26:00 am InvestorsLiveReally Jim?
08:26:11 am InvestorsLiveThere's no such thing as downticks
08:26:12 am InvestorsLivein this market
08:26:28 am InvestorsLiveI hadn't been paying attention to CNBC
08:26:41 am teodora: ^ it is for TWTR 😉
08:26:58 am JimTilton: My wife says Sarcasm isn't pretty
08:27:24 am MMLifeMatt: wise woman...
08:27:57 am InvestorsLivecan I have my $159.50s back
08:29:00 am InvestorsLiveI think options priced in a 4% move right?
08:29:36 am InvestorsLiveevery buck they just sit and soak
08:30:47 am InvestorsLivebe nice to get a scale reason
08:30:52 am InvestorsLiveCUR priced 2
08:31:03 am Mud: ALXN gap up
08:31:06 am Ret34: PYPL perk
08:31:43 am InvestorsLiveIDXG lotta paper from last raise on this one
08:35:38 am InvestorsLivealright green to red time FB 😉
08:36:19 am InvestorsLivehave to leave 1030AM for an hour or so
08:36:33 am InvestorsLiveshitty timing but only AM appointments took latest one that I could still trade open
08:37:14 am bg109: was in another room...somebody said TWTR chatroom dump..wtf?
08:39:03 am InvestorsLiveSounds like it comes down to the user himself
08:39:51 am InvestorsLiveFB if next push fails will scale a bit but need confirm
08:40:18 am InvestorsLiveif not and just continues to fade likely take scratch and any puke out if given opp and add back if it stays heavy
08:42:10 am MMLifeMatt: BABA nice gap up, near 158
08:44:59 am spectre: BA gap
08:45:35 am bg109: TOO news last night , citi u/g yesterday
08:49:16 am JackTheDog: TREE holy crap
08:49:39 am InvestorsLivejust 1 print so far bid/ask lower but ... still a big gap no matter how you slice it
08:49:57 am bg109: dog like tree
08:50:54 am InvestorsLive???
08:51:07 am spectre: b FB on vwap bounce risk 50c
08:51:15 am spectre: just for scalp
08:53:25 am InvestorsLiveCramer on CNBC FB
08:53:46 am InvestorsLivecomon Cramer, you ain't helping me was just up real nice
08:54:09 am InvestorsLiveNot that nice, but .20-.30 better than -1.80
08:54:11 am JimTilton: yeah but not much of a push for his comments
08:55:19 am InvestorsLivecov a few .72
08:55:28 am InvestorsLivestill open
08:55:46 am InvestorsLivethen .17 then 175s is ideal
08:56:13 am InvestorsLivecov more
08:56:16 am InvestorsLivecov 1/5
08:56:21 am filipea: gm all
08:56:47 am InvestorsLivecov 2/5 patience on rest
08:56:55 am Alpe: BMY gap
09:00:20 am d4ytrad3Press Release: HTG Molecular Diagnostics Announces Second Companion Diagnostic Development Project with QIAGEN
09:00:48 am Manke: gm all
09:02:05 am d4ytrad3cramer talking TWTR up
09:02:47 am dough: stalking VRX everyday now...working on some resistance
09:05:03 am InvestorsLivecov more .20 FB
09:05:16 am InvestorsLive1/2 left
09:06:45 am InvestorsLiveTK nice gap
09:11:19 am cmorbutz: crude push
09:12:34 am InvestorsLiveSo focus for me ... keep in mind all my trades I am thinking 1 hr window ... until I get back and then I'll have other ideas but
09:12:45 am InvestorsLivePYPL / FB likely main traders for me
09:12:52 am InvestorsLiveAMD $15.20-.30s in my eyes are key levels
09:13:09 am 3Sigma: CRR great last 2 days, earnings today giving gap
09:13:14 am InvestorsLiveJD decent opps every day here key is patience wait for set up if wrong be wrong, wait for next
09:13:20 am InvestorsLiveyesterday I lost .10-.15 then faded $1 off it
09:13:30 am InvestorsLivekey is wait for entry, size if right etc
09:14:04 am InvestorsLivemay hold 1/3 FB into open undecided turned out pretty good
09:14:18 am InvestorsLiveDKS same play as last few days is ideal
09:14:26 am InvestorsLiveDVAX higher better then possible sink off radar
09:14:55 am dovsr181: TTPH pulling a bit - hoping for wash at or near 7 and for offering to get bought
09:15:33 am InvestorsLive1/3 left FB prepared for an add into any good ramp VWAP as a guide
09:16:17 am dovsr181: ALXN just sitting at VWAP hopefully it shows its hand in next few minutes
09:16:52 am dovsr181: last big gap up it opened weak and ramped FWIW
09:17:20 am dovsr181: but near mid 140's res on daily now
09:19:41 am dovsr181: IRBT no volume this a.m. off big day yesterday
09:21:48 am dovsr181: ALXN bunch of red prints absorbed so far
09:24:51 am dovsr181: ALXN pull\
09:25:02 am Most Mentioned Tickers, Pre: FB(81), TWTR(26), ALXN(22), DCIX(20), PYPL(16)


