DCIX Trade Recap and Takeaways + Chat Logs

by | Nov 3, 2017

IU Chat Logs for Nov 3, 2017

07:54:07 am InvestorsLivegm all
07:54:20 am cmorbutz: gm
07:54:39 am InvestorsLivegotta remember CC
07:54:41 am InvestorsLiveman SBUX what a rally
07:55:04 am InvestorsLiveor maybe im just bitter I owned it $3.50 ago
07:55:30 am @realDonaldTrump - Pocahontas just stated that the Democrats, lead by the legendary Crooked Hillary Clinton, rigged the Primaries! Lets go FBI & Justice Dept.
07:55:37 am InvestorsLiveWING some gap
07:56:11 am InvestorsLiveP disaster
07:57:18 am InvestorsLiveDATA known to have major range
07:59:28 am fahdieno: IMGNgap down
07:59:30 am fahdieno: IMGN
08:00:35 am @d4ytrad3 - Bob Duggan Assumes Chairmanship, @ $PLSE
08:03:22 am InvestorsLiveGROW nice move lately
08:03:51 am @realDonaldTrump - ISIS just claimed the Degenerate Animal who killed, and so badly wounded, the wonderful people on the West Side, was "their soldier." .....
08:04:03 am InvestorsLiveTEVA has $7 tgt by MS this AM
08:05:22 am InvestorsLivejoined AAPL ss
08:05:40 am InvestorsLiveP is like AKS these $1-2 rangers
08:05:43 am InvestorsLivein cheap names uglyyyy
08:08:40 am InvestorsLiveDATA another few bucks
08:08:59 am InvestorsLiveSBUX near r/g
08:10:02 am InvestorsLiveDCIX buck gap
08:10:06 am InvestorsLivestarted after hours to walk up
08:11:05 am InvestorsLiveMELI nice gap
08:11:33 am @realDonaldTrump - ...Based on that, the Military has hit ISIS "much harder" over the last two days. They will pay a big price for every attack on us!
08:12:29 am InvestorsLiveUsually ingore $5-8 stocks but lately they'be been moving $2 down
08:12:33 am InvestorsLiveOCLR AKS etc ...
08:12:44 am InvestorsLiveKEYW P PACB IMGN CBL latest
08:14:26 am InvestorsLiveAAPL I'm always early on first entry last night too before the big splash
08:14:29 am InvestorsLiveadded a few
08:14:35 am InvestorsLivemid .20s avg 1/3
08:15:20 am spectre: s AAPL starter
08:15:42 am InvestorsLivegeez ANET
08:15:56 am InvestorsLivesmacked into the close now ripped
08:17:04 am InvestorsLiveBLMN down too
08:17:31 am TradeAddict: FLS big unwinder yesterday noone has seen
08:18:10 am spectre: AAPL stopped.
08:18:34 am InvestorsLiveFLS nuts
08:18:39 am InvestorsLiveso many of these candles yesterday
08:20:50 am InvestorsLiveThis is why I try not to trade pre lol now AAPL waste my time down almost a buck ha
08:20:54 am InvestorsLivehttps://www.investorsunderground.com/scan-for-110317-from-nate/ top of scan last night
08:20:57 am InvestorsLiveif you guys want to send in a photo
08:20:59 am InvestorsLiveplease do
08:21:50 am InvestorsLivethis BLDP feels like it can fun
08:21:52 am InvestorsLiveif wash opps
08:22:32 am MMLifeMatt: good morning and good luck to all
08:23:32 am InvestorsLiveFigure Monday all the $200 $250 PT come out AAPL
08:24:01 am InvestorsLiveonly 2 are 200 so far surprised no wild ones yet
08:24:20 am InvestorsLiveMeanwhile DCIX is $4
08:25:51 am InvestorsLiveSBUX green
08:25:53 am InvestorsLivebrb
08:26:12 am scrabblehero: nice SBUX what a move
08:31:43 am cmorbutz: NFLX setting up for $2-$3 move over 200
08:32:54 am Arch173rd: DCIX nasty spread
08:33:40 am cmorbutz: /NQ flying
08:33:45 am InvestorsLiveDCIX is very thin
08:33:59 am InvestorsLivedamn coffee cost me some $ AAPL
08:34:35 am xssara1: Morning!!
08:34:43 am InvestorsLivewaiting to scale any size there closer to 9am into open
08:34:50 am InvestorsLiveMTBC another gap
08:34:58 am InvestorsLiveonce again I think real key is going to be just focus on 2-3 maybe 4 names
08:35:08 am InvestorsLiveYesterday was so much going on ... easy to lose focus
08:35:11 am InvestorsLiveso much range lately
08:35:31 am InvestorsLiveGE going to watch weakness w/ risk off yesterday lows
08:36:08 am InvestorsLiveMU marching
08:38:02 am P_Mil: IMGN nice push
08:39:05 am spectre: P nlod
08:39:59 am JimTilton: Somebody is busy this morning
08:40:20 am InvestorsLiveGoal is 3-4 names by open Jim
08:40:24 am seq:
08:40:29 am InvestorsLivecan't wrap my head around all these
08:41:19 am spectre: s SBUX 54.70 risk 50c
08:45:08 am @d4ytrad3 - $RCII market telling Vintage capital exactly what it thinks of its "offer"
08:45:20 am PPOWER: CCL gaping up
08:49:48 am Eurocayman: JUNO gap down 2.3%
08:50:30 am sub2pointzero: KEM some gap after big down day yesterday.
08:50:50 am scott916: BONT delisting as of 11/9 from nasdaq in case hasn't been posted yet
08:52:30 am InvestorsLiveP range is ridic already
08:53:32 am spectre: SBUX covered 1/3 on vwap
08:54:07 am InvestorsLiveAAPL thinking some decent range today 168-180 range maybe better
08:54:11 am InvestorsLiveSBUX prob $2 trade in it at some point
08:54:14 am InvestorsLive945-10AM + sorta join
08:54:34 am InvestorsLiveCC I don't want to lose off radar if and only if it decides to have failed follow thru many itmes moves happen quick and need to be ready to cover
08:54:49 am HITrader: P has someone liquidating like crazy in last 20min
08:54:59 am InvestorsLiveBLDP I think could do $6.50-7 short term if and only if dips/trend holds like XNET was ... I'd want to see dips along a trend healthy pulls but over all trend holding
08:55:01 am InvestorsLivethen may start to gear up
08:55:28 am InvestorsLiveAAPL I'm wrong so far 174.2x's avg starter so far thinking maybe ducks into open quick slam cover and look for a trade after that if not, will move on
08:55:57 am scott916: DCTH 1 for 350 r/s lol, not ORIG but close
08:55:59 am InvestorsLiveTEVA NWL GE all watching for trend join may need a few days - had 2 q's on AMD I think AMD the 'easy' part is over ie: reactive trades and I think it'll be in a consolidation pattern until NVDA is done
08:56:20 am InvestorsLiveJUNO weak open ramp is ideal cautiously and slowly looking to scoop if trend confirms
08:56:23 am InvestorsLiveATH failed follow thru
08:56:32 am InvestorsLivenice work SBUX spectre
08:57:39 am InvestorsLiveP only edge is a wash imo ... $4.80s comes to mind
08:57:54 am InvestorsLiveotherwise trend join this is trading real heavy like NWL was into open
08:58:08 am spectre: SBUX all covered.
