$HMNY Video Lesson and Key Takeaways + Free Chat Logs

by | Jun 7, 2016

We have a webinar at 8PM tonight that is free to the public but you must have already registered! If you can't get in by the time it's going not to worry we'll have a recording of it!

We'll be going over what works in this market since .. of course .. the market is always changing. The key is to adapt, ALWAYS. We will also be answering any questions you may have about trading

State of the Market Webinar

Here's a video from last night discussing HMNY

My goal was to buy a wash out this morning more it gapped down and pulled the better, SSR would likely be on if a big gap down (over 10%). You can see in the chat logs the trades today pre market when no one wanted it into panic/fear and then adds once the SSR kicked on and support held.

Some Key Takeaways from HMNY

HMNY is one of those trades that triggers a lot of emotions in traders. These exponential runners can be difficult to trade, but there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Buy Into Weakness & Sell Into Strength

Our goal is always to be smarter than the rest of the market. In this sense, we almost utilize a contrarian strategy when approaching these types of plays. We want to buy when everyone is panicking and sell when everyone is overly bullish. For this reason, it's important to get the right entry (discussed in depth below). You don't want to be buying the breakouts on a stock like this. By that point, you may be too late to catch the bulk of the move. Instead, focus on starting a position on pullbacks using a set risk and sell into spikes.

Buy into Weakness

Don't Short Just to Short

A lot of traders see a massive runner and automatically assume it's a short. While it may eventually be a short, you need to be smart with your timing. Don't short just for the sake of shorting. It may seem like an obvious short when it's up 300%, but then what happens when it's up 400%...500%...etc?

Dont Short Just to Short

Account for Risk When Choosing a Position Size

There is a huge difference between a stock with $0.10 downside risk and a stock with $1.00 downside risk. They can both be profitable setups, but you need to plan your entry accordingly. If you generally trade 5000 shares when there is a $0.10 downside risk, you will want to consider trading 500-1000 when there is $1.00 downside risk. Obviously, this relies heavily on being able to calculate your risk. I will use VWAP and confirmed support levels to determine risk before entering a trade. This approach also allows you to scale into the trade and not get stopped out because you went in too big.

Risk Based Entries

Scaling and Locking in Profits

It's easy to analyze a stock like HMNY in hindsight, but playing it in real-time is much different. Give yourself the best chance of making this a profitable trade by mitigating risk and avoiding greed. You don't need to go "all in" with your first entry. You can scale into the trade as you get more insight into the price action. You should also be locking in gains as you go. In hindsight, we can see that HMNY was a crazy runner, but at the time, no one knew where the top was. The stock could have reversed at any time. For this reason, you need to make sure you lock in profits along the way. It's better to regret taking profits early than it is to regret turning a winning trade into a loser.

HMNY Comments in Chat

08:15:10 am InvestorsLive: HMNY going to be a fun one off morning wash out

08:34:07 am InvestorsLive: damn was filling HMNY

08:34:15 am InvestorsLive: then upticked

09:05:40 am InvestorsLive: HMNY goal would be same as scan ideally gap down wash trigger SSR - obviously will do that here if it opens ... I started in when I mentioned I was filling bids came back and filled some more

09:36:18 am InvestorsLive: HMNY i think rips r/g careful shorting andalso lock in along way

09:41:11 am InvestorsLive: That's $1/share HMNY reminder to pay yourself along way

09:47:49 am InvestorsLive: HMNY dips are being absorbed

09:54:04 am
InvestorsLive: I'm about 1/3 size on HMNY left from idea -- $7.60s appeared to soak large so if this dip holds and it reclaims next leg likely comes

10:02:56 am InvestorsLive: HMNY they continue to soak $7.60s

11:21:27 am InvestorsLive: See lots of comments on HMNY etc shorts into weakness and long into strength - need to think opposite here

11:22:42 am InvestorsLive: just trying to help - be careful w/ entries like that always best to short into strength / panic and buy into washouts / fear also sell into rip etc I am still holding partial core from $6.06-6.07s

11:52:36 am
InvestorsLive: congrats everyone .. very well scripted

11:52:43 am InvestorsLive: hopefully on one is stuck short

11:54:50 am InvestorsLive: I dont want to be a broken record guys but PLEASE

11:54:55 am InvestorsLive: PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY FROM SHORT

11:54:59 am InvestorsLive: until it CRACKS

11:55:08 am InvestorsLive: the $2-3-6 dollar moves come after the $1-2 moves

Nates Orders

 As I said in video I had a few over as well since I was up nicely on it yesterday:

Etrade Orders

HMNY Stock Chart

Full Chat Logs for June 7, 2016

InvestorsLive: HMNY going to be a fun one off morning wash out
08:15:32 am Foth: gm
08:16:27 am d4ytrad3: HMNY covd rest o/n
08:16:47 am Jedt: nice on D$
08:16:51 am Jedt: D4
08:16:55 am d4ytrad3: copper big yank
08:19:30 am ShortVandelay: GTHP Guided Therapeutics Enters into LuViva Advanced Cervical Scan License Agreement for China - Deal includes funding, payment for Chinese regulatory approval, royalties and manufacturing
08:19:53 am ShortVandelay: tiny otc
08:30:26 am Ivar: gm
08:30:41 am ChiliTrader: gold still heavy
08:34:07 am InvestorsLive: damn was filling HMNY
08:34:15 am InvestorsLive: then upticked
08:36:23 am Jedt: WGBS uptickin a bit
08:38:32 am Arsenal: ORIG some gap
08:41:50 am Alex911: VBLT short 5.94. Stop 6.20. Target 5
08:43:17 am DupontTrader: GBSN some gap
08:45:17 am GG0506: EAC wins contract worth 70m. market cap 7.60m fwiw
08:46:44 am InvestorsLive: Have appointment at 1230PM today so trades/plans will be with that in mind
08:48:37 am gigantebaba: i see EAC has 475m debt cash 3m
08:51:21 am HITrader: I see 14 million shares for EAC, so much larger mcap. check sec filings....
08:51:30 am d4ytrad3: SRPT pop
08:51:44 am DupontTrader: VUZI Signs Collaboration Agreement with Global Consumer Electronics and Mobile Firm to Develop and Supply Vuzix See-Through Optics Tech
08:52:03 am GG0506: from finviz, so yes might be as of yesterday's close, my bad
08:52:39 am HITrader: ok, makes sense then
08:59:50 am Swedepilot: gm all
09:00:38 am Speedtrader_Craig: gm all
09:00:47 am d4ytrad3: GEVO Alaska Airlines to Fly Today on Gevo's Renewable Alcohol to Jet Fuel(Dow Jones 06/07 09:00:05)
09:01:08 am InvestorsLive: MGT PR
09:01:27 am d4ytrad3: BIIB looking for bounce @ open
09:01:33 am stapes1: HARRISON, N.Y., June 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- MGT Capital Investments, Inc. (NYSE MKT: MGT) today announces the appointment of Nolan Bushnell to its Board of Directors. Bushnell will serve as an independent director, effective immediately. Nolan Bushnell is a technology pioneer who is best known as the founder of the Atari Corporation and Chuck E. Cheese
09:02:12 am Robz83: hi guys - anyone got slow connection with das @ suretrader? getting lot of lag
09:03:07 am DupontTrader: ESI gap down -- From yesterday, Education Department Orders ITT Educational to Bolster Finances http://www.wsj.com/articles/education-department-orders-itt-educational-to-bolster-finances-1465246531
09:03:32 am InvestorsLive: ENDP going to watch if VRX cant come back
09:03:34 am InvestorsLive: for unwinder set up
09:03:42 am Helder: GIGA former runner
09:05:40 am InvestorsLive: HMNY goal would be same as scan ideally gap down wash trigger SSR - obviously will do that here if it opens ... I started in when I mentioned I was filling bids came back and filled some more
09:05:47 am InvestorsLive: keep in mind two things here
09:05:57 am InvestorsLive: this is REACTIVE trade only
09:06:07 am InvestorsLive: this is not an eh I'll buy .. add add add and then blow out on emotions
09:06:24 am InvestorsLive: goal is a washout reversal and sell into it at least 1/2 and if trend forms give it a chance if not, no marrying it
09:06:25 am InvestorsLive: stock was $1
09:07:05 am InvestorsLive: the second thing on these types is if gap up ... we'd want parabolic for ss etc ... or gap up hold green then grind etc ... so only 2 ways to play these low low floats
09:07:23 am InvestorsLive: IPI more gap
09:07:26 am InvestorsLive: was hoping for weak open r/g
09:07:34 am InvestorsLive: PACD big bidder former from scan worth an eye
09:08:05 am DupontTrader: DCTH - Delcath Issues $35 Million in Senior Convertible Notes to Support Melphalan/HDS Clinical Development
09:08:24 am InvestorsLive: Nice gappers so far around the board
09:08:28 am InvestorsLive: from ideas
09:08:36 am InvestorsLive: VBLT prob no play for me
09:08:46 am BentCircuit: gm all
09:08:56 am InvestorsLive: NUGT If trend fails out of gate possible fader will watch for $99 + entry
09:11:02 am InvestorsLive: CRC looking for dip entry too if trend holds and oil remians
09:18:00 am King-Figgz: Filled a few HMNY long here
09:18:48 am DupontTrader: CALI pop - China Auto Logistics Sells Zhonghe for Approximately $62.3 Million; Sees Net Proceeds of Approximately $25.8 Million
09:19:03 am DupontTrader: CALI 2M floater
09:20:25 am gigantebaba: CALI has 212 m debt
09:21:10 am stapes1: that is one shady looking agreement for CALI if you ask me
09:22:06 am OddStockTrader: GEVO near .50
09:22:24 am InvestorsLive: They saw all the low float runners so needed to get a PR going, found out Chuck E Cheese was involved in another deal so this was next best thing, not shady at all re: CALI 😉
09:22:38 am stapes1: 10Q from a month ago for The Company incurred operating losses and had negative operating cash flows and may continue to generate negative cash flows as the Company implements its business plan for 2016. There can be no assurance that the Company’s continuing efforts to execute its business plan will be successful and that the Company will be able to continue as a going concern.
09:23:34 am Helder: EAC nice gapper
09:24:01 am DupontTrader: CALI 3 test
09:24:35 am d4ytrad3: ss small CALI
09:25:39 am King-Figgz: Got some CALI ss too