09:25:14 am Top tweeted pre-market: FB TWTR AZN PYPL AMZN BMY ALXN MRK CAPR BWLD
09:26:18 am InvestorsLivecov lil mo FB have 1/4 left will hold into open
09:26:30 am InvestorsLiveNice way to start
09:26:35 am fahdieno: MRK pull
09:27:00 am InvestorsLiveMRK also a watch for me ^ lately some of these big gaps on choppy charts get sold off nicely
09:29:12 am InvestorsLiveEGRX also watching for failed follow thru
09:30:39 am InvestorsLiveall cov FB
09:30:45 am InvestorsLivess PYPL starter
09:30:48 am CIKKIS: AMD over 15
09:31:05 am CIKKIS: fail^
09:31:14 am InvestorsLiveMRK lower
09:31:18 am InvestorsLiveDVAX fast drop
09:31:41 am InvestorsLivess soem JD
09:31:45 am InvestorsLiveusing yesterdays high as a guide
09:31:46 am InvestorsLiveNVDA slam
09:31:54 am dforrer: TOO & WLL for those with smaller accounts may have some potential
09:31:54 am Emilshort AMD
09:31:58 am Nycio310: TTPH strong open\
09:32:00 am d4ytrad3b FB
09:32:01 am Mud: out ALXN
09:32:24 am d4ytrad3add TWTR long
09:32:53 am InvestorsLivePYPL hell ya
09:32:55 am InvestorsLivepay youself along way
09:33:02 am InvestorsLiveNUGT slap
09:33:25 am Emilcovered 1/2 AMD
09:33:37 am Nycio310: CAPR slap
09:33:43 am InvestorsLiveJD nice
09:33:49 am fahdieno: ss BMY
09:34:09 am InvestorsLivecov 1/2 JD
09:34:10 am dovsr181: IRBT nice off weak open so far
09:34:16 am leovalve: TK at $10
09:34:49 am dovsr181: BWLD finally getting pounded lol
09:35:01 am fahdieno: GNC push
09:35:17 am fahdieno: covered half BMY
09:35:32 am Nycio310: TTPH pop
09:35:51 am scott916: NAKD spike
09:35:57 am fahdieno: shorted MRK
09:36:02 am cmorbutz: TWTR melt
09:36:06 am Ravius: TEAR 3+
09:36:16 am NavyDoc: TEAR movin
09:36:22 am InvestorsLiveJD near red
09:36:39 am InvestorsLiveall covered JD
09:36:47 am fahdieno: all covered BMY
09:37:01 am cmorbutz: FB pull
09:37:10 am Nycio310: TTPH squeeze
09:37:16 am trader530ALKS (negative) -receives Subpoena from the The Office of the U.S. Attorney for documents related to VIVITROL, page 21 - also Vivitrol #'s below consensus https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1520262/000152026217000039/alks-20170630x10q.htm (EVERCORE)
09:37:34 am fahdieno: MRK covered half
09:37:34 am Arsenal: BA 240
09:37:55 am InvestorsLiveAMD heavy
09:38:18 am dovsr181: IRBT thin but marching
09:38:20 am d4ytrad3add FB
09:38:24 am d4ytrad3add TWTR
09:38:25 am xssara1: ATW heavy
09:38:36 am Nycio310: NAKD pull
09:39:01 am InvestorsLiveFB snap back
09:39:05 am InvestorsLive$60 big level PYPL
09:39:13 am fahdieno: MRK covered some more
09:39:32 am Emilcovered more AMD 1/4 left
09:39:34 am d4ytrad3ss CYH
09:39:35 am InvestorsLiveDKS scan plan
09:39:41 am dough: BCO r/g action
09:39:57 am perdelta: SIRI steady
09:39:59 am ettothree: SNAP r/g
09:40:00 am Sendzito: SNAP r/g w/ force
09:40:04 am InvestorsLiveDKS im a dip buyer on trend
09:40:11 am InvestorsLiveNVDA staying heavy
09:40:53 am BJBTtrades: DRYS heading sub dollar
09:41:11 am InvestorsLiveDVAX another .50 fade
09:41:19 am MMLifeMatt: MBRX push
09:41:28 am InvestorsLiveJD fast buck
09:41:41 am cmorbutz: FL push
09:41:47 am fahdieno: BMY nlods
09:41:58 am elkwood66helllo DRYS
09:42:06 am CIKKIS: AMD small long
09:42:09 am Mud: short ALXN in 138's
09:42:15 am bg109: HTZ popping into resist..
09:42:59 am cmorbutz: SNAP ramp
09:43:43 am MMLifeMatt: CAT 114
09:44:08 am fahdieno: BMY more lows
09:44:09 am cmorbutz: b UAL starter
09:45:01 am InvestorsLivePYPL will look to add some if VWAP fails, around core but careful if no covers, killer nail
09:45:03 am InvestorsLiveJD steady unwind
09:45:05 am InvestorsLiveNUGT on red
09:45:13 am perdelta: b SIRI long
09:45:18 am daniio90: MBRX above yst highs
09:45:19 am InvestorsLivejoining NUGT
09:45:21 am cmorbutz: b TWTR
09:45:25 am InvestorsLiveDKS nHODs
09:45:37 am Impertrader: GNC nonstop
09:45:49 am JimTilton: B FB
09:45:50 am Mud: ALXN adding ss to this pop
09:45:52 am RyanHadley: CAPR perk
09:46:03 am InvestorsLiveNUGT slam
09:46:14 am patienceandtime: ss some BA here risk hod
09:46:20 am dovsr181: BWLD over VWAP
09:46:30 am dovsr181: IRBT just picking up where it left off
09:47:15 am dovsr181: BWLD just like last night when there was no secondary panic and shorts got stuck, helped now by SSR
09:47:15 am fahdieno: MRK vwap test
09:47:28 am InvestorsLiveDKS fresh highs
09:47:49 am InvestorsLivecov partial NUGT
09:47:50 am dovsr181: ALXN looking to recover some - VWAP test
09:48:06 am irontrader29: DCIX DRYS both under 1 again
09:48:27 am Manke: FB VWAP test
09:48:37 am Nycio310: TTPH ABCD
09:48:48 am fahdieno: short GNC
09:49:48 am InvestorsLivejoining NVDA ss
09:49:52 am MMLifeMatt: AMD 14.60 support test
09:49:54 am Alpe: AMD nice
09:49:57 am InvestorsLiveAMD geting worked
09:50:14 am irontrader29: GNCA covered from yesterday, vol died
09:50:36 am Emildone w AMD all covered
09:50:43 am CIKKIS: AMD waiting for confirmation on trend
09:50:45 am cmorbutz: SNAP non stop
09:50:50 am MrDayTrader: Short BMY...VWAP test
09:51:02 am InvestorsLiveSNAP nice rally
09:51:09 am InvestorsLivetook NVDA off
09:51:18 am InvestorsLivelimited time before i have to leave
09:51:20 am InvestorsLiveNUGT LODs
09:51:23 am InvestorsLivePYPL nice fail
09:51:23 am fahdieno: ss PYPL
09:51:50 am @adamfeuerstein - Is there a reporter more on top of Moderna than @damiangarde? Hell, no! His take on $ALXN cutting ties —> https://t.co/iTW9HHKpmi
09:52:13 am dovsr181: ALXN if this squeezes and recovers VWAP could be an all day runner
09:52:13 am jamespip: GNC slammed
09:52:19 am cmorbutz: UAL sell 1/3
09:52:36 am Ret34: ALKS continuation
09:52:36 am InvestorsLivePYPL !
09:52:44 am fahdieno: GNC !
09:52:49 am fahdieno: coverd half
09:52:55 am InvestorsLiveNVDA doh, nice
09:53:00 am InvestorsLivecovered some PYPL in .8x's
09:53:36 am twiz5000: Scooped some CAPR here, VWAP seems to be holding..
09:54:08 am InvestorsLiveNUGT
09:54:43 am InvestorsLiveall cov NUGT
09:54:47 am InvestorsLiveJD unreal trader right there both ways
09:54:48 am InvestorsLiveAAPL LODs
09:54:55 am InvestorsLivePYPL have 1/3 left
09:54:59 am cmorbutz: MU steady
09:55:02 am ettothree: HLF under yesterdays low should speed things up
09:55:20 am twiz5000: CAPR - avg. .46 risk off .4, want to see push through 1.55 soon or taking scalp
09:56:02 am cmorbutz: s more UAL
09:56:18 am Mas: ss WBA
09:56:38 am InvestorsLivedone PYPL
09:56:49 am InvestorsLiveCramer about to yap about it
09:57:00 am InvestorsLivebut reason is cuz ... sick action .. and I need to leave and I'll be back 1130AM +
09:57:12 am InvestorsLivestill ahve 10-15 min but cashed up except DKS took some of that off
09:57:52 am Alpe: SS AMD .76
09:57:57 am dovsr181: IRBT starting to look heavy - sub VWAP confirm
09:58:06 am InvestorsLiveOAS steady
09:58:09 am fahdieno: cov the rest of GNC
09:58:40 am Nycio310: CAPR with volume
09:58:42 am InvestorsLiveIDXG that didn't take long
09:58:51 am jmeds82: CAPR nice twiz
09:58:52 am CIKKIS: NVDA lows
09:58:58 am InvestorsLiveCAPR nice squeezer
09:59:16 am cmorbutz: 1/3 UAL
09:59:22 am InvestorsLiveCBAY ... squeezer
09:59:35 am dovsr181: NVDA nice
09:59:58 am InvestorsLiveNVDA PYPL prob pretty big plays today
10:00:01 am Most Mentioned Tickers, 1st 30m: AMD(60), PYPL(55), NUGT(40), JD(40), NVDA(40)