08:59:34 am InvestorsLiveVWAP test AAPL
08:59:44 am InvestorsLivetiming is right re: the move just didn't scale
09:00:54 am JimTilton: SBUX ceo on this AM, stronger trade may follow
09:06:46 am InvestorsLiveDATA coming back nicely
09:07:00 am PLelek: P perk
09:08:45 am InvestorsLiveP stuffy still
09:08:48 am InvestorsLiveSPCB still won't go away
09:08:53 am InvestorsLivenada to chase but def aw atch
09:10:24 am spectre: BOOT no vol. nice gap. will eye for volume and trend later
09:11:08 am InvestorsLiveDATA 4 on air
09:11:12 am Umar: DATA gaining back
09:13:07 am InvestorsLiveCBL like P 25% hair cuts
09:13:29 am InvestorsLivefocus for me sorta in batches ... TEVA NWL GE watching for the weak open and rally back style trade ... but secondary sorta watches
09:13:45 am InvestorsLiveAAPL ideally cracks pretty much flattish here from the starter .20 off here
09:13:54 am InvestorsLiveP when SSR comes on may be a nice opp like TEVA yesterday off any wash
09:14:10 am InvestorsLiveJUNO same as scan
09:15:08 am InvestorsLiveTHS ATH CC BLDP on screens as well for scan plan but not reactive out of gate
09:15:09 am cmorbutz: NWL some bids
09:15:14 am scott916: RMAX light volume but good size gap down on some sketchy sounding new re: their CEOs
09:15:20 am @d4ytrad3 - $EROS Eros Now Announces Entry into South African Market with Telecel Global Partnership (Dow Jones 11/03 05:15:00)
09:15:21 am scott916: *news
09:15:34 am fahdieno: ISIG lil gap
09:15:52 am InvestorsLiveWING skipping on air
09:16:01 am InvestorsLivehas range potential
09:16:28 am Just_cool_penguin: CBL gap down
09:17:52 am PLelek: KEM gap... failed follow through opp
09:18:04 am InvestorsLivebest to get up earlier than 13 minutes before open ^ re: CBL
09:19:09 am P_Mil: IMGN perk
09:21:34 am AT09DCIX awake
09:21:50 am InvestorsLiveP nasty candle attacked that 500k offer
09:23:13 am InvestorsLivenailed AAPL .. woo wee for a dime sick trade ... $1.50 risk .10 reward
09:23:53 am JimTilton: Risk v Reward not recommended ^
09:24:34 am InvestorsLiveMy focus today is going to be patience and look to join vs. out of gate
09:24:37 am iromano4: may as well have gone long pre e/r re AAPL
09:24:40 am InvestorsLiveie: ATVI failed follow thru etc
09:25:00 am InvestorsLiveDCIX still going
09:25:01 am Most Mentioned Tickers, Pre: AAPL(71), P(70), SBUX(51), DCIX(30), DATA(25)


09:25:14 am Top tweeted pre-market: AAPL P SBUX ANET TSLA TEVA IMGN AMZN WING CBL
09:26:18 am cmorbutz: DATA push
09:27:02 am JimTilton: OO Tweet: TEVA A Price Below $8 Is Real - RBCMS re-its Underweight, Drops PT $14 -> $7
09:27:10 am trader530gabelli downgrading OLED
09:27:17 am InvestorsLiveThis DCIX don't underestimate it
09:27:31 am InvestorsLiveeither direction but could be great if a lot short the gap and turns into a $7-10 + runner
09:27:42 am InvestorsLiveGE back
09:27:46 am InvestorsLiveyesterday lows was in the .60s
09:28:26 am cmorbutz: 2 mins
09:28:39 am gblair: JD perk
09:30:16 am InvestorsLiveDCIX ramp
09:30:18 am JimTilton: SBUX low of the pre-market last 90 minutes
09:30:22 am InvestorsLivewill trade this thing cautuously
09:30:44 am cmorbutz: P pop
09:31:12 am InvestorsLivecov some AAPL
09:31:16 am fahdieno: ss DATA
09:31:16 am InvestorsLivegoing to scale ATVI ss if pops fail
09:31:35 am elkwood66ss tiny STMP
09:31:52 am InvestorsLiveall cov AAPL
09:31:59 am cmorbutz: JUNO r/g
09:32:05 am InvestorsLiveDCIX important to have ur own plan - but nice so far
09:32:16 am InvestorsLivescalnig ATVI
09:32:19 am elkwood66ss tiny OLED
09:32:41 am InvestorsLivenice pull AAPL
09:32:46 am strangeracer: DCIX is insane
09:32:55 am cmorbutz: long some AAPL into wash
09:32:56 am fahdieno: stopped DATA
09:33:01 am JimTilton: ATVI red
09:33:05 am PLelek: KEM ramp
09:33:10 am InvestorsLiveATVI nasty guys
09:33:13 am elkwood66OLEd theres 2$
09:33:14 am cmorbutz: NWL
09:33:15 am InvestorsLivesick nail
09:33:42 am elkwood66STMP murdered
09:33:45 am InvestorsLiveCC I told you guys - dont let me forgget
09:33:46 am cmorbutz: NWL huge
09:34:10 am huskybrusky: ISIG nhod
09:34:34 am InvestorsLiveDamn NWL nasty
09:34:37 am elkwood66add TEVA
09:34:55 am cmorbutz: P hods
09:35:17 am BLR3000: b ZGNX starter
09:35:40 am Ron: JUNO on r/g
09:35:47 am ollietrolly: DRYS sympathy?
09:35:57 am InvestorsLivescaled more ATVI
09:36:04 am P_Mil: SNAP push
09:36:05 am elkwood66STMP i think easily 10 more dollar
09:36:13 am TaurGuy: JUNO snap
09:36:21 am InvestorsLiveJUNO fast slam
09:36:23 am fahdieno: re ss DATA
09:36:25 am InvestorsLiveAAPL steady sell
09:36:28 am InvestorsLiveCC nearing 50 test
09:37:01 am MMLifeMatt: TEVA nHOD
09:37:14 am Ksav: ITUS nhod
09:37:39 am @KerrisdaleCap - $ADMS: Productive call/update last night. Interesting new tidbit - 40% of Gocovri patients experience ≥50% reduction in dyskinesia. High #s!
