Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday June 15, 2020

by | Jun 14, 2020

Do we ever have a lot to talk about!

First off - I DO NOT have an account management program. There is countless fake impersonation account soliciting followers every single day. Instagram does nothing about it except blames COVID-19 as if their employees can't work from home.

Never have I ever anticipated/expected what's happening is possible. I'm told it's better than 1999-2000. This is exactly what we practice for, prepare for and how hard work and dedication pays off.

Just when I have best career day or week it happens again and again week after week COMPOUNDING. It's less of a victory lap because the market will always humble us but more so a lead into this:

Thing is, I'm not trying for it. I'm just trading my process, trading the plan and the trades are taking care of themselves.


"I'm not trying for it. I'm just trading my process, trading the plan and the trades are taking care of themselves."

As great as it is, I know many are having a hard time or not doing well. And, it's not because they weren't trading well it's because they're trying to catch up. They feel behind. They feel left out. They feel like they missed a huge opportunity. They FORCE the trade. They push hard to make the $$.

Since when do you push hard to make $$?

You're chasing $$ -- you trade the PROCESS! If you trade the PROCESS and exhibit good risk management the results will be a nice PnL. This is why PROCESS is everything. If you don't have one - start with paper find out what you're good at. Zone in, focus and as you see success in any one or two areas FOCUS there.

If you TRY to make you will lose. The trades do the work not you.

Last two Sunday scans I talk about how people are going to start losing a lot of $$ very quickly. I hope over the last two weeks you've been cautious and have seen exactly what I was talking about ahead of time - unfolding.

Keep your $$ you only need to get rich once - and unfortunate most won't realize they were doing just fine until it's GONE.

Some big warnings over the last weeks. GNUS obviously you guys know.

IZEA I warned about in depth Thursday and Friday. The CEO used and abused the increased stupidity of the markets and took full advantage putting an ATM out in the AM and suggesting they had big news at 3PM -- in other words they bought 6 hours of paper selling time while everyone just held long waiting for a big announcement that turned out to be NOTHING but a BS "launch" -- stock will fade back where it came from over time.

Next was XSPA this past week about 50% off the highs from the warning. I actually got some lip from StockTwits about how I was wrong -- but they forgot to factor in the reverse split -- which would put the warning (and when I shorted) in the mid $8s.

Many started out the same way - we all see someone making huge $$ and get drawn in. We see big PnL's and we think "Hey, if I just do what they say I'll be there too" meanwhile - is that really the case?

NEVER SIGN UP TO A SERVICE THAT STREAMS THEIR BUYS AND SELLS REAL TIME. You will be fleeced. Typically I'm quiet and stay in my own lane and never speak badly but the extent of the fraud and manipulation going on is so high -- I have to warn everyone.

It started with ITRM, then JFIN (with LESS than 10,000 shares traded and over 12,000 people watching 4500 real time 8000+ one minute delayed) buying and selling over and over attempting break out the stock, shove it into circuit halts single-handedly. CHNR was the last example buying the $5 break out before it faded to about $1.30 per share multiple times.

The problem is to prove fraud -- you have to be able to show intent. Despite anyone with half a brain knowing what's going on -- it's like telling a cop you didn't know you were going 130mph in a 30mph. I mean sure - maybe you didn't? LOL.

Anyway the real problem is this: They buy buy buy talk about where they are going to add add add and while they are talking about adding they sell it all. "Okay long 18K shares ... $5 test going to add at $5.10 for a break out to $5.20 okay 400 shares left" wait ... what? You just sold when you said you were going to add at $5.10?

Point here is people are getting SMOKED BADLY. That's all I am going to say - regulators will take care of the rest in time. This is just a public service announcement - I don't want to name names, I don't want the names in the comments if you are at a service that matches that or you've heard of it - RUN don't walk.

And that's not even a pitch for my own service - I'd rather you at ZERO services just to stay safe.