10:00:04 am Top tweeted, first 30m: FB TWTR CAPR AMZN NAKD GNC SNAP AZN VZ AXTI
10:00:09 am fahdieno: covered some PYPL
10:00:20 am dovsr181: IRBT pull
10:00:21 am xssara1: PYPL payday
10:00:40 am JackTheDog: ETrade charts screwing up?
10:00:46 am d4ytrad3b NTRI
10:01:17 am leovalve: JD!
10:01:17 am dovsr181: FB teasing
10:01:17 am cmorbutz: done UAL majority
10:01:27 am JimTilton: will add FB long on VWAP break
10:01:30 am d4ytrad3CYH lows
10:01:42 am Knowgood: HOG steady pull
10:02:01 am InvestorsLiveFB retaking trend a bit
10:02:07 am Savino: Same JIm FB coming close
10:02:11 am InvestorsLiveat least attempting *
10:03:05 am Nycio310: TTPH another squeeze
10:03:33 am CIKKIS: add AMD long
10:04:37 am irontrader29: DRYS perk
10:05:10 am InvestorsLiveBA a good eye here watch pops for failed follow thru scale if VWAP confirms
10:05:15 am InvestorsLivebut do not underestimate if it does reclaim trend
10:05:37 am JTB: BBBY steady hod
10:05:54 am dovsr181: NVDA maybe this is "the day"
10:06:09 am cmorbutz: FDX pull
10:06:34 am CIKKIS: took off adds will wait
10:06:38 am Alpe: AMD sweet
10:06:47 am fahdieno: covered some more PYPL
10:07:52 am MMLifeMatt: BMY push
10:08:25 am fahdieno: MRK looking heavy
10:08:32 am Alpe: Cover 1/2 AMD
10:08:34 am cmorbutz: UAL all done
10:08:41 am dough: CAT perk
10:08:47 am xssara1: PYPL steady fade
10:09:05 am d4ytrad3DCIX oyy
10:09:08 am cmorbutz: FDX dump
10:09:10 am d4ytrad3this time it is different? lol
10:09:16 am d4ytrad3DRYS ranodom ripper too
10:09:26 am klaw: AEZS r/g try
10:10:53 am fahdieno: all covered on PYPL
10:10:56 am dovsr181: NVDA finally those buying algos seem to have been turned off lol
10:11:02 am fahdieno: MRK not giving up covered the remaing here
10:11:27 am Buddha: MOMO lost mojo
10:12:30 am xssara1: PYPL g/r
10:12:52 am dovsr181: FB speeding up
10:13:00 am JimTilton: FB reminds me of NFLX
10:13:26 am kazan: SMGS going down
10:13:32 am kazan: SGMS
10:13:56 am jmeds82: MBRX steady
10:13:56 am Alpe: All out AMD
10:14:07 am Sendzito: SNAP yank
10:14:10 am dovsr181: very similar start to the day Jim...similar daily as well
10:15:10 am CIKKIS: add AMD
10:15:54 am Shameless: Nat Gas Report 10:30 fwiw
10:16:00 am d4ytrad3AEZS pop
10:16:07 am dovsr181: BWLD still squeezing
10:16:29 am kevvela: in PYPL
10:18:01 am d4ytrad3took few VSI long adds here
10:18:26 am @MoxReports - Long $DDS. I have new information on Dillard's which I will be presenting in 2 upcoming interviews. FYI.
10:21:05 am fahdieno: re short GNC
10:21:08 am fahdieno: stop on HOD
10:21:22 am d4ytrad3DCIX back down for the count
10:21:39 am AT09: ^Chatroom pump along w/ DRYS same room
10:22:08 am Abderrazak: SIRI gearing
10:22:25 am kevvela: adding more PYPL here
10:23:02 am cmorbutz: s some FL
10:23:03 am dforrer: WLL abcd like
10:23:17 am cmorbutz: ^1/3 ideally 47 to sell rest
10:23:38 am cmorbutz: CBI nhods
10:24:07 am Manke: man
10:24:10 am d4ytrad3took off some TWTR FB
10:24:20 am cmorbutz: SNAP snapback
10:24:22 am Manke: sorry wrong window.
10:24:57 am elkwood66SNAP im eyeing 14s
10:25:06 am fahdieno: MRK re shorted
10:25:08 am elkwood66rather mmiss than start here
10:25:10 am filipea: AMED below VWAP
10:26:05 am cmorbutz: s some CBI swing
10:26:53 am d4ytrad3ss NUGT
10:28:06 am filipea: AMED 1min gap down
10:29:44 am perdelta: CERS ramp, not much volume yet
10:29:45 am Sendzito: AAOI sub vwap, and sub 100
10:30:06 am val6193: AKS nice bounce off morning downgrade
10:31:29 am bg109: HTZ nhod
10:31:32 am leovalve: JD hod
10:32:48 am cmorbutz: CBI
10:32:58 am cmorbutz: selling more CBI @ .5 hold 1/3
10:34:19 am ChiliTrader: FFIV approaching vwap
10:34:22 am filipea: AMED nice from scan so far
10:34:28 am ChiliTrader: ss some FFIV vwap risk
10:35:13 am Ret34: ALKS steady bleeder
10:35:30 am cmorbutz: UAL steady nice off the morning wash
10:36:01 am filipea: UAL nice
10:36:01 am d4ytrad3add NUGT ss
10:37:03 am patienceandtime: BA pulling some
10:37:29 am jmeds82: FMSA nice trend
10:37:37 am cmorbutz: sold chunk of CBI as planned
10:37:50 am Ret34: s/s feeler on FB .. Seeing if it will double stuff this point
10:38:27 am cmorbutz: FL im out majority
10:38:30 am ChiliTrader: FFIV nice fade off vwap so far
10:39:58 am ettothree: COST nice move off double bottom
10:42:52 am OddStockTraderTOPS nhod
10:43:30 am Ret34: FB key point here
10:47:26 am cmorbutz: b AMD
10:47:32 am ettothree: SNAP next leg
10:49:15 am elkwood66SNAP beauty
10:49:34 am cmorbutz: LLY started long swing
10:49:56 am elkwood66would love a squeeze straight into Friday close SNAP
10:51:46 am cmorbutz: HTZ s 1/2
10:53:02 am Impertrader: GNC about to test highs
10:57:12 am cmorbutz: s 1/2 AMD for scratch
10:57:16 am d4ytrad3cov NUGT
10:57:34 am dforrer: SIRI nearing 52 week high
10:59:59 am hr_tetra: CLF long 7.24, looking for it to gear up. Risk 7.2ish
11:00:05 am Top tweeted, previous hour: FB AMZN DRYS SNAP BA TWTR CAPR PYPL BMY AZN
11:00:52 am teodora: BABA over 160
11:01:03 am MMLifeMatt: FFIV pull
11:02:06 am Ret34: CERS ripping today, probably get a better trade tomorrow
11:02:50 am d4ytrad3s NTRI
11:03:17 am Steve210: FMSA 3s
11:04:49 am filipea: CAT maybe found a top
11:05:28 am kazan: XCO nhod
11:05:39 am jmeds82: TTPH nice grinder
11:07:19 am cmorbutz: out AMD
11:08:30 am cmorbutz: done FL
11:10:01 am teodora: AAOI on steroids
11:11:53 am filipea: CAT VWAP
11:13:32 am Ret34: added FB on that pop
11:14:03 am MMLifeMatt: GNC nHOD
11:14:35 am d4ytrad3add more VSI
11:14:53 am d4ytrad3wow didnt notice AAOI went triples today