09:26:24 am InvestorsLive: just be careful shorting low float stuff that really doesn't make much sense guys
09:26:37 am InvestorsLive: no one really understands it, low float market best to ignore sometimes
09:26:43 am Emil: careful guys shhortign CALi if not used trading this pos
09:27:06 am ShortVandelay: oil nooooooo under 50
09:27:14 am d4ytrad3: ya folks notice 'small' for a reason very early in move
09:27:22 am InvestorsLive: Warning more to the new folks or just got an account set up and think .. "Wow Easy to borrow"
09:27:44 am InvestorsLive: And warning to those who just read "ss" and "CALI" and ignore "small"
09:27:44 am ThePacer: started some HMNY long on pull just there
09:27:59 am InvestorsLive: selective reading is very common in stock trading
09:30:24 am InvestorsLive: CALI gone wild
09:30:39 am ShortVandelay: WGBS pull
09:30:51 am InvestorsLive: started ENDP ss
09:31:03 am InvestorsLive: big chase ideally get some 1740-1750 test
09:31:26 am InvestorsLive: HMNY ramp
09:31:41 am ThePacer: sold some HMNY
09:31:56 am InvestorsLive: reminder to lock in along way on HMNY pre washout snags
09:31:59 am InvestorsLive: ENDP nice
09:32:17 am d4ytrad3: add CALI ss
09:32:20 am d4ytrad3: makes me think of SPEX
09:32:31 am d4ytrad3: by the time all retail chasing
09:32:44 am InvestorsLive: UEC nice gapper
09:32:45 am OddStockTrader: UEC nice push
09:33:54 am d4ytrad3: CALI watch out aggin folks
09:33:57 am InvestorsLive: UEC be sure to lock in a few from gapper nice start
09:34:03 am OddStockTrader: GEVO more
09:34:03 am Kojiman: AEHR halt
09:34:47 am InvestorsLive: ORIG nice gapper as well
09:34:57 am InvestorsLive: have 1/2 left of each of those gappers
09:35:09 am d4ytrad3: VRX buy sig i think
09:35:19 am InvestorsLive: added a bit more ENDP
09:35:28 am trader530: Pandora P running on FTC piece
09:35:31 am d4ytrad3: b VRX
09:35:41 am trader530: with corvex
09:36:06 am d4ytrad3: cov CALI
09:36:18 am InvestorsLive: HMNY i think rips r/g careful shorting andalso lock in along way
09:36:22 am Arsenal: CRC goin
09:36:53 am InvestorsLive: chased small CRC
09:37:27 am TexMex: watch VBLT for a possible ramp over $6's to short
09:37:50 am Ivar: RADA near BO
09:38:02 am InvestorsLive: CRC 17
09:39:06 am ThePacer: AEHR open
09:39:36 am DupontTrader: ss SYNC 3.22
09:40:02 am ThePacer: bot some AEHR
09:40:10 am InvestorsLive: HMNY !
09:40:26 am ThePacer: for quick flip ^
09:40:40 am ThePacer: out some AEHR
09:40:41 am John2110: CLF r/g spike nHODs
09:41:01 am ThePacer: done AEHR
09:41:09 am aaronscd: big pull SRPT
09:41:11 am InvestorsLive: That's $1/share HMNY reminder to pay yourself along way
09:41:12 am OddStockTrader: done UEC
09:41:21 am InvestorsLive: CRC straight up
09:41:33 am InvestorsLive: UEC $1.30 test
09:41:47 am Emil: watching pops on SRPT
09:41:51 am King-Figgz: Cover CALI
09:42:06 am OddStockTrader: URRE push
09:42:57 am trader530: CNBC on my P
09:43:10 am InvestorsLive: sounds dirty ^
09:43:13 am OddStockTrader: hah
09:43:15 am ThePacer: ha
09:43:51 am GG0506: long EAC 1.51
09:44:00 am trader530: leaving that one alone ha
09:44:02 am InvestorsLive: HMNY held so far
09:44:11 am DupontTrader: add SYNC ss 3.31
09:44:15 am ThePacer: done HMNY for now
09:44:35 am InvestorsLive: moved on CRC CLF
09:44:48 am King-Figgz: sold half HMNY
09:44:48 am d4ytrad3: VRX stop
09:45:08 am sirmehrdad: CYCC some signs of life
09:45:42 am Ron: BTE lil more
09:45:49 am InvestorsLive: Covered 1/3 ENDP +.75 ish
09:46:09 am d4ytrad3: VRX ss
09:46:21 am slee: OPTT falling
09:46:23 am GG0506: took EAC ooff
09:46:54 am InvestorsLive: covered more ENDP +.85 ish
09:46:57 am InvestorsLive: down to 1/2
09:47:09 am aaronscd: LBIO finally below 8, major support from past two days
09:47:22 am OddStockTrader: long a few AEHR
09:47:35 am InvestorsLive: scooped some DNR also paid a bit higher on a starter
09:47:47 am teodora: URRE straight up
09:47:49 am InvestorsLive: HMNY dips are being absorbed
09:47:49 am OddStockTrader: URRE UEC ramp
09:48:00 am InvestorsLive: 1/4 ENDP left
09:48:50 am InvestorsLive: HMNY here's $1.50/share ish
09:48:54 am OddStockTrader: filthy move URRE
09:48:57 am InvestorsLive: be smart along way - congrats guys
09:49:14 am InvestorsLive: UEC 1.40
09:49:49 am fahdieno: LEU push
09:49:56 am Tradestocks: WRES nhod
09:50:45 am d4ytrad3: VRX put SIZE on ss
09:51:01 am OddStockTrader: LEU push
09:51:15 am Arsenal: NUGT heavy
09:51:27 am InvestorsLive: man this market lol - be careful out there shew everything straight up
09:52:28 am B1rko: NERV like pops
09:53:42 am InvestorsLive: all cov ENDP
09:53:48 am AssassinaSC: EAC halt
09:54:04 am InvestorsLive: I'm about 1/3 size on HMNY left from idea -- $7.60s appeared to soak large so if this dip holds and it reclaims next leg likely comes
09:54:10 am OddStockTrader: AEHR no follow thru
09:54:56 am OddStockTrader: eyes on ELTK, thin mover
09:54:57 am AssassinaSC: EAC huge wash
09:55:08 am sirmehrdad: HMNY $8 test oh man
09:56:26 am DupontTrader: cov SYNC
09:57:19 am Emil: s/s some SRPT
09:58:37 am Emil: kinda big pic idea,leaving room to 22 ,wanna see some rejection tho
09:59:34 am ShortVandelay: NUGT 100
09:59:42 am RUSirius: scaling NUGT ss risk 102
10:02:56 am Emil: scaling in SRPT
10:02:56 am InvestorsLive: HMNY they continue to soak $7.60s
10:03:40 am d4ytrad3: started HMNY ss
10:04:21 am d4ytrad3: CALI lift