09:37:45 am Emilstarted in TEVA short
09:37:59 am fahdieno: XNET nhods
09:38:06 am OddStockTraderXNET lil push
09:38:22 am Ksav: ITUS nhod
09:38:42 am InvestorsLiveTEVA nice off wash r/g test
09:38:47 am InvestorsLiveBLDP theres a good wash too watching dips if trend ohlds
09:38:49 am elkwood66add TEVA ss
09:38:50 am InvestorsLiveADMS fresh highs
09:39:33 am P_Mil: SNAP hod break
09:39:58 am fahdieno: LBIX push
09:40:00 am Hardo: AAP near yesterday's low
09:40:06 am MMLifeMatt: SBUX nHOD
09:41:02 am TaurGuy: JUNO Washing
09:41:11 am Hilltop_88: ss KEM ss NWL
09:41:11 am scrabblehero: BLDP nice wash and ramp near hod
09:41:14 am InvestorsLiveJUNO not taking off radar -- have a feeling 10AM + will offer a nice ramp back later on
09:41:17 am InvestorsLiveno position but watching
09:41:26 am InvestorsLiveP big rally
09:41:49 am elkwood66lookin 170s to cover STMP
09:41:49 am InvestorsLiveBscaling BLDP
09:41:52 am InvestorsLivescaling * per scan plan
09:41:53 am OddStockTraderCERS impressive
09:41:55 am fahdieno: MTBC red
09:42:22 am BLR3000: XNET was newsletter fwiw
09:42:56 am InvestorsLiveTEVA next leg
09:43:07 am InvestorsLiveAAPL guess I should held still thinking 168 potential
09:43:15 am InvestorsLivemay lean back on it if offers some pops
09:43:18 am Hilltop_88: cover 1/2 KEM
09:43:24 am InvestorsLiveJUNO that was fast
09:43:48 am huskybrusky: XNET nHOD
09:43:50 am InvestorsLiveadded more BLDP
09:44:34 am P_Mil: SNAP nhod
09:44:41 am Emiladded few more TEVA
09:44:49 am Emillast add until back side
09:44:52 am InvestorsLiveNWL comments yesterday that morning move first 15 min likely to get back to VWAP and back to selling (once they seller comes back into market) happening now
09:45:08 am InvestorsLiveCC faield follow thru
09:45:27 am InvestorsLiveTAL steady trend
09:45:34 am elkwood66STMP yes sir
09:45:39 am InvestorsLiveXNET like with $11.80 guide
09:45:43 am elkwood66179s
09:45:45 am Hilltop_88: cov NWL for sm profit
09:45:50 am InvestorsLivenice short Eric STMP
09:45:57 am InvestorsLiveJUNO higher
09:46:00 am PLelek: MU gave up gap
09:46:01 am fahdieno: covered half DATA
09:46:05 am trader530FDC hearing jana going activist in it new large top position
09:46:16 am InvestorsLivethinking $60 rip $62 likely I was hoping more dips and not a rebound this soon was hoping 10 AM + o well
09:46:30 am PPOWER: GE perk
09:46:51 am InvestorsLiveadding ATVI
09:47:34 am fahdieno: XNET ss
09:47:35 am InvestorsLiveDCIX .80s absorbed prob get rid of all the $5 + chasers work them out as long as it reclaims should be decent if not be cautious - again trade ur own plan here if it holds I wrote what I thought pre but know the history here
09:47:36 am PLelek: OMI decent push
09:47:45 am trader530fdc CONFIRMED
09:48:32 am JBrown: TWTR red
09:49:05 am InvestorsLiveDCIX reminder that still Kalani and still can sell so if it loses trend . you know what's likely if it holds, then likely many will be wrong side make sure you understand that part
09:49:28 am huskybrusky: LBIX nHOD
09:49:43 am snuffleplatypus: ss some XNET, had newsletter on it long
09:49:46 am InvestorsLiveMELI -- DanS we can't forget -- was thikning maybe unwind back red later so far steady fade
09:50:34 am InvestorsLiveJUNO there it is
09:51:00 am AT09yep DCIX Kalani stock , same guy who murdered DRYS
09:51:05 am AT09not saying its a short, float is too low
09:51:09 am AT09just something to be aware of
09:51:32 am InvestorsLive$4.80 is only level now reclaim game on if not stay safe
09:51:36 am InvestorsLiveCC again LODs
09:51:40 am InvestorsLivenice off failed follow thru
09:51:58 am InvestorsLivelike I said last night ... when it moves it moves and china stuff has been getting crushed
09:52:01 am InvestorsLiveJD TAL MOMO etc
09:52:07 am InvestorsLiveanother buck CC
09:52:07 am Ron: BLDP nhods
09:52:13 am Hilltop_88: cov the rest KEM
09:52:28 am InvestorsLiveBLDP added
09:52:35 am fahdieno: covered half XNET
09:52:36 am InvestorsLiveGE watch w/ scan plan
09:52:41 am InvestorsLivedips now prob worth eye
09:52:47 am cmorbutz: TEVA staying up .. started GE long
09:53:10 am InvestorsLivestarted small feeler GE
09:53:45 am Knowgood: GNMK halt
09:55:00 am P_Mil: SNAP speeding up a bit
09:55:16 am cmorbutz: SBUX hods
09:55:17 am Arsenal: PYDS tryin
09:55:45 am InvestorsLiveSBUX steady rip
09:55:56 am P_Mil: ONCS nhod
09:56:18 am cmorbutz: add AAPL long
09:58:27 am InvestorsLiveSNAP day early - nice ramp today
09:58:41 am Arch173rd: CERS multi month B/O
09:59:20 am cmorbutz: SBUX speeding up
09:59:43 am InvestorsLiveJUNO nice trap again
09:59:59 am InvestorsLivescooping slowly dips if no stuffs
10:00:02 am Most Mentioned Tickers, 1st 30m: JUNO(50), TEVA(40), XNET(40), AAPL(35), NWL(30)


10:00:04 am Top tweeted, first 30m: DCIX AAPL ITUS SBUX ISIG LBIX OLED HRC DATA P
10:00:18 am gblair: BLUE at it again
10:00:32 am MMLifeMatt: NWL pulled a bit lower
10:00:33 am InvestorsLivethinking JUNO prob $2 on iar
10:00:43 am MMLifeMatt: JUNO 60+
10:00:53 am gblair: b JUNO
10:00:58 am JimTilton: great call on JUNO
10:00:59 am Hilltop_88: NWL nice unwind so far, hopefully $30.5s today
10:01:02 am sub2pointzero: KEM perk through vwap
10:01:59 am InvestorsLiveTEVA non stop
10:02:18 am Hilltop_88: ss KEM again sm risk hod
10:02:33 am InvestorsLiveFB LODs
10:03:12 am JimTilton: CMOR nice timimg on AAPL
10:03:15 am cmorbutz: s adds AAPL +1ish back to core
10:04:06 am AndrewPZ: ISIG hod
10:04:11 am InvestorsLiveMELI watching this reversal
10:04:27 am cmorbutz: P fade
10:04:32 am Arsenal: MTBC perk
10:05:04 am ameer: AAPL perking up, closing in on VWAP
10:05:08 am sub2pointzero: long KEM
10:05:31 am fahdieno: MTBC gearing
10:05:58 am InvestorsLiveSBUX watching now next pop if it fails
10:06:08 am cmorbutz: CELG steady
10:07:15 am sub2pointzero: KEM nhod
10:07:23 am gblair: IO hod
10:07:23 am Hilltop_88: out ss KEM
10:07:50 am InvestorsLiveBLDP sized down on some adds failed follow thru look to re accum dips poer plant ho
10:09:08 am PLelek: OMI nHod
10:09:44 am InvestorsLiveTRUP on air - steady
10:09:46 am sub2pointzero: sold KEM
10:09:49 am elkwood66STMP theres the 104 more to bad im covered
10:09:53 am elkwood6610$
10:09:53 am cmorbutz: b SBUX
10:09:57 am cmorbutz: starter
10:10:02 am InvestorsLiveBABA AABA heavy
10:10:34 am Hilltop_88: NML cov for now
10:10:37 am Hilltop_88: NWL
10:11:06 am InvestorsLivetook GE off few cents see no edge