11:17:14 am BKoehn89: ARWR action
11:19:11 am kevvela: higher lows on PYPL so far
11:19:38 am trader530small stock SRAX perking here w volume
11:23:24 am Ret34: Finally FB on that move
11:24:38 am JT: JKS ramping
11:25:38 am ChiliTrader: cut FFIV starter
11:25:47 am CIKKIS: took loss AMD
11:26:11 am Ret34: will add FB on pops
11:27:27 am kevvela: SNNA on hod
11:27:50 am Mud: alxn nLOD
11:29:17 am klaw: TTPH some squeeze
11:30:55 am BKoehn89: ARWR large bidder on 1.81
11:31:08 am elkwood66IRBT may breakdown , several test here
11:31:15 am elkwood66im ss
11:31:24 am elkwood66from higher sorry
11:32:45 am filipea: CAT below VWAP
11:33:23 am Mud: cover 1/3 ALXN
11:35:38 am d4ytrad3CA dump
11:35:51 am trader530Merger Talks Between BMC and CA End -- Sources
11:36:44 am trader530HOG in talks w TSLA
11:36:50 am Arsenal: BA news?
11:36:56 am Ret34: Added small FB
11:40:37 am JimTilton: AMD within .30 cents, of where they were before they reported
11:43:40 am patienceandtime: Scooped up some NVDA long on this, ++ Reuters Tech News‏Verified account @ReutersTech 3m3 minutes ago JUST IN: House panel votes 54-0 to approve legislation to speed deployment of self-driving cars
11:46:19 am twiz5000: ss IRBT little under 106, 106.3 risk
11:47:15 am Buddha: HTZ so good
11:48:34 am n2growth: Amazing ss call on NTRI near 62 d4
11:50:14 am kevvela: in AMD
11:50:20 am twiz5000: correction IRBT 106.7 risk
11:50:51 am learnToTrade: long AMD LOW risk
11:50:58 am learnToTrade: LOD risk
11:51:39 am MMLifeMatt: gr
11:51:43 am MMLifeMatt: GRA push
11:52:57 am InvestorsLiveback
11:53:00 am InvestorsLivePYPL ramp on VWAP
11:54:21 am Ret34: covered half on FB (just due to my size)
11:54:36 am InvestorsLivelike NVDA lean .. thinking this NFLX and FB may bleed much further thru day
11:55:19 am InvestorsLiveFMSA back on 3
11:55:57 am InvestorsLiveleaning FB pops 174 guide and same on NVDA 166.50s VWAP guide
11:57:28 am d4ytrad3DDS has an $80s feel to it
11:57:50 am learnToTrade: sold AMD retry later
11:58:11 am kevvela: same lol
11:58:16 am BKoehn89: ARWR bidder disappeared
11:58:23 am MMLifeMatt: SERV at 41.50 important yesterday support
12:00:02 pm InvestorsLivestarted some AMZN ss 1082.31
12:00:04 pm Top tweeted, previous hour: AMZN FB CA HOG FFIV TSLA TWTR GNC BABA PYPL
12:01:31 pm Buddha: long TWTR risk LODs
12:02:33 pm InvestorsLivere started ss PYPL
12:03:11 pm JimTilton: fwiw: Pete Naj stated last night he will sell FB today. On soon
12:03:24 pm InvestorsLivenice FB -- re: all of these NFLX NVDA FB types entry and patience is key trade around core but like all pops ... and any downside that speeds up ... like covers etc
12:04:03 pm peterz117: IPWR nice trend, possible ABCD
12:04:05 pm MMLifeMatt: MRK push above consolidation area
12:04:07 pm kevvela: SNNA through hod
12:04:56 pm kevvela: JD on VWAP
12:05:06 pm d4ytrad3FB this smells like break later
12:06:00 pm InvestorsLiveAMED form scan - worth an eye for green to red and more unwind
12:06:13 pm InvestorsLivelocked some FB
12:06:29 pm InvestorsLivecov rest for now
12:08:03 pm elkwood66IRBT took it off
12:10:06 pm Ret34: covered 1/4 of FB, still quarter left
12:10:32 pm AZM: what do you mean by a break later today. to the upside or a break to the downside?
12:10:40 pm Ret34: PYPL stuffy up there
12:11:51 pm Emilguy if u have questions use PM please
12:12:40 pm InvestorsLiveNVDA NFLX
12:13:50 pm Ret34: out FB
12:14:43 pm InvestorsLiveadding more AMED
12:14:44 pm Ret34: added PYPL
12:14:50 pm InvestorsLive165 test NVDA
12:14:59 pm InvestorsLiveno interest in scaling PYPL unless 5950s over/under here
12:15:33 pm twiz5000: IRBT - new LOD
12:15:59 pm Ret34: wow FB
12:16:02 pm JimTilton: FB lod
12:17:02 pm InvestorsLivecov some NVDA
12:17:58 pm InvestorsLiveleaning on JD small
12:18:35 pm MMLifeMatt: PCRX failing on VWAP, looking to short it when it pulls below 40.40
12:19:13 pm daniio90: MBRX tank
12:19:21 pm elkwood66crap IRBT breakdown
12:19:32 pm d4ytrad3FB yiiikes
12:19:37 pm d4ytrad3imagine this goes red
12:20:16 pm Arsenal: AMZN great nail Nate
12:21:00 pm patienceandtime: BABA coming in now
12:21:04 pm d4ytrad3NUGT sweeet lets go
12:21:18 pm InvestorsLiveAMED LODs
12:21:28 pm filipea: AMED nice
12:22:35 pm Crisgo: CBI some push with vol
12:22:50 pm InvestorsLiveAMED there is a fast buck
12:23:36 pm InvestorsLivetook a few cents on PYPL have tiny lef ton and will add if .50s give way
12:25:08 pm InvestorsLivecleared all shorts except AMZN (small PYPL) AMED JD
12:25:13 pm JimTilton: AMED short will be talked about shortly CNBC
12:25:14 pm InvestorsLiveAMZN on VWAP test
12:25:18 pm InvestorsLiveNFLX $185s fast buck there
12:26:12 pm MMLifeMatt: BABA pull below VWAP
12:26:22 pm ettothree: X may push if SPY breaks out, steel holding up
12:26:27 pm Manke: HTZ nHODS
12:26:28 pm dough: X VWAP test
12:26:45 pm JimTilton: Correction: I was just informed it may be ANET
12:26:56 pm Terryhiles01: GNC on hod
12:27:28 pm InvestorsLiveThere we go nice PYPL adding
12:28:34 pm InvestorsLiveAMZN ... $12-13 fade so far
12:28:35 pm d4ytrad3b small AMZN
12:28:36 pm InvestorsLivebe smart along way
12:29:01 pm InvestorsLiveI think across board like I was saying earlier ... NVDA AMD FB NFLX etc all the big earnings are out
12:29:07 pm InvestorsLiveI wouldn't underestimate how far these can fade
12:29:17 pm InvestorsLiverather be late than $5-10 too early
12:29:22 pm InvestorsLivePYPL nice nail
12:29:28 pm Ret34: 1/3rd cover PYPL
12:29:54 pm cmorbutz: XLE steady