10:04:49 am OddStockTrader: ss CALI
10:06:17 am d4ytrad3: HMNY i guess a bit of patience would have gone a long way lol
10:07:03 am TexMex: VBLT started long, thinking its a coiled spring here
10:07:14 am King-Figgz: Down to 1/4 HMNY
10:07:44 am InvestorsLive: VBLT perk
10:08:15 am trader530: BBT upgraded to buy at Rafferty (Dick Bove)
10:08:48 am InvestorsLive: DNR failed so far not taking it off yet will give it some range
10:08:53 am d4ytrad3: ss CALI again
10:08:56 am InvestorsLive: VBLT nice call there Tex
10:08:57 am Ignacio39: CLWT GAPPING
10:09:08 am InvestorsLive: didn't have warrants and lots of bashing so easily can have second life
10:09:14 am InvestorsLive: HMNY no float left
10:09:19 am Lou_Foronda: Nice call on VBLT
10:11:03 am heniuro: SRPT pull
10:11:56 am TexMex: taking some VBLT off, pay yourself, then see if it can sustain $6.00
10:12:16 am Emil: will add more each pop SRPT
10:12:24 am trader530: PLUG -++ FedEx and Plug Power BEV-FC parcel delivery truck being developed and demonstrated #H2AMR https://twitter.com/cafcp many Tweets by the California Fuel Cell Partnership out now
10:13:46 am OddStockTrader: CLWT open
10:13:56 am JRomero1: EAC 1.23
10:14:06 am Emil: covered 1/3 SRPT
10:15:55 am InvestorsLive: HMNY incredible guys almost $3/share here be smart along way big congrats
10:17:01 am Emil: down to 1/2 SRPT
10:17:24 am OddStockTrader: ss HMNY
10:18:18 am Ron: BTE nhod
10:18:22 am d4ytrad3: HMNY trend brk
10:18:26 am d4ytrad3: add ss
10:18:26 am OddStockTrader: cov HMNY
10:19:33 am d4ytrad3: cov some CALI +.4
10:22:30 am d4ytrad3: add VRX ss
10:24:10 am trader530: RGLS + price tgt raised to $20 at Chardan (Gbola Amusa,)
10:24:14 am d4ytrad3: HMNY 780 ur spot for crack. i think this has loads of downside & morning pump will unwind fully
10:25:18 am d4ytrad3: APC chatter
10:26:38 am InvestorsLive: $8.30 key area on HMNY where they absorbed
10:27:07 am InvestorsLive: ORIG gear
10:28:57 am Blackbeard: CLF Hod
10:29:15 am InvestorsLive: CRC back at it
10:29:43 am Emil: Webinar tonight guys from 4:15pm est,in case u have Qs drop them in the comments area http://www.investorsunderground.com/webinar/reviewing-trades-summer-time-trading-wemil/
10:30:17 am carrionk: SGYP nice move
10:30:38 am tom86: VRX ss starter
10:31:05 am InvestorsLive: also like the ORIG trade from last night as a bigger picture idea i added back what i sold
10:33:05 am JRomero1: EAC gearing
10:33:10 am InvestorsLive: VBLT spot on TexMex - great entry good call
10:33:17 am Blackbeard: UEC perk
10:33:43 am InvestorsLive: HMNY thought is prob doesn't do same trade as yesterday but baits shorts into dips
10:34:08 am trader530: GBSN seems big
10:34:10 am InvestorsLive: and if they can catch and reclaim $8.30s will be wild again
10:34:18 am GG0506: PGNPQ below vwap. extended chart
10:36:14 am BLR3000: GBSN action
10:37:13 am d4ytrad3: took GBSN long
10:37:17 am OddStockTrader: same
10:37:40 am BLR3000: same^^ lol
10:37:52 am d4ytrad3: had some good runs recently, so above $2 may catch a buyer
10:38:21 am OddStockTrader: all the turds flying, so why not, like 1.75 risk GBSN
10:39:30 am d4ytrad3: VRX buyer still all over it. may have completely misread this
10:40:15 am PostHaste: ORIG new HoDs
10:41:24 am TexMex: dumped rest of VBLT, volume isn't strong enough, can always rebuy once chart/volume setup again
10:42:00 am OddStockTrader: scooped more GBSN
10:42:22 am VinceTheTrader: long HMNY risking 7.8
10:43:43 am Emil: 1/4 left in SRPT
10:43:44 am gigantebaba: AMDA perk
10:43:58 am heniuro: Meanwhile NERV slow death
10:44:37 am GG0506: GSAT lod
10:44:39 am trader530: MOC sweeper
10:44:52 am ChiliTrader: UNFI slowly abcding
10:45:11 am ChiliTrader: im long some vwap risk
10:45:30 am Knowgood: FEYE abcd
10:47:26 am Jmriii: ORIG still moving
10:47:33 am anujsisodia85: Starting SS JOY
10:47:50 am VinceTheTrader: added HMNY long
10:49:30 am JoeKush: HMNY start ss 8.64
10:50:34 am JRomero1: EAC here we go
10:50:42 am d4ytrad3: ss ENDP
10:50:50 am InvestorsLive: FNMA on red
10:50:57 am tom86: sized down VRX, strange bids and offers, floating up under SSR, waiting for backside
10:52:39 am OddStockTrader: UPLMQ nice daily break
10:54:22 am trader530: CL KING trying to defend SIG in a note now, good luck to them
10:54:29 am B1rko: CRC vwap test
10:55:16 am stapes1: Adam Feuerstein @adamfeuersteinI spoke w/ a buyer of the $VBLT offering. He’s out already. Buys in at nice discount, sells to you for quick profit. That’s how game works.
10:55:26 am OddStockTrader: ss UEC
10:56:03 am d4ytrad3: VRX small snap
10:56:35 am JoeKush: added HNMY ss 8.52
10:59:42 am VinceTheTrader: stopped HMNY long
10:59:51 am d4ytrad3: add HMNY ss
11:00:02 am d4ytrad3: add more VRX ss nearing a good crack if 24.50 brks
11:01:42 am ChiliTrader: sold some UNFI
11:01:43 am heniuro: CETX former runner getting vol and hod
11:02:04 am d4ytrad3: CALD SI reporting t/o interest
11:06:05 am Jmriii: NUGT breaking down
11:07:43 am d4ytrad3: VRX close to crackin that supp
11:08:20 am DupontTrader: AKAO pop
11:09:08 am Deadcompany: ACAD back to red
11:11:12 am InvestorsLive: PACD rip
11:11:29 am InvestorsLive: PACD the bidder raised their bid
11:11:32 am heniuro: $VBLT CEO Dror Harats is a slime and his drug is garbage but mission accomplished (with help from HCW.)
11:11:43 am d4ytrad3: GBSN took small loss. no momo