10:11:26 am elkwood66STMP still heavy
10:11:34 am JBrown: WLL / OAS abcding
10:11:37 am InvestorsLiveJUNO fail
10:11:44 am fahdieno: cover rest DATA flat
10:12:08 am @AureliusValue - Exactly the dynamic described by different doctor to us $MDXG https://t.co/rl3KvdE6DK
10:12:45 am cmorbutz: took GE off flat
10:12:55 am InvestorsLiveDCIX still sub VWAP but gearing back
10:12:55 am elkwood66PM nate
10:13:28 am cmorbutz: SBUX no adds for me until over .5 w/ base
10:13:34 am fahdieno: RCII hods
10:13:34 am InvestorsLiveVRX unwind
10:13:42 am JBrown: TWTR nlod
10:13:49 am elkwood66ate OLED small loss
10:14:55 am InvestorsLivesnagged few JUNO 5850 over/under guide
10:15:00 am JimTilton: BABA broke yesterdays lod, Wednesday low is 183.58
10:15:00 am InvestorsLivewide picture idea
10:15:39 am InvestorsLiveATVI staying heavy
10:16:20 am elkwood66been leaning hard! TEVA and this is auto swing until punished way higher
10:17:04 am InvestorsLiveMOH monster move -- watcher for later feel free to post any big moves or backside formation - prefer not to miss it off radar but likely will
10:18:48 am InvestorsLiveCC nice rally
10:19:03 am elkwood66fwiw im seeing TEVA similar to GE style so have to be willing to ride the rollercoaster
10:19:06 am cmorbutz: start DATA long
10:19:08 am fahdieno: DATA gearing
10:19:24 am OddStockTraderHMNY 10
10:19:42 am InvestorsLiveMAT inching
10:19:42 am fahdieno: covered some more XNET
10:19:46 am fahdieno: 1/4 left
10:20:25 am PPOWER: GE gearing again
10:21:05 am cmorbutz: add back AAPL
10:21:39 am cmorbutz: add DATA
10:21:39 am QuantTrade: OMER on the rise
10:21:41 am InvestorsLiveFNSR OCLR perk / gear - worth an eye on LITE if any curl up and sustained rebound
10:22:15 am cmorbutz: DATA 1/3 size or so leaving room
10:22:27 am njoerdrson: JD ramp
10:23:04 am MMLifeMatt: NWL failed at 32 again for now
10:23:08 am PPOWER: CCL ramp
10:23:37 am InvestorsLiveVRNS another big ranger
10:24:22 am InvestorsLivejoining NSTG small
10:24:31 am InvestorsLive(pops/offers)
10:24:46 am InvestorsLiveScan hits neg - DISCK T FOXA MO CTL CIG ITUB
10:24:57 am InvestorsLive+ EXC SYMC KEM HDP PYPL JD RCII FNSR
10:24:59 am Ron: BLDP gear
10:25:44 am cmorbutz: done AAPL
10:25:52 am @MoxReports - VERY LONG $RH - analysis coming shortly. Market has missed several big items. Stock headed much higher very soon.
10:26:06 am MMLifeMatt: TEVA pull to VWAP
10:26:35 am AT09DCIX still grinding, be careful if on short side
10:26:42 am DanSRH Mox reports
10:26:45 am DanSthey are long
10:26:45 am AT09got few PMs about it ^
10:26:56 am cmorbutz: JUNO perk
10:27:04 am InvestorsLive$4.80s is key on DCIX same as before but still sub VWAP
10:27:19 am InvestorsLiveagain trade ur plan e know its a turd but doesn't mean there isn't opp off washes
10:27:22 am InvestorsLivewe *
10:27:28 am InvestorsLiveJUNO slowly
10:28:26 am InvestorsLiveMDT like this higehr the better and then failed follow thru to fade it back yesterday big loser
10:28:35 am @realDonaldTrump - Bernie Sanders supporters have every right to be apoplectic of the complete theft of the Dem primary by Crooked Hillary!
10:28:43 am Hilltop_88: re short KEM sm
10:28:58 am InvestorsLiveJUNO if it stuffs will lock af ew in - but ncie rally back off the scoop
10:29:27 am Arch173rd: ISIG nhod
10:29:39 am cmorbutz: s 1/2 DATA
10:29:39 am Hilltop_88: also starter NWL again for vwap fail
10:29:55 am @realDonaldTrump - I always felt I would be running and winning against Bernie Sanders, not Crooked H, without cheating, I was right.
10:30:09 am JT: sbux restarting
10:30:15 am @d4ytrad3 - $SBUX amazing complacency. Given 5pts premium over levels last night all off 1 sentence in cc that could be taken as v. general commentary
10:31:52 am InvestorsLiveVRX steady unwind
10:32:02 am Awatler: NTBC Broke 4.3 support. Let's see if it retests 4.15
10:32:06 am fahdieno: TEVA ss
10:32:07 am Awatler: MTBC
10:32:17 am InvestorsLiveTEVA nice Eric -- VRX speeding
10:33:21 am InvestorsLiveSNES SPCB still on my back radar not momo trades but if they trend in coming days hours etc I am def interested
10:33:41 am cmorbutz: out rest DATA
10:33:44 am @MoxReports - LONG $RH - Article is now up. https://t.co/cUkh2BrH2f
10:33:57 am Emiladding in TEVA
10:34:00 am InvestorsLiveMy goal today was focus so .. not trading as much and just still short ATVI from open and all those adds
10:34:04 am Emiland will add more under 11.5
10:34:13 am fahdieno: covered rest of XNET flat
10:34:22 am cmorbutz: add SBUX long
10:34:29 am InvestorsLivealmost $4/share here so be cautious along way ideally $58-60 splash in perfect world but $4 is a lot - nice job if you nailed too
10:36:42 am iromano4: NRG squeezing
10:37:07 am ameer: CELG on vwap
10:37:12 am InvestorsLiveJUNO on r/g test
10:38:18 am QuantTrade: (again)
10:38:25 am elkwood66OLED nonstop , good covers for loss there
10:38:40 am cmorbutz: started NWL long
10:38:54 am Hilltop_88: cov 1/2 KEM
10:39:11 am QuantTrade: OMER likely backside
10:40:18 am Hilltop_88: another 1/4 KEM cov
10:40:40 am Hilltop_88: the rest to ride out or trend change
10:41:00 am cmorbutz: stopped SBUX
10:41:47 am scott916: FTR through previous 2 day lows
10:41:56 am cmorbutz: re visit over .5 as original plan
10:41:59 am cmorbutz: AAPL push
10:42:00 am @d4ytrad3 - $SBUX technical picture, < $55.75 imo its heading back to red & likely see a drift back to low $54s at least
10:42:19 am JimTilton: Some short term Bearish Puts on VRX VRX Bearish Put Spread — 42,214 November 10.50 puts bought for 0.64 against open interest of 1,955 contracts, 42,214 November 9 puts sold for 0.22 against open interest of 1,984. Stock 11.23.
10:42:28 am InvestorsLiveDCIX nice guys
10:42:48 am JimTilton: VRX earning 11/07
10:43:26 am cmorbutz: long few P
10:43:27 am @d4ytrad3 - Started $DRYS swing Long today; Think $DCIX move going to be shocking & going to reheat the sector
10:43:36 am InvestorsLiveOh yes DCIX locked a bit get me a halt will ya
10:43:46 am cmorbutz: DCIX ncie
10:43:55 am InvestorsLiveYes sir !
10:43:56 am Awatler: DCIX running
10:43:58 am InvestorsLive1/2 left
10:44:15 am InvestorsLivehalt that hoe
10:44:20 am cmorbutz: started back in AAPL long
10:44:22 am JimTilton: OH my!
10:44:50 am @d4ytrad3 - $SBUX rating d/g @ Fitch to A- (ill take whatever I can get, lol)


10:45:04 am @d4ytrad3 - $DCIX talk about timing, huge move!