12:30:12 pm Ret34: JD wow
12:30:22 pm InvestorsLivecov 1/2 JD cov 1/2 PYPL
12:31:14 pm twiz5000: IRBT - covered hald into $1.50 pull
12:31:23 pm twiz5000: *half
12:31:35 pm InvestorsLivecov 1/2 AMED
12:31:59 pm d4ytrad3FANG stocks all of a sudden hit HARD
12:32:03 pm JimTilton: AMZN giving up gains as well
12:32:05 pm d4ytrad3naz getting ripped
12:32:27 pm d4ytrad3AAOI prolly worth a short
12:32:45 pm twiz5000: SGMS - further break down, short but didn't alert, should see more here
12:33:01 pm teodora: SPY big candles up and down, news?
12:33:26 pm leovalve: JD nearing LOD intraday
12:33:51 pm InvestorsLiveMeanwhile ... DKS HODs re-test
12:34:47 pm InvestorsLivecov JD / cov PYPL
12:34:51 pm InvestorsLiveNVDA likely just beginning
12:34:56 pm Ret34: all out PYPL
12:35:03 pm InvestorsLiveGoing to repeat myself again - if a nyone trying to find bottoms in this market
12:35:05 pm InvestorsLiveBE CAUTIOUS
12:35:14 pm InvestorsLivedon't be that guy plenty of time to find a base
12:35:24 pm InvestorsLiveread comments from earlier - do not underestimate this
12:36:32 pm twiz5000: done IRBT straight down will may revisit on a bounce
12:37:05 pm learnToTrade: JD more pull
12:37:14 pm PLelek: ss GNC added more on this pop
12:37:16 pm d4ytrad3UVXY RIP
12:38:35 pm InvestorsLivere scaling PYPl
12:38:40 pm InvestorsLivePYPL
12:39:39 pm twiz5000: SGMS - LOD
12:39:48 pm InvestorsLiveNVDA bingo
12:39:50 pm jmeds82: ss RCII risk hod
12:40:51 pm Crisgo: AMZN wow
12:41:12 pm dough: X washout
12:41:36 pm d4ytrad3ADP ACKMAN stake
12:42:28 pm learnToTrade: SPY sharp pull
12:42:39 pm scott916: PAYX going on that ADP news ^ too
12:42:43 pm patienceandtime: BA coming in with it
12:43:30 pm InvestorsLivere cover PYPL NVDA AMED
12:44:19 pm d4ytrad3exit/ ss ADP
12:44:22 pm d4ytrad3that was a FAST 4 pts
12:44:57 pm MMLifeMatt: TWTR teting LOD
12:45:01 pm MMLifeMatt: testing
12:47:05 pm NavyDoc: OCN on 3.14
12:51:03 pm InvestorsLiveAMED preparation pays -- scan
12:53:24 pm d4ytrad3really dont like ADP
12:53:33 pm d4ytrad3mkts filing bounces here
12:53:43 pm d4ytrad3sold most GNC until mkt settles
12:54:20 pm Amp: TROX LOD test
12:54:46 pm Amp: GNCA as well
12:55:01 pm InvestorsLivePYPL leaning again slowly, small
12:55:58 pm d4ytrad3ss FB
12:56:14 pm InvestorsLivePYPL u should see as same set up as AMED
12:56:22 pm InvestorsLiveAMED was picture perfect I will do on video later on
12:57:12 pm filipea: AMED Great
12:58:04 pm learnToTrade: JD moew pull
12:58:10 pm InvestorsLiveJD fading off sub 45s
12:58:10 pm learnToTrade: more pull
12:58:23 pm twiz5000: SGMS - nice unwind so far, took a 3rd .40 big support level locking some in, holding rest if .40 breaks expect to see a healthy pull
12:58:25 pm MMLifeMatt: CMCSA pull below consolidation
12:58:33 pm InvestorsLiveAMZN if it splashes red prob fast $15-20 bucks
12:58:39 pm InvestorsLiveAAPL ut oh
12:58:41 pm d4ytrad3Ficthorne short ANET
12:58:41 pm InvestorsLiveGET READY
12:58:44 pm KG87: AMD nlod
12:58:52 pm DGTrading101: Watch pharmas too IBB joining the shitshow of selling
12:59:03 pm InvestorsLiveand again guys focus on ENTRIES do NOT CHASE down
12:59:11 pm InvestorsLivecover along way, just like that PYPL trade etc
12:59:19 pm InvestorsLiveSQ catching yup
12:59:21 pm InvestorsLiveyp *
12:59:22 pm InvestorsLiveup *
12:59:35 pm InvestorsLivecov some PYPL
01:00:00 pm trader530CX downgraded to uw at JPM
01:00:05 pm Top tweeted, previous hour: FB AMZN AMD ADP TSLA NVDA GNC TWTR NFLX SIRI
01:00:16 pm d4ytrad3cov few ADP
01:00:20 pm InvestorsLiveShould have your go to names in this market we've been building a list for months
01:01:05 pm d4ytrad3NUGT catching bid off this
01:01:07 pm @MoxReports - $DDS is up 4 pts on just 600k volume. as of latest data, there are still 8m shares short that need to cover. as they say in China Ka-Ching!
01:01:52 pm Ret34: TSCO nHOD
01:01:56 pm InvestorsLiveSQ lower
01:02:50 pm dough: CAT holding it together
01:03:44 pm InvestorsLivePYPL staying heavy
01:04:13 pm InvestorsLiveForgot but now watching W as well
01:04:19 pm jmeds82: RCII heavy
01:04:28 pm cmorbutz: FB double bottom so far
01:05:31 pm InvestorsLivePYPL relative weakness
01:06:50 pm InvestorsLiveNUGT ramp
01:07:04 pm InvestorsLiveRIG nice trend forming
01:07:11 pm d4ytrad3NUGT rip
01:07:16 pm d4ytrad3taking ss here
01:07:24 pm InvestorsLiveLRCX getting smacked
01:07:32 pm d4ytrad3that seems like a silly rip NUGT
01:08:02 pm InvestorsLiveleaning V any/all pops .60s guide
01:08:37 pm elkwood66NUGT rip was opposite Spot and GLD , so odd
01:09:19 pm d4ytrad3guy late to the party thinking hes putting on a hedge
01:09:21 pm elkwood66and dollar very strong
01:09:23 pm scott916: ABIO plunge last couple candles
01:10:24 pm elkwood66GDX rip there also , miners may be diverging
01:10:56 pm InvestorsLiveIBM there it goes
01:12:14 pm InvestorsLiveSQ faster, joining party
01:12:21 pm spectre: ADP back over 117
01:13:12 pm AT09: DRYS red after all the people who missed the first para got FOMO and started chasing
01:13:29 pm InvestorsLiveThis time could be different Alex ^
01:13:30 pm InvestorsLive😉
01:13:40 pm elkwood66classic DRYS
01:13:41 pm AT09: They'll never learn lol
01:13:44 pm MMLifeMatt: ADP nHOD
01:14:25 pm scott916: ABIO careful - data expected here sometime soon
01:14:27 pm d4ytrad3wow AMZN!
01:14:29 pm InvestorsLiveLOW on radar for later once we see some failed follow thru momentum big move in this market
01:14:43 pm d4ytrad3we may have a selloff on our hands, what a random move
01:14:58 pm InvestorsLiveSQ nice