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

IZEA higher better - major trade on Friday from the ideal spelled out pre market on broadcast. Was net short per plan but boxed -- I was upset at first because I hadn't sold enough of the box throughout the day and then it came back up to $2.60s + and unloaded the entire box getting net short on side. Covered some at $1.6x's they floated it back up to $1.9x's + AHs and I re put some back on. Currently net short - stock likely falls back under $1 near term. Total pump and dump move - just a typical Robinhood craze style name. Higher is better for re loads.

MRNA #s around the US are starting to tick up again on re opens so -- that sucks but may move this thing. Keeping a steady eye on it as it's been a good one. I want to be there for the next $5-8 unwind day again.

CHNR CTIB KBSF higher better and unwind red.

FMCI I think this is super front loaded -- all SPACs were going -- I think all pops will be sold off near term and work out the retail longs and maybe in a few weeks start looking for a reversal trade. For now, gap open is best and looking to fade it just like the trade I posted on Friday. Probably won't be as clean as that though.

XSPA higher better and looking to fade this. StockTwitters came after me since I called it a short / warned at $2.80 and it's now $5.50s -- funny part is they forgot to split adjust (it had a reverse split) -- that $2.80 = $8.40 ๐Ÿ™‚ anyhow, IDEALLY $6-6.20 + shove then fade off. Look at MARK chart for some ideas.


AVCT 30 mil to no vol watching if sets up over $5 -- ideally some break out squeeze or fun. Assuming it fades off and does nothing but setting price alerts if it sets up over $5

HGSH no position but watching if .70s firm up may dabble dips.

JAKK nice one all day Friday sold 70% into the close parabolic and held a few over just in case - watching dips if it holds again. If it gaps and fails I'd look to flip from long to short and fade back sub $1

ARTW someone shoved it in a big way into close then used some bids AHs to push it up but didn't really turn into much. I bought on the swipes late day small to take it for a test drive - assuming it may have just been FOMO into close until proves otherwise.

DYAI break out chart look vs $8

Failed Follow Through:

XRF higher better vs $3 for back side.

LAKE I think is fading off people's radars possible quiet fade sub $18

ZI setting price alerts vs. $55 -- ideally $56-57 gap .... fade and scale sub $55 vs. $55 risk.

NAKD still short from the $2.50-2.60 day when I shorted in the room -- boxed into the flush and exited that long box into the $1.60-1.70s when posted in the room/Twitter and still short. Major swing so far - Higher better for re loads until back sub .70s.

WAFU higher better and fade again.

DPW had a great swing short - they had a PR the other day and gapped up had 100mil + then no vol so it CAN definitely go -- but I don't really trust it. Looking to fade any upside that fails.

Staying Familiar:

There are all for price alerts -- nothing much for


  1. The comparison to the btc market in 2017 is so true!

    Max pain is coming fer sure.

  2. Comment

  3. Thanks a lot Nate for ur videos and thoughts on coming plays..i really appreciate the psychological part of the video..sometimes we struggle to refocus on the right state of mind, especially after a winning or a losing trade...we need to be centered on the process that has given us our edge. Also, thanks a lot on the heads up on what is going on right now in the industry, there is a lot of phony stuff going on. Keep it up Nate, and happy birthday!!!!!

  4. Great info this week. I appreciate that you talk honestly and warn us to the fact that some services are scamming, and some companies are gaming the system with the timing of their press releases.

  5. Without doubt my biggest takeaway was not to worry about what PnL anyone else is posting and not to get distracted by them. Stay in my lane and try to concentrate on my process to get me to where I want to be. MASSIVE !

  6. Hey, I'm new to trading. How is live-streaming a bad thing if the trader repeatedly warns followers it's only for educational purposes and that there is probably a lag, so one should not attempt to copy their trades because it would be impossible to do so accurately.

  7. You mentioned boxing your trade. How can I box a trade and end up shorting the ticker?

  8. 2 great points both I have learned the hard way. Cash out some profits and have a short memory. Everyday is unique. I canโ€™t wait to be the IU one day.


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