10:45:26 am @d4ytrad3 - $DRYS I think should be more like $4.75-5.25 here
10:45:35 am cmorbutz: ditch NWL
10:45:43 am InvestorsLiveMonster guys well done on the trade plan DCIX again trade ur plan .. should trade on ur own ... sick reclaim
10:45:43 am Hilltop_88: cov 1/2 NWL
10:45:44 am NewportBeach: PRELF (HIVE Blockchain). GROW owns 10% stake, approximately. Both up.
10:45:50 am InvestorsLivei prob sold too many bu tI always get nervous with Kalani
10:45:56 am @realDonaldTrump - Just took off for ceremony @ Pearl Harbor. Will then be heading to Japan, SKorea, China, Vietnam & the Philippines. Will never let you down!
10:46:21 am OddStockTraderDCIX wild
10:46:30 am InvestorsLive$7 looks more realistic now? from pre .. haha $7-10 goal
10:47:01 am Awatler: DCIX crazy
10:47:35 am Hilltop_88: KEM covered last 1/4, great trade, but not like DCIX wow, great job guys!
10:47:47 am DanSDRYS getting some life
10:48:05 am ollietrolly: you're awesome Nate. didn't take part in DCIX but wow
10:48:18 am TaurGuy: MOH ss Starter risking hod
10:48:40 am InvestorsLiveYep im awesome when I am right
10:48:55 am PLelek: FNSR pull
10:49:31 am OddStockTraderwatching GLBS and other shipper turds, along with CYTR recent r/s for any decent vol
10:50:00 am stapes1: anyone know if DSX still owns stake in DCIX..last i saw was 44% but was awhile back
10:50:28 am InvestorsLiveGuys along w/ Cody comment as with anything
10:50:34 am InvestorsLiveremember unless this goes totally nuts
10:50:37 am InvestorsLivecareful chasing sympathy names
10:50:54 am InvestorsLive1 outta 10 go and many times go and stuff sometimes best to see them prove themselves after the first move
10:51:00 am InvestorsLivejust general warning on these
10:51:15 am InvestorsLivenice eyes as always tho just really trade ur plan be patient don't chase
10:52:16 am OddStockTraderexactly nate
10:52:21 am InvestorsLiveJUNO I took 1/3 into that
10:53:48 am raghu: starter BL here , stop under 6.02
10:53:52 am raghu: CBL
10:54:28 am InvestorsLiveXNET slowly
10:54:33 am Ron: XNET nhods
10:55:53 am @d4ytrad3 - $SITO Announces Multi-Year Partnership with Bell Media to Provide Audience Behavior Insights and Media Solutions
10:57:11 am cmorbutz: TEVA back near hods
10:58:08 am Arch173rd: TEVA nhod
10:58:58 am cmorbutz: AMD curl
10:59:18 am Arch173rd: isig gearing
11:00:05 am Top tweeted, previous hour: DCIX AAPL SBUX ISIG GBT TSLA P OLED ANET LBIX
11:00:15 am InvestorsLiveCRUS gap and unwind
11:00:20 am PLelek: TEVA stuffed
11:00:26 am fahdieno: re short DATA
11:02:00 am klaw: SPCB pop
11:03:46 am Awatler: MTBC Testing LOD
11:04:10 am InvestorsLiveSPCB / SNES all low vol under radar trading them etc but not posting after this unless big moves since no momentum and best I think under radar
11:04:16 am @d4ytrad3 - $HMNY fwiw, think this is still not a chase / not time for start of round 2 just yet, but on dips, worth dipping into until trend builds
11:06:05 am raghu: add CBL
11:07:08 am InvestorsLiveAIG staying heavy
11:07:21 am @d4ytrad3 - $MNKD one to watch if trend keeps building; historically BIG runs into EPS (Tues), so still some good runway here to turn into momo play
11:07:45 am InvestorsLiveseems like $6.10 is the new $4.80 on DCIX will be a key level imo
11:08:15 am @d4ytrad3 - $OSTK pop here, but feels like nearing the end of "Round 1" - going to be stalking for a $6-8pt SHARP pullback soon
11:08:28 am Knowgood: GNMK pushing off vwap
11:08:29 am InvestorsLiveagain comments are same everyone should have a minimum of $1-1.50 padding here so all comments thoughts are w/ that in mind but ... don't forget what stock this is ... but at the same time since Kalani is ther e so will shorts anad if they aren't hammering on offer then there is a good chance of nice action
11:08:42 am InvestorsLivebut again should be at least 1/2 and $1-1.50 + padding if not, stay cautious be cautious
11:09:39 am cmorbutz: SBUX gearing
11:09:48 am cmorbutz: .5 key level
11:10:20 am Awatler: MTBC bleeding out.
11:11:06 am InvestorsLiveSNES thru $3 again nice - but not a chase imo
11:11:39 am InvestorsLiveNSTG fail off VWAP
11:11:40 am P_Mil: SNAP nice action so far
11:13:04 am Ron: BLDP pulls
11:13:28 am InvestorsLivemoved on BLDP re visit Monday or another time when it sets up
11:13:40 am InvestorsLiveJUNO test again
11:14:42 am Hilltop_88: another stab at KEM ss been good to me so far
11:14:57 am InvestorsLiveUNVR TWX slow fizzle ... aKS nearing 4
11:15:41 am raghu: scratched off the adds on CBL , its filing to breakout
11:16:07 am InvestorsLiveJUNO
11:16:35 am gblair: s 1/2 JUNO
11:18:41 am AT09like nate said $6.10 over under on DCIX now
11:19:21 am Awatler: DCIX Testing HOD
11:19:54 am AT09PYDS pull
11:19:59 am trader530EQT moving up on SP comments about 11M to buy
11:20:04 am trader530from ISI
11:20:38 am DGTrading101DATA sub vwap
11:20:53 am cmorbutz: re trying some long NWL
11:21:09 am InvestorsLive1/3 JUNO left for now
11:21:37 am Hilltop_88: NWL taking off, took my $$ covered
11:21:47 am cmorbutz: nice NWL
11:22:14 am InvestorsLiveback to 1/2 JUNO will risk on VWAP on rest
11:22:19 am InvestorsLiveDCIX nasty
11:22:22 am InvestorsLivebe smart along way
11:22:37 am Just_cool_penguin: DCIX another Abcd/
11:22:40 am Just_cool_penguin: ?
11:22:47 am gblair: JUNO s 1/4
11:23:54 am Hilltop_88: reshort NWL hod guide
11:24:26 am elkwood66TEVA more D/G and ugly note
11:24:29 am InvestorsLiveATVI LODs
11:26:04 am JimTilton: AAPL 172.5 resistance, then VWAP test
11:26:20 am ameer: JUNO nHoD
11:26:40 am InvestorsLiveJUNO great work guys
11:26:44 am InvestorsLiveDCIX magical
11:27:31 am ameer: DCIX felt like it was alrdy too late to chase at 6..