01:16:10 pm dough: long VRX 1722
01:16:32 pm InvestorsLiveCSX another big ranger
01:16:35 pm InvestorsLiveTSCO on HODs squeezeing out
01:16:37 pm cmorbutz: V nice
01:17:32 pm MMLifeMatt: DST nLODs
01:17:49 pm d4ytrad3AAOI massive
01:17:53 pm InvestorsLiveGoal is to put the best charts and best setups in front of you on days like today, you know what I'm focused on ... $1082 avg but ... all of these are the biggest charts that should be of focus from earlier ... I'm very active today AMD NVDA PYPL FB NFLX JD SQ V circling around them on pops and just going from one to next happy to be on right side and said what I said when I did, unreal.
01:18:25 pm BLR3000:
01:18:55 pm InvestorsLiveleaning on CRM pops if failed follow thru 90.50-60s guide
01:19:36 pm InvestorsLiveLOW straight sell
01:19:46 pm BLR3000: TSLA - more lows
01:20:51 pm d4ytrad3best guess still ^^ above
01:21:15 pm acinthe808: VRTX falling into gap
01:22:52 pm Impertrader: SPY closed that gap from 2 days ago, maybe get a reversal here
01:22:55 pm InvestorsLiveV on 99 test
01:24:18 pm learnToTrade: NVDA 160 !!
01:24:36 pm InvestorsLiveNVDA $160s .. still not that big of range for it on a day like today
01:24:49 pm InvestorsLiveSQ hell ya guys, this is slamming fast covered some
01:24:51 pm AZM: FB broke 170
01:24:56 pm cmorbutz: FB lows
01:24:56 pm Crisgo: V pulling
01:25:15 pm InvestorsLiveCRM huge crack
01:25:19 pm d4ytrad3UVXY HUGE pop
01:25:20 pm dough: nope cut that VRX try -10c
01:25:22 pm leovalve: UVXY!
01:25:24 pm d4ytrad3.70 "tick"
01:25:28 pm xssara1: NVDA nasty
01:25:59 pm d4ytrad3UVXY BERSERK mode
01:26:05 pm InvestorsLivecov some CRM 1/3 and 1/2 SQ
01:26:20 pm d4ytrad3NUGT slam
01:26:30 pm elkwood66Miners unwinding
01:26:47 pm spectre: AAOI doh
01:27:09 pm filipea: V nice
01:27:16 pm xssara1: thanks Eric.. ss X
01:27:28 pm InvestorsLivecovered 1/2 AMZN +$40/share
01:27:38 pm AT09: lol unreal. Nice one
01:27:43 pm MMLifeMatt: CONGRATS!
01:28:06 pm NavyDoc: whoa
01:28:11 pm leovalve: UVXY Just ridiculous
01:28:17 pm InvestorsLivecovered more
01:28:20 pm InvestorsLive1/4 left
01:28:25 pm d4ytrad3b SVXY
01:28:52 pm InvestorsLiveCovered everything
01:28:55 pm InvestorsLiveSQ CRM AMZN
01:29:09 pm daniio90: MU testing 29.60s
01:31:35 pm Mud: was early on TSLA
01:34:00 pm InvestorsLiveI need to breath, I'll brb.
01:36:09 pm MMLifeMatt: GNC perk
01:36:39 pm xssara1: added X ss
01:36:56 pm learnToTrade: JD LOD test
01:37:39 pm AZM: FB 167s
01:37:44 pm Ret34: FB... still dying
01:40:21 pm d4ytrad3so when i said FB for red earlier...
01:40:34 pm InvestorsLiveNVDA finally catching up potential $15 + range here
01:40:39 pm InvestorsLiveJD on $44
01:41:36 pm Mud: TSLA still dippin
01:41:41 pm InvestorsLiveESPR steady from scan
01:42:55 pm xssara1: covered 1/3 X
01:43:18 pm d4ytrad3add ss UVXY
01:43:20 pm d4ytrad3sizing a bit
01:43:40 pm xssara1: covered all X
01:44:11 pm cmorbutz: SVXY killer, nice alert D4
01:44:36 pm d4ytrad3adding AMZN
01:44:40 pm d4ytrad3HUGE bounce
01:44:44 pm d4ytrad3watch UVXY puke to 30.60 fast
01:45:14 pm d4ytrad3cov 1/3 UVXY 31.20
01:45:58 pm InvestorsLiveNasty rebounds
01:46:33 pm Ret34: across the board
01:47:13 pm d4ytrad31/2 out uvxy
01:48:28 pm InvestorsLiveGreat work D4
01:49:09 pm d4ytrad3ss small AAOI 99s
01:49:25 pm 3Sigma: CYRX nlod
01:50:01 pm trader530SEDG upgraded to BUY, price tgt to $26 at Roth Capital
01:51:44 pm Impertrader: not even this market can keep DRYS down!
01:51:46 pm d4ytrad3all ouit UVXY / SVXY trade
01:51:54 pm 3Sigma: TK vwap reclaim
01:51:56 pm d4ytrad3add AAOi ss
01:51:57 pm d4ytrad3b UVXY
01:57:13 pm InvestorsLiveABBV another big one catching some fades
01:57:45 pm d4ytrad3ADP Slam
01:58:50 pm InvestorsLiveleaning ABBV
01:59:42 pm d4ytrad3add UVXY lkong
01:59:54 pm elkwood66gold rip
01:59:55 pm d4ytrad3NUGT / spot rip
02:00:04 pm Top tweeted, previous hour: AMZN AAPL FB TSLA VIX AMD ADP GOOGL NVDA TWTR
02:00:14 pm elkwood66gold wash lol.
02:01:50 pm elkwood66super sketchy out there
02:02:52 pm InvestorsLivegot about 1/4 so far ABBV starter
02:03:00 pm ettothree: XCO pull
02:03:09 pm InvestorsLive71.50s over/under if it starts to base I'll likely leave trade if it starts to peak 71s and what not I'll lean on it more
02:03:42 pm jmeds82: long LABD 6.4 risk to 6.25
02:06:33 pm d4ytrad3s UVXY
02:07:11 pm InvestorsLiveAs with the comments early do not underestimate rebounds either
02:07:49 pm jcherniack: CMG holding up quite well
02:07:52 pm jcherniack: in this tape
02:08:06 pm d4ytrad3done AAOI
02:08:46 pm InvestorsLiveZN LODs
02:08:50 pm d4ytrad3ss UVXY
02:09:40 pm d4ytrad3last add AMZN
02:11:41 pm DGTrading101: SPY lifting DRYS apparently, back to .20s
02:11:50 pm MMLifeMatt: lol
02:12:30 pm spectre: b GNC risk lod
02:12:44 pm d4ytrad3cov UVXY
02:12:52 pm d4ytrad3NUGT add little ss
02:14:11 pm leovalve: TWTR nearing VWAP
02:15:30 pm 3Sigma: AXTI vwap reclaim
02:15:38 pm Ret34: s/s JD feeler
02:16:25 pm d4ytrad3out half AMZN
02:17:19 pm Amp: SGMS quite the reversal
02:19:46 pm 3Sigma: TOO breakdown
02:20:39 pm trader530DFS downgraded to neutral form buy at bofa
02:21:58 pm InvestorsLiveLAZ lil unwind
02:22:17 pm InvestorsLiveNTRI has yet to really speed up we will need to watch that for EOD unwind
02:24:12 pm spectre: DFS nlod
02:24:13 pm jcherniack: 13$ range on NTRI
02:27:31 pm Ret34: cover 1/3rd JD
02:27:37 pm elkwood66SNAP amazing rebound
02:28:06 pm 3Sigma: PIR just below hod
02:28:14 pm d4ytrad3ADP snappy tehre
02:28:32 pm d4ytrad3TWTR i think a shot here
