OddStockTrader Scan 4/8/2020

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Cody Blog, Cody Free Content | 7 comments

Great trades in SPY today, just felt like I had a read on the market and it was peaked out for the day. So, that was a nice win overall. Some other good ones in there today but got aggressive in the AM on some names and were essentially all losers. Either way, pulled out a small winning day today. Think market overall fades but catches a bid mid day tomorrow. I just cannot fathom we are even close to up here. There are so many economic unknowns right now beside the point of the virus issues. Anways, here is tomorrows am watches for me

I am also donating to Traders4ACause based on how many likes this post gets until Saturday as well. I never share much personal stuff but the wife was supposed to have her fitness competition this weekend in Vegas. This is how I want to recognize her work over the last 8 months with money going to a good cause.

BORR - This was OTC just a few weeks ago. I will be monitoring it all day tomorrow for either long or short trade. However, I am more bullish on it purely based on volume at this point and the likely hood that many are trapped short.

YGYI - First name I looked at this am and didn't touch it, of course. Ideally $2 morning washout for long.

MAR - $76 restest for short.

TOPS - Morgan stake today. Kept some over night. Not going to be marrying it but I just have a sneaking suspicion this can pull off an FCEL style move into the $1.50s at some point before they raise again.

DECN - Big washout intra-day and kept a few overnight. Think if we see .25 breakout can continue much higher. I would prefer and am looking for sub .17s washout first and foremost however.

SOLI - Ideally .45 washout for long bounce trade.

TAUG - Just an eye on this otc after it's PR.

BRAV - Adding this one to the list purely on the PR posted this am. If this gets over .0025 tomorrow can have a wild move. I will probably be putting some on at the open regardless.


  1. Beautiful guidance on the SPY today. I followed your lead and worked well. Thank you

    • Good calls today. Do you have a crystal ball? 😉 How did you get BORR in your radar in the first place?

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas and insight... especially in the room in real time... learning a ton..👍🏽 That pic on SPY today was epic

  3. Thanks for tomorrows plan..

  4. Thx Cody, Learning alot from you " even how to scoop trades without an ice cream handle" lmao


  5. Thanks

  6. Thank you appreciate it.


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