11:11:45 am Nocturnal: Adam F&
11:11:56 am Deadcompany: on VBLT
11:12:04 am InvestorsLive: $6.50 250k bidder went to $6.80
11:12:12 am TexMex: $7.00 now
11:12:13 am InvestorsLive: someone is upside down in this
11:12:26 am B1rko: CALI rebound
11:12:39 am InvestorsLive: ideally a halt on PACD then exit into any craziness thats wild
11:13:08 am VinceTheTrader: relong HMNY
11:14:30 am Jwezz: DISH slowly getting closer
11:15:38 am ThePacer: there it is PACD
11:15:42 am OddStockTrader: PACD bang! nice nate
11:15:45 am InvestorsLive: PACD halt likely close
11:16:06 am d4ytrad3: PACD monsta nate
11:16:35 am InvestorsLive: locked 1/2
11:16:44 am d4ytrad3: weak!
11:16:57 am InvestorsLive: only filled 1388 sucks was a ripper
11:17:16 am Ivar: +
11:17:58 am d4ytrad3: HMNY feels close to brk
11:18:18 am XY: HMNY looks heavy
11:18:30 am DannyRobin: PACD still going
11:18:34 am d4ytrad3: out PACT 8.48
11:18:48 am Swedepilot: weak
11:18:53 am d4ytrad3: LOL
11:19:07 am Emil: will be out til later,going to hold SRPT left for lower or worst case flat last batch .74 avg
11:19:15 am OddStockTrader: PACD out, filthy
11:20:05 am RUSirius: NUGT snap below VWAP
11:20:05 am heniuro: TSLA 230 soon
11:20:57 am InvestorsLive: Remember guys .. SSR + low float when things look like death you don't want to be shorting
11:21:00 am InvestorsLive: re: HMNY
11:21:00 am OddStockTrader: halt
11:21:04 am OddStockTrader: PACD
11:21:08 am d4ytrad3: covers VRX loss
11:21:12 am VinceTheTrader: added HMNY long
11:21:27 am InvestorsLive: See lots of comments on HMNY etc shorts into weakness and long into strength - need to think opposite here
11:22:42 am InvestorsLive: just trying to help - be careful w/ entries like that always best to short into strength / panic and buy into washouts / fear also sell into rip etc I am still holding partial core from $6.06-6.07s
11:23:38 am InvestorsLive: ORIG HODs
11:24:37 am TexMex: Took some HERO long as a lotto off of PACD, same sector
11:24:52 am tom86: VRX feels like Ackman is increasing his position, took loss as well, bid is not going away
11:26:23 am ThePacer: PACD dirty
11:26:29 am SatoshiTrader: SRPT lod test
11:26:29 am InvestorsLive: PACD 10
11:27:11 am d4ytrad3: ss PACD
11:27:47 am VinceTheTrader: Added more HMNY long
11:28:03 am d4ytrad3: holy good god PACD
11:28:31 am sirmehrdad: halt again PACD
11:30:49 am OddStockTrader: chased some NADL sick chart
11:31:37 am FortunateOne: CRK on 1
11:33:27 am ShortVandelay: long CWEI
11:34:06 am InvestorsLive: HMNY now catching
11:34:14 am InvestorsLive: after PACD it can move quick
11:34:53 am InvestorsLive: nice entry D4 PACD
11:35:06 am d4ytrad3: crazy
11:35:10 am d4ytrad3: PACD back to $7 now?
11:36:27 am InvestorsLive: HMNY wow guys - congrats if still w/ it this is unreal
11:36:32 am JamyJames: GBSN little pop
11:36:45 am InvestorsLive: took tiny bit more off +$3
11:36:47 am VinceTheTrader: sold half HMNY
11:37:08 am d4ytrad3: HMNY brutal
11:37:11 am TexMex: CRK ripper today, REXX still solid idea, over $.87 and I would think we see $1.00+
11:37:22 am InvestorsLive: DNR re-test near highs
11:38:11 am VinceTheTrader: sold more HMNY
11:38:17 am InvestorsLive: sold a bit more +$3.50 ish down to about 1/5
11:38:34 am InvestorsLive: HERO nice eye HODs
11:39:51 am OddStockTrader: eyeing CYCC for any push
11:40:41 am Jwezz: DISH 56 fail, eyeing for weakness
11:41:10 am InvestorsLive: I like CYCC idea but right now seller at $6 would have to see it bust and hold over that
11:42:27 am OddStockTrader: yup^ would rather buy higher after confirm
11:42:40 am Deadcompany: SRPT nlod
11:44:15 am ShortVandelay: DAKP finally
11:44:49 am d4ytrad3: cov PACD +1.2
11:45:03 am d4ytrad3: crazy
11:46:08 am InvestorsLive: $10 me HMNY
11:46:12 am d4ytrad3: long HMNY
11:47:47 am d4ytrad3: reduced few into this
11:47:56 am d4ytrad3: .50 "tick"
11:48:35 am InvestorsLive: i have tiny left sold another batch +4-4.50 what an unreal chat win
11:48:36 am Ivar: Solid RADA BO
11:49:15 am Jmriii: NUGT under 98
11:50:25 am ShortVandelay: DAKP here comes the crowd
11:50:42 am JRomero1: EAC losing vol
11:51:50 am InvestorsLive: all out HMNY
11:52:10 am splendores: sick play, congrats
11:52:27 am InvestorsLive: Does not mean I think its topped - bids are eating like mad
11:52:36 am InvestorsLive: congrats everyone .. very well scripted
11:52:43 am InvestorsLive: hopefully on one is stuck short
11:53:22 am d4ytrad3: NUGT JNUG huge selling relative to flat gold.
11:53:51 am OddStockTrader: ss HMNY small
11:54:50 am InvestorsLive: I dont want to be a broken record guys but PLEASE
11:54:55 am InvestorsLive: PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY FROM SHORT
11:54:59 am InvestorsLive: until it CRACKS
11:55:08 am InvestorsLive: the $2-3-6 dollar moves come after the $1-2 moves
11:55:18 am InvestorsLive: Rather see people miss it then short it and end up down a few bucks and blow up
11:55:30 am InvestorsLive: Even if its dead top here just be safe guys only 300k float
11:57:25 am Jedt: PACD again
11:57:50 am JRomero1: In small PACD 8.47
11:58:36 am JRomero1: Well that was quick geez.. PACD
11:58:41 am d4ytrad3: VRX getting ready to push again off TL
11:59:13 am ShortVandelay: XGTI perk
11:59:55 am d4ytrad3: b some PACD
12:00:17 pm heniuro: LBIO pop
12:02:13 pm InvestorsLive: HMNY absorbed again - amazing