02:28:50 pm 3Sigma: HLX trending nicely
02:29:42 pm ettothree: CMG hod
02:30:49 pm MMLifeMatt: HOG nice uptrend
02:33:42 pm 3Sigma: AXTI perk off vwap
02:35:35 pm Ret34: covered JD
02:35:51 pm InvestorsLivecov'd ABBV
02:36:55 pm InvestorsLiveAMZN failed follow thru
02:37:10 pm InvestorsLiveNTRI finally a bit faster
02:42:42 pm d4ytrad3add TWTR ss
02:42:50 pm d4ytrad3you would think on a day like today RH would get KILLED
02:42:51 pm d4ytrad3but no
02:43:30 pm @adamfeuerstein - Me: What we know (and don't) about cancer immunotherapy in wake of failed $AZN trial —> https://t.co/QuqIVXPWRZ w/ @bradloncar @PDRennert
02:43:50 pm InvestorsLiveDCIX turd inching
02:44:30 pm InvestorsLiveThere's ABBV - market helping
02:45:58 pm InvestorsLiveCELG worthy eye if $133.50s stay heavy and if market takes another dive
02:47:43 pm d4ytrad3cov few TWTR here
02:50:30 pm Ret34: X key area
02:52:07 pm trader530AAAP upgraded to Market Outperform and $69 price tgt at JMP Securities
02:52:09 pm InvestorsLivestarted feeler CELG if $133.50s start to peak will scale risk towards this level if not, only a feeler for now
02:52:14 pm InvestorsLivess of course
02:52:28 pm InvestorsLiveKORS a bid in this tape, on HODs, watch dips if $35.80s hold can inch thru day
02:52:36 pm InvestorsLiveNTRI faster buck there
02:53:17 pm d4ytrad3BTIG defending TWTR
02:53:42 pm Ret34: X nice
02:54:44 pm MMLifeMatt: GNC perk
02:55:00 pm InvestorsLiveRetailers all w/ decent moves today
02:56:20 pm d4ytrad3JWN ripping
02:56:30 pm InvestorsLivestarted a few KORS - risk same as mentioned
02:57:07 pm JTB: BBBY DKS steady
02:58:17 pm d4ytrad3b few JWN
02:58:46 pm scott916: JWN fwiw   Today's In Play JWN fwiw - Nordstrom shares moving higher in recent trade following company might offer preferred equity to attract buyout partners
02:59:19 pm InvestorsLiveABBV back at it sliding
02:59:21 pm InvestorsLiveKSS faster
03:00:05 pm Top tweeted, previous hour: AMZN AAPL ADP WCN UVXY AMD FB FSV AAOI TER
03:00:32 pm Buddha: AAOI relatively weak
03:01:57 pm d4ytrad3yep AAOi def woke few sellers
03:03:59 pm 3Sigma: PIR nhod
03:05:16 pm 3Sigma: DRYS vwap test
03:06:11 pm 3Sigma: ARWR perking to vwap
03:07:06 pm InvestorsLiveAMZN still getting clobbered
03:08:37 pm 3Sigma: SFS trying to r/g off retail move, earnings yesterday
03:08:42 pm d4ytrad3b UVXY
03:09:13 pm @MoxReports - $DDS $JWN Nordstrom (JWN) Announces Exploration of Going Private Transaction by Nordstrom Family https://t.co/PzXbDrC5jM
03:09:33 pm InvestorsLiveAMZN LODs re-test near
03:09:50 pm InvestorsLiveCELG if it stays heavy a few times will scale into winner
03:10:03 pm jcherniack: nice rebound off the lows IRBT
03:10:32 pm jcherniack: TRVG oldie holding up quite well still have from swing
03:13:35 pm InvestorsLiveAMZN LODs
03:13:37 pm InvestorsLiveAMD crack a bit
03:17:06 pm 3Sigma: AXTI back down to vwap
03:18:05 pm InvestorsLiveReminder AMZN is AHs and won't be anything like the rest of the ones recently, even 10-50 shares can make or break you ... be cautious after hours best to avoid imo -- 50-150 points potential
03:18:10 pm InvestorsLivee/r that is
03:18:38 pm InvestorsLiveI know there have been some great trades after hours past few days -- but just word of cautious ... this one is a little different
03:18:42 pm InvestorsLiveNTRI still - nice LODs
03:19:19 pm 3Sigma: TK on possible crack watch
03:19:24 pm scott916: ZN more lows
03:20:24 pm InvestorsLiveEW steady slider today
03:22:21 pm trader530msco defedning IVZ here
03:23:17 pm learnToTrade: PYPL VWAP break
03:27:44 pm 3Sigma: TOO nlod
03:27:45 pm jcherniack: KORS nice hods
03:27:49 pm jcherniack: o/n for me
03:27:54 pm jcherniack: like the dsily
03:28:26 pm 3Sigma: HLX nhod
03:29:12 pm elkwood66SNAP dont get in front of this to early
03:29:14 pm Sendzito: SNAP hodon volume
03:29:57 pm trader530FCFS downgraded at cl king
03:32:07 pm InvestorsLiveEW LODs
03:34:47 pm InvestorsLiveKORS locked 1/2
03:34:54 pm InvestorsLiveSeems like some intraday covers coming in across market
03:35:14 pm d4ytrad3UVXY smack
03:35:39 pm InvestorsLiveCELG been working out, relatively flat, might catch a cover into close don't want to be involved w/ that - cash otherwise nothing for o/n just prepared for the big candles from today off the open tomorrow
03:36:29 pm jcherniack: KORS a lil fster
03:36:45 pm d4ytrad3DDS nhod
03:37:49 pm MMLifeMatt: GNC push
03:38:23 pm elkwood66PM D4
03:38:49 pm d4ytrad3ZN buyers
03:39:17 pm InvestorsLivecov 1/2 CELG
03:40:35 pm spectre: s 1/3 GNC for 20c
03:41:53 pm InvestorsLiveall cov CELG and sold all KORS - cashed up
03:42:48 pm 3Sigma: TOO almost g/r
03:44:50 pm 3Sigma: GNC impressive
03:44:59 pm spectre: s GNC down to half size,
03:45:43 pm 3Sigma: ARWR trying to perk through vwap
03:48:29 pm spectre: b GNC, risk average
03:51:16 pm 3Sigma: TOO further
03:52:48 pm InvestorsLiveESNC someone front runnin' tomorrow?
03:53:26 pm 3Sigma: AXTI trying to rally back
03:54:47 pm 3Sigma: ARWR pop
03:56:02 pm teodora: BZUN what a recovery out of China names
03:56:32 pm spectre: GNC out most left 1/5 on in case of 11 push right into close.
03:57:06 pm d4ytrad3NTRI nice action
03:57:17 pm d4ytrad3DDS closing it out ultra strong as well
03:57:46 pm InvestorsLiveEW love this one for tomorrow - should have a good trade off it like AMED today
03:58:06 pm InvestorsLiveALGN SBUX INTC ALGN prob the big boys tonight
03:58:44 pm spectre: GNC all out
04:00:03 pm Most Mentioned Tickers, today: FB(305), PYPL(234), AMD(160), JD(137), NVDA(134)