11:28:19 am PLelek: OMI nHOD
11:28:39 am InvestorsLiveTWX lower
11:29:08 am Hilltop_88: Nate did say $7-10 DCIX, great call chief! I'm on the sidelines on this one now
11:29:45 am cmorbutz: s NWL
11:30:23 am fahdieno: covered half DATA
11:32:08 am Umar: ACIA down
11:32:31 am Hilltop_88: covered 1/4 NWL 1/2 at vwap is the plan
11:32:38 am Ron: P nearing lods
11:34:13 am Just_cool_penguin: DCIX is growing like on steroids
11:35:00 am Hilltop_88: NWL covered all into that push, better to scalp this one on the shorts. i believe it has potential to explode today
11:35:49 am Hilltop_88: if NWL returns to vwap and it holds, i may switch to long bias
11:35:59 am InvestorsLiveDCIX getting thin
11:37:11 am InvestorsLivedone JUNO for now
11:37:12 am TaurGuy: sold 1/4 DCIX +3.72
11:37:19 am InvestorsLivewant to concentrate on ATVI and DCIX this is getting unreal
11:38:23 am Arch173rd: DRYS running sympathy
11:38:52 am InvestorsLiveTOPS as well
11:38:58 am InvestorsLivesympathy has a nice secondary push fueling each otehr
11:39:07 am InvestorsLivenice big fail there ATVI
11:39:18 am TaurGuy: Bail MOH ss - .27
11:40:00 am Hilltop_88: cov 1/2 KEM taking profits
11:40:43 am InvestorsLivecovered first batch 1/4 ATVI
11:40:52 am InvestorsLiveDCIX going towards the top end of range oh my
11:41:15 am InvestorsLive1/4 DCIX left
11:41:18 am InvestorsLivesick doubler
11:41:21 am TaurGuy: sold another 1/4 DCIX
11:41:31 am InvestorsLiveonce again usually when I sell the easy $$ comes the $1-2 power upticks haha
11:42:01 am jcherniack: nice sales
11:42:23 am Hilltop_88: cov the rest KEM see what the vwap test brings
11:43:26 am gblair: TOPS going
11:43:26 am InvestorsLiveBLDP nice exits
11:44:09 am elkwood66ok im out , all cash except TEVA and a couple longterm plays , headed for gold have a great weekend , TEVA is a swing
11:44:31 am JimTilton: Gold = Golf
11:44:58 am trader530Gronk on CNBC next, he gonna tout DCIX ?
11:45:14 am bryanplace86: lol
11:45:16 am InvestorsLivelol -- some emoji thing
11:45:26 am JimTilton: AAPL testing VWAP
11:45:46 am scott916: ^ the emojis cost $10 per month I hear
11:46:14 am P_Mil: SNAP hod test
11:46:48 am InvestorsLiveleaning on K
11:46:57 am P_Mil: SNAP nhod
11:48:32 am PLelek: IO ramp
11:48:48 am JimTilton: :dice made just for XSS?
11:50:43 am JimTilton: AAPL above VWAP
11:51:20 am InvestorsLiveUA UAA steady fades
11:51:35 am InvestorsLiveUNVR more lows, and PG heavy
11:52:06 am Maximus: Short OMER, tight stop
11:54:05 am TexMexXBIT XBiotech’s MABp1 to be Featured in Oral Presentation at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 11:54:00 GLB
11:54:53 am InvestorsLiveSNAP beauty
11:56:25 am P_Mil: yessir ^
11:56:48 am PLelek: OMI unwinding
11:57:36 am InvestorsLiveW steady grind
11:57:49 am cmorbutz: AAPL adding along trend
11:57:58 am InvestorsLiveATVI key level for potential reversal if it fails prob unwinds (need as stuff) if not will look to add more
11:58:06 am InvestorsLivefrom the covers into the LODs
11:58:20 am InvestorsLiveif so *
11:58:24 am InvestorsLiveif not, will likely size down
11:59:07 am PLelek: ss XNET
11:59:38 am Maximus: OMER stopped
11:59:59 am InvestorsLiveMYO low vol inch
12:00:04 pm Top tweeted, previous hour: DCIX AAPL HMNY DRYS ALNY SBUX TSLA BABA NVDA RCII
12:00:52 pm InvestorsLiveDCIX killer trader off washes the panics are met with .70-.90 bounces
12:00:52 pm InvestorsLiveridic
12:01:41 pm trader530OSTK sweeper
12:01:53 pm trader530they are awful too
12:02:00 pm Ksav: NLNK moving
12:03:18 pm TaurGuy: re ss MOH small
12:03:22 pm InvestorsLivePLSE HODs the Druggan way
12:03:58 pm InvestorsLiveDuggan
12:05:02 pm InvestorsLiveGoing to lean on FCAU
12:05:19 pm InvestorsLiveLOW HODs
12:05:26 pm cmorbutz: SBUX
12:05:46 pm PLelek: XNET crack
12:06:12 pm cmorbutz: sold 1/3 SBUX
12:06:30 pm PPOWER: TEVA cracking vwap
12:06:56 pm cmorbutz: sold adds AAPL
12:07:03 pm InvestorsLiveRH straight down since Mox report
12:07:18 pm huskybrusky: GROW growing
12:07:59 pm cmorbutz: NWL lods
12:09:23 pm iromano4: HZNP slow mover but look like its trying to break out of long consolidation
12:09:52 pm @realDonaldTrump - The rigged Dem Primary, one of the biggest political stories in years, got ZERO coverage on Fake News Network TV last night. Disgraceful!
12:11:10 pm TradeAddict: WMT steady all day on the breakout chart
12:11:47 pm @d4ytrad3 - StreetSweeper made some cautions comments $OSTK just earlier -while generally not as actionable, their last mention $TRXC went -30% in 2days
12:12:33 pm InvestorsLiveFOXA steady lows
12:12:58 pm InvestorsLivejust baby sitting DCIX ATVI and some small K FCAU starts -- here to help in lounge or PM guys - nice way to end week trying to behave rest of day.
12:13:26 pm @adamfeuerstein - The $ABBV and now $AXON trial readout delays have marred our Q4 Scorecard! Still, we soldier on, emoji-fying.… https://t.co/bJkCXCHTTo
12:14:10 pm InvestorsLiveATH from yest unwinding
12:14:13 pm InvestorsLiveVLO fader
12:14:45 pm scott916: FTR more lows
12:16:35 pm OddStockTraderDCIX gearing again
12:18:23 pm cmorbutz: done SBUX majority
12:18:37 pm InvestorsLiveATVI
12:18:59 pm cmorbutz: DCIX hods
12:19:17 pm OddStockTraderTOPS some gear as well
12:19:37 pm DGTrading101TOPS some newsletter out on it
12:19:40 pm TaurGuy: closed DCIX
12:19:44 pm @d4ytrad3 - $DRYS revising my thoughts entirely; had said 4.75-5.25; I think need to start thinking about $7.50-10 if we kick into momo mode
12:19:48 pm TaurGuy: ran out of shares
12:20:03 pm iromano4: NRG new highs
12:20:42 pm @d4ytrad3 - The move on Sympathy stocks is always delayed, but catches on FAST once it gets going. 10% Monday gap & go could well be in playbook $DRYS
12:21:44 pm PPOWER: TEVA nice fade off that hod rejection
12:22:11 pm @realDonaldTrump - JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! https://t.co/twUNktGbnb
12:22:28 pm OddStockTraderTOPS nhod
12:22:35 pm Scottm169: XNET approaching g/r
12:22:37 pm InvestorsLiveK moved on
12:22:47 pm huskybrusky: ITUS nHOD
12:23:44 pm snuffleplatypus: XNET short from earlier working well
12:23:47 pm cmorbutz: AAPL sold majority
12:26:18 pm InvestorsLiveReminder top of scan last night -- send in some pics: [email protected] https://www.investorsunderground.com/scan-for-110317-from-nate/
12:27:54 pm InvestorsLivecashed up FCAU
12:28:53 pm InvestorsLiveOSTK sweeping shorts out of the way
12:30:32 pm Arch173rd: DRYS sloppy gearing, looking ABCD ish
12:32:16 pm AT09DCIX speeding up again
12:32:19 pm InvestorsLivelikely a margin stop out here
12:32:25 pm InvestorsLivesome big upticsk
12:33:06 pm TaurGuy: Whoa
12:33:08 pm InvestorsLiveall out DCIX
12:33:10 pm AT09DCIX para
12:33:21 pm JimTilton: Waiting for the 13-14 today call DCIX
12:33:26 pm AT09short DCIX
12:33:29 pm 66213: Very nice guys,DCIX
12:33:47 pm OddStockTraderreverse shorting for the win
12:33:51 pm InvestorsLiveRemember what i said
12:33:52 pm InvestorsLiveusually when i sell
12:33:57 pm InvestorsLivethe power upticks come
12:34:05 pm InvestorsLive$15 and halt very possible
12:34:12 pm AT09add DCIX short
12:35:06 pm AT09that was 100% para / margin call blow out
12:35:29 pm Umar: DCIX insane...