12:02:53 pm OddStockTrader: took off HMNY
12:03:35 pm Gahan: RL close to r/g
12:04:47 pm Deadcompany: TTNP up
12:05:15 pm InvestorsLive: Alright I'll be back guys - stand out day guys - 1230 appt prob be back 130-2 latest
12:05:46 pm heniuro: See you at HMNY 16
12:07:44 pm d4ytrad3: VRX here goes again
12:08:44 pm d4ytrad3: buys NUGT JNUG
12:10:38 pm OddStockTrader: CYCC reason why id rather buy here, just good example for new ppl
12:10:45 pm OddStockTrader: buy higher*
12:11:11 pm ShortVandelay: wow @ SGY fade
12:17:01 pm King-Figgz: Small long PACD
12:17:52 pm Jedt: HMNY again
12:18:32 pm Knowgood: SRPT perk
12:18:46 pm Deadcompany: TTNP trying 6 much para
12:20:08 pm d4ytrad3: CNBC thx. VRX bash
12:25:38 pm tom86: short CRM starter looking to sdd if 83 breaks and peaks
12:29:48 pm JoeKush: just an FYI I had a hard stop on HNMY @ 9 took the loss. didn't want to post earlier as it wasn
12:31:20 pm HITrader: HMNY keeps punishing shorts
12:32:13 pm XY: don't guess the top of HMNY
12:33:24 pm Richey66: OSUR hype out there OSUR ++++New recommendation from Optionshawk sees stock running over $10 http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/stocks--equities/orasure-small-cap-med-tech-ma-environment-makes-it-compelling-buy?post=96594
12:34:29 pm XY: HMNY brings back ATV
12:34:48 pm XY: but still low volume
12:36:59 pm B1rko: VRX pull
12:38:07 pm OddStockTrader: long GEVO
12:38:35 pm B1rko: SRPT perk
12:41:53 pm XY: ss HMNY , small position
12:45:13 pm d4ytrad3: HMN bit stuffy there 1450 last go
12:45:52 pm KarlKazan: CBMX popping on low vol
12:47:16 pm Knowgood: bgfv
12:47:29 pm Knowgood: rip
12:50:30 pm Jmriii: ORIG slow and steady
12:50:34 pm OddStockTrader: started again HMNY ss
12:50:49 pm d4ytrad3: ss HMNY
12:51:06 pm XY: adding HMNY, weakness, risky
12:52:29 pm OddStockTrader: cov some
12:52:58 pm d4ytrad3: big vol bar here
12:53:00 pm d4ytrad3: could really wash
12:53:10 pm OddStockTrader: super
12:53:17 pm XY: margin call and short squeeze looked over
12:53:25 pm d4ytrad3: cov some 12s
12:53:45 pm Ivar: nice absorbe XCO
12:54:20 pm XY: the first bearish sign of HMNY, will be patience and give it more time to workout
12:57:05 pm B1rko: NERV vwap test
12:57:46 pm d4ytrad3: CLRB hmm
01:00:34 pm OddStockTrader: cov more HMNY
01:05:01 pm d4ytrad3: re-ss some HMNY
01:08:46 pm Ivar: VLTC action
01:10:43 pm InvestorsLive: back - RGSE from watch the other day
01:13:28 pm OddStockTrader: will add more GEVO on .54 break
01:13:41 pm Knowgood: PACD perk
01:13:43 pm InvestorsLive: HMNY just rotating around the same float if it holds into close can get wild - hope everyone stayed safe on that 40% rip
01:13:44 pm InvestorsLive: PACD again
01:15:36 pm heniuro: VLTC on 4 test
01:17:51 pm heniuro: SRPT nrg article
01:18:43 pm DupontTrader: VLTC nhod
01:21:16 pm OddStockTrader: ss VLTC
01:21:59 pm d4ytrad3: b HMNY
01:23:25 pm OddStockTrader: HMNY expecting the same as yesterday on 14 level, likely stuff into it
01:23:56 pm Ron: BTE gear
01:27:22 pm d4ytrad3: PHM elliot "big" stake.
01:27:45 pm InvestorsLive: ORIG prob gapper again for me again, BTE love it from scan ... and EPE watching dips to accum
01:28:26 pm OddStockTrader: CBMX floating up
01:30:54 pm InvestorsLive: DRWI floating on BS laughable rumors careful of chase
01:31:03 pm OddStockTrader: added HMNY ss hod full risk
01:40:01 pm Emil: my order was hit while away on SRPT
01:41:03 pm OddStockTrader: well ouch, cut it
01:42:26 pm InvestorsLive: HMNY just toying with shorts if it keeps up soon will be the firm buy ins vs. traders doing it themselves
01:44:14 pm DupontTrader: EROS EROS’s ‘Dozen Unknown’ audited subsidiaries out earn ‘Big Name’ Grant Thornton “audited” parent - Asensio Negative report
01:44:39 pm d4ytrad3: out HMNY
01:45:51 pm King-Figgz: Locked in 1/3 PACD from .40s
01:46:34 pm PostHaste: bot CBMX, $4M cap tiny floater off HMNY hype
01:47:28 pm OddStockTrader: CBYL sneaky
01:47:40 pm King-Figgz: PACD volume perk
01:47:41 pm d4ytrad3: VRX +ve analyst CNBC
01:47:58 pm d4ytrad3: stock fell $1.50 off their earlier bash fwiw
01:48:05 pm InvestorsLive: CBYL HODs
01:48:24 pm d4ytrad3: ss HMNY
01:49:04 pm InvestorsLive: scooped some CBMX
01:49:14 pm InvestorsLive: someone chased and then slammed I'll take it
01:49:19 pm sirmehrdad: VLTC nice bounce off vwap
01:49:27 pm InvestorsLive: CBYL bit more
01:50:17 pm KarlKazan: CLF r/g
01:50:41 pm Kami: VLTC NHOD
01:50:45 pm sirmehrdad: VLTC nhod couldnt fill damn
01:50:46 pm musgt01: I bought VLTC, first buy ever
01:51:04 pm Jmriii: VLTC perk
01:51:43 pm OddStockTrader: done VLTC
01:52:12 pm JoeKush: GBSN 1.74 long
01:52:42 pm d4ytrad3: HMNY gonna look for 12-13s wash again
01:52:52 pm d4ytrad3: last round bagged a few
01:53:34 pm Giorbinky: VLTC gapper
01:54:09 pm d4ytrad3: cov 1/2 HMNY +1
01:55:19 pm InvestorsLive: BTE HODs
01:56:20 pm d4ytrad3: VRX my inkling is this can power to fresh highs today
01:56:41 pm InvestorsLive: BTE ORIG EPE so far are o/n ideas ideal = dip for entry of a bit more
01:58:25 pm d4ytrad3: LC halted for news
01:59:48 pm InvestorsLive: CBMX is back near scoop spot see if this area holds over/under and creates a trend if not - watch 3pm+
02:00:26 pm Gxrgreg: BAS Took bit of a beating from HOD
02:00:50 pm King-Figgz: PACD pull
02:03:14 pm Jmriii: VLTC perk
02:03:43 pm tom86: long NUGT for spot r/g