Trade Recaps

There was a a LOT of great trading opportunities today. Here are some of the top trades and key takeaways from each. If you have any questions, leave a comment below.


AMED - Chart

Note how VWAP confirms the unwind idea (due to daily chart break down). Multiple re-test and fails anticipating green to red and scaling in along the way.


PYPL - Chart

Note how last nights resistance provided a good starting point for identifying potential resistance today.


AMD - Chart

Another look at using prior nights resistance as a point of interest when trying to identify potential resistance for a starting point. Once confirmed right, given the good entry I typically scale more aggressively due to the padding. If wrong, I'm only in a starter so it's not a big deal. At that point your risk management comes into play.


JD - Chart

Yet another one driving the point home as to how charts can help you anticipate entries. Be patient waiting for things to come to you. If you're early be wrong, gives yourself the best shot at nailing the proper entry later. Best to move on so you don't exhaust yourself out of the name and miss the trade completely.


Besides the morning squeeze note how the midday weakness confirmed by VWAP resistance provides you with proper risk vs. the potential reward of an unwind. You should see the basketball analogy we cover in Tandem Trader there between 10AM and noon.


Very nice patience on this trade one of my better trades of the year. Very happy letting this winner work. Obviously it's lower on earnings but anyone that holds into an earnings report like this might as well head to the casino!

AMZN - Orders


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  1. Nate, in the recap video when talking about FB, you said you were waiting for a washout at 8am, and in chat log you called it the 8am shuffle. Would you mind explaining what you mean by these?


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