12:35:30 pm InvestorsLiveLikely just got some more shorts in there now
12:35:40 pm InvestorsLivenot trying to be contrary but if this pauses
12:35:43 pm InvestorsLivenext leg will be $2-3
12:35:44 pm InvestorsLiveon air
12:35:58 pm InvestorsLivenop matter teh side be cautious guys very dangerous one
12:36:02 pm OddStockTraderGLBS testing highs
12:37:08 pm AT09want < $10 for covers DCIX
12:37:30 pm InvestorsLivescooped the wash using 9 guide scalp only
12:37:56 pm InvestorsLiveif stuffs wil be out not going to post every entry / exit
12:38:06 pm InvestorsLivegets dangerous after the first wash and snap back up
12:38:33 pm InvestorsLiveATVI i think 1 more trade later on on this blow off
12:39:11 pm InvestorsLiveATH still unwidning
12:40:14 pm InvestorsLivere start ATVI ss
12:40:39 pm InvestorsLiveI guess its worth noting that the crazier DCIX gets def potential for request for more info style halt so any trades on it -- realize that
12:41:53 pm InvestorsLiveLRCX like htis one for a lean on it -- starting in -- Jim you may like this look
12:43:10 pm InvestorsLiveDCIX thinned up again if it stuffs - then will be done avoid but seems to have absorbed
12:43:12 pm InvestorsLivehit or miss here
12:44:14 pm iromano4: damn, literally stopped out DCIX on on lod, 4.21, unreal
12:45:41 pm InvestorsLivePerfect DCIX
12:45:48 pm InvestorsLiveLRCX watching 205.50s as goal
12:46:06 pm InvestorsLiveI don't like the risk akk dibe DCUX'
12:46:10 pm InvestorsLiveall done DCIX
12:46:11 pm InvestorsLivedamn keyboard
12:46:38 pm P_Mil: SNAP nhod
12:46:40 pm InvestorsLiveI really do think it can squeeze out again but r/r not in my favor ... if i do trade it'll be real small
12:46:46 pm InvestorsLivethis is where the nuttyy moves come
12:46:49 pm InvestorsLiveif this goes its gonna go fast
12:47:58 pm InvestorsLivecouldnt stay away but again
12:48:05 pm InvestorsLivemy comments are not trying to be bullish here
12:48:10 pm InvestorsLivemore of a warning for those fighting trend
12:48:15 pm InvestorsLivepletny of range and time
12:48:55 pm JimTilton: JD some nice option calls 42.50, stock is testing resistance at 38.60
12:49:06 pm InvestorsLivebingo DCIX
12:49:09 pm MileHighTrader: holy
12:49:14 pm OddStockTradersick sick read nate
12:49:15 pm bryanplace86: o.O
12:49:48 pm InvestorsLiveall done again illw atch to 15
12:50:21 pm Arch173rd: ^machine
12:50:46 pm SS1IU: we need a buzz lightyear (to infinity and beyond) emoji for stocks like DCIX
12:50:52 pm SS1IU: lol
12:50:58 pm TaurGuy: MOH vwap break
12:51:31 pm P_Mil: ONCS solid recovery- perk back on highs
12:52:30 pm InvestorsLive99% of the time I sell these para names too early right before the big upticks hence the warnings hope they helped folks stay safe
12:52:38 pm InvestorsLiveRemember after the big upticks come the bigger upticks
12:52:52 pm InvestorsLivethe $2 ramps turn to $4 ramps the $4 ramps turn into parabolic account breakers
12:53:46 pm TWB52: starting to think its time to go into Swedepilot mode and buy your dire warnings..lol
12:53:57 pm OddStockTrader:rocket
12:54:11 pm InvestorsLiveI got that $10.50 wash nicely but all the people asking me about a halt scared me lol
12:54:16 pm JimTilton: 14's :money:rocket
12:54:59 pm @realDonaldTrump - The decision on Sergeant Bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace to our Country and to our Military.
12:55:20 pm Awatler: DCIX.. Sooo crazy!
12:55:40 pm gblair: insane calls Nate
12:56:21 pm Impertrader: DCIX next resistance 161547 :rocket
12:56:23 pm InvestorsLiveThe halt risk is there which is why I sized down ... its not a bash etc just .. why I sized down if I trade 10k ... I wouldn't want to get caught with 10k rather get caught 1-2k
12:56:46 pm InvestorsLiveso just food for thought and be cautious from here on out it may not at all not meant to scare at all just ... realistic in this day and age w/ these momo names and nasdaq
12:57:18 pm SS1IU: investorslive...can you say that DCIX is going to 100?....pretty please with a cherry on top?....lmao
12:57:23 pm OddStockTradertook starter ESEA (only for swing idea, best chart in case shippers all go crazy again)
12:57:55 pm PPOWER: TEVA g/r
12:58:44 pm Ltd: hi everyone
12:58:59 pm InvestorsLiveATVI coming in
12:59:00 pm SS1IU: not in DCIX but i enjoy watching things like this move higher fast...hope many are profitting
12:59:38 pm Ron: DRYS relative weakness
01:00:05 pm Top tweeted, previous hour: DCIX AAPL DRYS FRFS TOPS ISIG XNET P OSTK TSLA
01:01:22 pm JimTilton: FB curl
01:02:56 pm InvestorsLiveTWTR getting long slowly
01:03:40 pm scrabblehero: BLDP VWAP test
01:05:09 pm Hilltop_88: KEM long start
01:05:27 pm JimTilton: FB .50 off VWAO, not a 10.00 move like DCIX but easier for me
01:05:31 pm JimTilton: VWAP
01:06:01 pm cmorbutz: TWTR nice eye
01:06:31 pm cmorbutz: starting in there as well
01:10:01 pm InvestorsLiveRidic DCIX getting REAL thin now
01:10:06 pm TaurGuy: JUNO big fail
01:10:12 pm InvestorsLivepaper thin
01:10:44 pm InvestorsLiveThere's the upticks getting gigger can go into a circuit a few more of those
01:12:05 pm InvestorsLivebigger *
01:13:16 pm MileHighTrader: DCIX holds 15 probably 20 later
01:13:46 pm Eurocayman: TEVA pop off g/r line again
01:19:48 pm Arch173rd: DRYS based and broke back through 4.50
01:19:56 pm QuantTrade: GE green
01:20:44 pm JovanC: GE nHOD
01:21:10 pm cmorbutz: started long GE
01:21:43 pm _81_: or DCIX will just go to 20 now maybe...