02:04:30 pm d4ytrad3: HMNY another ss spot coming up here
02:07:55 pm King-Figgz: Sold rest PACD small profit
02:08:49 pm InvestorsLive: I was hoping to snag a bit more low .40s again on CBMX but .47 keeps refreshing .. will watch into close I do like the idea if trend holds only tho entry is everything not chase
02:09:09 pm Jedt: LC postpones share holders meeting
02:09:11 pm InvestorsLive: HMNY when and if it cracks will prob crack $3 bucks fast so be super careful into close
02:09:41 pm d4ytrad3: VRX ramp
02:09:56 pm InvestorsLive: obv holding well but higher it goes the whole washout snag thing gets scarier ... ideally has a relatively weak close a wash out tomorrow and opp for ramp again tomorrow
02:10:20 pm Ivar: XCO near BO
02:10:30 pm InvestorsLive: re: HMNY
02:10:35 pm d4ytrad3: LC resume
02:14:31 pm d4ytrad3: CRC
02:14:34 pm d4ytrad3: 18 +
02:14:53 pm stapes1: Randall White, CEO of Educational Development Corporation, announces thatthe Company achieved record net revenues of $22.9 million for the quarterended May 31st, 2016, compared to $9.6 million for the same quarter lastyear. Both divisions of the Company had excellent net revenue results withthe home business division, Usborne Books & More (UBAM), leading the waywith $20.7 million, which is an increase of 195% over $7.0 million a yearago.
02:14:54 pm stapes1: EDUC
02:15:08 pm Gxrgreg: GEVO looking to go long if .54 break
02:15:12 pm stapes1: The Company expects net revenues for the fiscal year ending February 28th,2017, to be in the range of $140-170 million and expect earnings per sharein the range of $1.00-1.50 /share.
02:15:31 pm stapes1: could move w/the low floats EDUC
02:16:14 pm Kami: VLTC selling off
02:16:21 pm InvestorsLive: ATW another nice day on the swing big chart forming now
02:16:31 pm sirmehrdad: VLTC near vwap
02:16:46 pm tom86: gold spot r/g
02:17:46 pm stapes1: EDUC hod
02:17:51 pm ThePacer: nice alert
02:18:05 pm stapes1: very thin float...just watch
02:18:23 pm InvestorsLive: BTE $6.50s
02:20:30 pm Ivar: HERO HOD
02:20:57 pm InvestorsLive: HERO can be gapper but ... BK stuff so would likely take into the close if I had any left
02:21:09 pm InvestorsLive: CBMX no follow thru not going to force it - if $3.50 reclaims would add to the low .4x's
02:21:56 pm TexMex: UNIS pushing, reverse split name
02:25:32 pm InvestorsLive: CRC faster
02:25:38 pm InvestorsLive: USO push
02:26:00 pm OddStockTrader: GEVO more
02:26:36 pm tom86: NUGT very slowly follow through, will stay cautiously long, target 100 magnet
02:26:44 pm Gxrgreg: Gevo long
02:28:07 pm OddStockTrader: HMNY looking ugly
02:28:42 pm d4ytrad3: CRC just printed 19 lol
02:31:12 pm TexMex: Watching UNIS for dips, has a big short interest for a reverse split name, most of them are no short interest. UNIS has 2.2m share short on 11m total shares
02:31:39 pm InvestorsLive: crazy market every reverse split that has a trend beauty
02:32:49 pm OddStockTrader: GEVO beauty
02:33:59 pm TexMex: PRAN some volume
02:35:14 pm InvestorsLive: Remember what i siad on HMNY
02:35:21 pm TexMex: UNIS whoa $4.00
02:35:24 pm InvestorsLive: UNIS sheesh already $4
02:35:26 pm InvestorsLive: was just typing that
02:35:58 pm slee: CCXI nhod
02:37:18 pm tom86: NUGT over 99
02:40:02 pm InvestorsLive: Just general reminder same thing every day guys -- thin plays are great if you catch early or if vol builds and trend but if you're chasing major moves please re think your game plan
02:40:07 pm OddStockTrader: GEVO nhod
02:40:29 pm Gxrgreg: GEVO nice strong
02:40:54 pm d4ytrad3: reduce small CRC for lower readd
02:42:08 pm slee: SYNC catching a bid, nhod
02:42:37 pm A2einvestments: SYNC newsletter buy
02:43:01 pm OddStockTrader: lightened some GEVO, nice win
02:45:43 pm d4ytrad3: INVT Inventergy Global, Inc. Announces Settlement With Sonus Networks, Inc.(Dow Jones 06/07 14:45:00)
02:46:33 pm InvestorsLive: nice alert
02:46:36 pm InvestorsLive: get us a halt
02:50:07 pm AssassinaSC: HMNY VWAP
02:50:58 pm Gxrgreg: GEVO took 1/3
02:52:13 pm TexMex: Long DNR, great breakout point on daily chart here at 4.43-4.44
02:53:21 pm InvestorsLive: yep add that to list with ORIG BTE EPE for possible gappers
02:53:27 pm tom86: NUGT and gold rolling over, nicely trapped longs to crush them
02:53:47 pm gigantebaba: RADA RADA Compact Hemispheric Radar (CHR) integrated in IMI Iron FistNETANYA, Israel, June 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RADA Electronic Industries of Netanya, Israel (NASDAQ:RADA) announced today, following the disclosure in the Israeli press that the US Army had selected Israel Military Industries (IMI) to provide it with an active protection system for its armored personnel carriers, that is based on IMI’s “Iron Fist” active protection system, which incorporates the RADA CHR radar system. While the RADA CHR has been integrated and demonstrated to the US Army during their selection process, no firm order has been received by RADA from IMI or the US Army as yet.According to Zvi Alon, RADA's CEO, "We are honored to take part in such important program of the US military and we hope to get production orders soon.”About RADARADA Electronic Industries Ltd. is an Israel-based defense electronics contractor. The Company specializes in the development, production, and sale of Tactical
02:54:49 pm OddStockTrader: RADA super nice
02:58:20 pm Gxrgreg: DNR long
03:00:50 pm InvestorsLive: DISH still - going to watch tomorrow
03:01:18 pm xssara1: CRC moving jigher
03:04:05 pm Gxrgreg: GEVO down to 1/3
03:05:55 pm splendores: RYI starting to crack, may be worth an eye tomorrow. I'm already short lower
03:08:19 pm TexMex: DNR stopped 4.40, failed breakout, rather revisit later
03:08:20 pm Emil: starting to build a swing position in FMSA
03:08:35 pm InvestorsLive: Nice ORIG BTE DNR they listened to us - plan is same getting the ideal dips
03:08:37 pm TexMex: orig
03:08:49 pm Emil: if will work I'm going to keep the stop at today highs
03:09:01 pm DupontTrader: CERE pop
03:09:27 pm InvestorsLive: scooped DNR and ORIG into the dip so far BTE missed by a hair
03:09:31 pm InvestorsLive: leaving room for 3:30PM
03:10:30 pm ShortVandelay: INVT back to whence it came almost
03:10:50 pm JoeKush: GSAT perking
03:12:49 pm InvestorsLive: BTE started in
03:13:06 pm InvestorsLive: again big picture idea guys not looking for a today trade
03:13:13 pm tbw_trade: bte
03:13:14 pm InvestorsLive: if they go nuts sure, but looking to absorb into pulls
03:14:41 pm B1rko: CRC nhod
03:15:09 pm ShortVandelay: SPY heavy
03:15:51 pm InvestorsLive: nice on SUNEQ may be enough to push it even tho it changes nothing for company just don't tell whomever ideally buys .17 + off me that
03:16:01 pm stealthtrader: lol
03:16:10 pm gigantebaba: (Bloomberg) -- SunEdison Inc. tells judge in Manhattan bankruptcy court Tuesday that it has consensual agreement on $1.3 billion financing package after last-minute haggling over final wording.Company is before U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Stuart Bernstein to seek approval of loanAt outset of hearing, lawyers were still discussing termsNOTE: Loan was already revised last month to allow for probe of company’s pre-bankruptcy conductCASE: SunEdison Inc., 16-10992, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan)
03:17:08 pm Emil: Rminder: Webinar after the close today at 4:15pm
03:17:31 pm Jedt: AKAO NHOD
03:17:36 pm trader530: Wedbush has been the largest clearing firm today allowing you to short as much as you want on HMNY, they messed up by allowing HMNY shorts and, heard they just blocked any new shorts at Lightspeed their biggest affiliate
03:18:45 pm raghu: no wonder
03:19:29 pm bryan123: i can confirm no more locates as lightspeed
03:19:34 pm bryan123: re HMNY
03:20:10 pm InvestorsLive: Great alert giga on SUNEQ - thx
03:21:54 pm InvestorsLive: prob it on SUNEQ
03:22:15 pm InvestorsLive: once please realize news was zzz and doesn't change the $0
03:22:47 pm d4ytrad3: b GEVO
03:29:47 pm Kami: VLTC under 4
03:32:57 pm splendores: I can still short HMNY fwiw. Lucky me 😉
03:34:41 pm trader530: watch CTXS on FFIV news
03:35:49 pm Jedt: FFIV halted
03:38:56 pm ShortVandelay: SPY pull big
03:41:12 pm d4ytrad3: b FFIV
03:41:19 pm JamyJames: Earthquake in Indonesia 6.6 magnitude
03:42:43 pm d4ytrad3: LINEQ push
03:44:14 pm d4ytrad3: add FFIV
03:44:27 pm Richey66: shorted little FFIV 123.97
03:45:35 pm AsianTrader: Long CTXS
03:45:59 pm ettothree: CMCM near breakout
03:48:56 pm d4ytrad3: taking some CALI into wash for tmr
03:49:36 pm Richey66: covered FFIV 123.6
03:50:38 pm InvestorsLive: UNIS nice alert early Tex non stop
03:50:50 pm InvestorsLive: all these turds PRAN UNIS types etc all worth eyes weak open vs. chases
03:50:56 pm InvestorsLive: tomorrow
03:51:27 pm TexMex: UNIS i'm booking some profits, rather come back to it tomorrow morning ^^^^
03:51:53 pm InvestorsLive: HMNY may still have a gap in it tomorrow I took a few hundred for fun
03:52:05 pm InvestorsLive: Risk = $3/share LOL
03:52:26 pm InvestorsLive: but if it has a weak open tomorrow I'll be looking for same trade as shorts from today likely avg price is $9-10 range
03:52:45 pm InvestorsLive: gappers are same as mentioned early
03:53:19 pm JoeKush: GBSN scooped some 1.68s to hold
03:53:30 pm InvestorsLive: Anyone new or building an acct obviously HMNY is not anything to touch
03:54:40 pm d4ytrad3: SALT CNBC pump
03:57:56 pm ThePacer: took a few HMNY as well
04:00:06 pm InvestorsLive: And that's a wrap!
04:00:11 pm InvestorsLive: Great job today guys well done
04:00:31 pm d4ytrad3: Alaska Airlines To Fly on Gevo's Renewable Alcohol to Jet Fuel(Dow Jones 06/07 16:00:02)
04:00:45 pm d4ytrad3: GEVO might be rehas tho

HMNY 1 Minute Chart


  1. Nice trades, how do you tell when its panic and you buy? and what was your reasoning that HMNY day 1 was a good time to get long?

  2. Nice trades. Where did you start in on HMNY day 1?

  3. Long on washouts? k. So ur initial entry is based on a feeling this was crowded on the short side and can squeeze, and its later confirmed when it breaks out higher and previous res turns into support?

    • Right based on how they absorbed off dips and held key levels just like today's guidance

      • awesome thanks

  4. When you buy on washouts, especially in pre-market, where is your risk level, what if it keeps washing out more and more? Thanks for the awesome teachings

    • I'd suggest the video be watched! On it talked about VWAP over/under as the guide.

      If it keeps washing that's why you use washout size and use a judgement off next .50 or whole number mark.

      • Got it thanks!


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