01:22:29 pm InvestorsLiveSkipping dollars DCIX
01:22:36 pm OddStockTradertoop bunch of TOPS long
01:22:47 pm nick00787: DCIX Just like that
01:23:02 pm InvestorsLiveThis is people blowing up now on DCIX
01:23:15 pm OddStockTraderhalt would be great for sympathys on DCIX
01:23:30 pm teodora: don't think many had access to share to short
01:24:05 pm InvestorsLiveuh ...
01:24:23 pm InvestorsLiveit woudn't be at 19 if no shorts
01:24:27 pm cmorbutz: DCIX insane, anyone still there?
01:25:04 pm cmorbutz: GE nice move to hods I'm in starter so far
01:25:59 pm Awatler: Didn't even get started... lol
01:26:03 pm Hilltop_88: i keep snapping super small size on dips and dumping whole size on pops DCIX but super small
01:26:13 pm InvestorsLivestarted into some GE will look to add add add if right
01:26:22 pm InvestorsLiveTWTR ditched flattish few cents off LRCX canned the feeler as well
01:26:25 pm InvestorsLiveATVI sticking around for now
01:26:51 pm @d4ytrad3 - $DCIX at this point, you have to REALLY think about HALT risk if you are long imo
01:26:57 pm _81_: DCIX puke
01:26:59 pm cmorbutz: DCIX 3 dolla dip
01:27:26 pm @d4ytrad3 - If really are bullish on $DCIX here for higher, plenty of other shipper sector names you can buy that are lagging bigtime (all of them) lol
01:27:34 pm JarrodV: Alex must have leaned on it
01:28:03 pm OddStockTraderhell of a snapback there
01:28:06 pm claudiubadau: "dip"
01:28:18 pm _81_: DCIX already recovered unreal
01:28:20 pm nick00787: wow
01:29:15 pm cmorbutz: scale GE lil
01:29:24 pm InvestorsLiveadded some GE
01:29:40 pm InvestorsLiveVWAP over/under my stop if ATVI cant peak
01:30:22 pm Hilltop_88: KEM still being weak, no patience for it until confirm. out long
01:31:02 pm InvestorsLiveFriday slow squeeze MDXG
01:32:29 pm DanSACAD rip
01:32:41 pm InvestorsLivedone ATVI
01:32:56 pm OddStockTraderSINO nhod
01:33:02 pm InvestorsLiveprob is top but rather focus elswhere
01:34:38 pm InvestorsLiveGLBS rather than being first in on the first push -- here is example follow thru
01:34:41 pm InvestorsLiveproven worth eye
01:34:54 pm JBrown: WLL nhod
01:35:21 pm cmorbutz: GE nice
01:35:22 pm cmorbutz: hods
01:37:11 pm OddStockTraderESEA perk
01:38:11 pm cmorbutz: AAPL steady
01:38:24 pm cmorbutz: all out here
01:39:20 pm Arch173rd: SINO and GLBS a little sympathy there too
01:39:48 pm OddStockTraderdo it ESEA, sweeet
01:40:03 pm DanSQCOM
01:40:16 pm KG87: QCOM spike
01:40:27 pm @d4ytrad3 - $AVGO reportedly considering bid for $QCOM
01:40:40 pm OddStockTraderGLBS as well, oh boy
01:40:46 pm Arch173rd: DRYS higher lows after triple top looking for EOD squeeze
01:40:50 pm DanSNXPI tank
01:41:32 pm cmorbutz: QCOM rip
01:41:47 pm OddStockTraderadding to ESEA dips
01:42:04 pm OddStockTraderTOPS nhod
01:42:23 pm P_Mil: IMGN hod test
01:42:29 pm Image posted by InvestorsLive

01:42:34 pm InvestorsLiveKey level on GE to watch
01:42:38 pm cmorbutz: QCOM missed 60 ss darnit
01:42:45 pm trader530smells like a headlock to get NXPI
01:43:14 pm @d4ytrad3 - $DCIX $11-13 on retrace imo
01:43:45 pm Arch173rd: SINO holding near HOD
01:43:55 pm cmorbutz: TEVA push
01:43:57 pm InvestorsLiveTEVA skipping up on way low vol
01:44:33 pm P_Mil: IMGN nhod
01:46:40 pm Arch173rd: TOPS nhod
01:47:19 pm OddStockTraderdone 1/2 TOPS
01:47:20 pm nick00787: TOPS
01:48:26 pm OddStockTraderdone TOPS
01:49:22 pm 66213: Very nice Cody TOPS
01:49:35 pm OddStockTraderway early lol on sells
01:49:39 pm MMLifeMatt: TEVA huge volume candle here
01:49:54 pm OddStockTraderEGLE no pos yet, but untouced...want to see some vol
01:51:09 pm MMLifeMatt: GE nHOD
01:51:48 pm OddStockTradergeeezus TOPS
01:52:07 pm Hilltop_88: ss NWL again looking for .5s risk over under 31
01:52:07 pm cmorbutz: sold 1/4 GE .17
01:54:09 pm MMLifeMatt: TEVA volume and a bit higher
01:54:35 pm InvestorsLiveGLBS bingo
01:55:56 pm InvestorsLivelocked some GE nasty ramop
01:55:56 pm OddStockTraderESEA hod
01:56:50 pm BJBTtrades: TOPS crazy ripper
01:56:59 pm cmorbutz: sold down to 1/2 GE
01:57:21 pm cmorbutz: QCOM push
01:57:22 pm InvestorsLiveI only sized down cuz I needed some BP lol - GE as I've said is any size due to liquidity had a grip
01:57:23 pm Myles: DCIX reminsicent of drys is nov last year
01:57:50 pm OddStockTraderTOPS imma fool
01:58:03 pm BJBTtrades: haha a little too early
01:58:06 pm Arch173rd: DRYS volume coming in
01:58:46 pm _81_: DRYS near hod
01:58:55 pm cmorbutz: long some TEVA
01:59:14 pm gigatrade: SINO perk
01:59:19 pm cmorbutz: QCOM another buck
01:59:27 pm trader530dow jones now on QCOM
01:59:30 pm trader5302nd source
01:59:52 pm OddStockTraderSINO again
01:59:54 pm OddStockTraderGLBS!
02:00:04 pm Top tweeted, previous hour: DCIX TOPS AMZN QCOM AVGO GLBS AAPL DRYS TSLA ACAD
02:00:10 pm InvestorsLivescalping QCOM
02:00:14 pm InvestorsLiveif any fast ramps
02:00:18 pm InvestorsLivewill post but prob quick
02:00:37 pm InvestorsLivenm happens too fast lol
02:01:10 pm Hilltop_88: KEM coming back it seems, I'm in a piece
02:01:16 pm BJBTtrades: TOPS theres the pull
02:01:19 pm nick00787: Tripple day for me lol DCIX TOPS
02:02:54 pm InvestorsLiveQCOM monster monster squeezer
02:03:16 pm cmorbutz: QCOM shew
02:03:22 pm InvestorsLivess
02:03:30 pm BLR3000: WATT - 8 test lol
02:04:14 pm phihix: DCIX i wonder did any short when broker today
02:04:23 pm InvestorsLivePlease add value to chat
02:04:25 pm InvestorsLiveor none at all - ty
02:04:32 pm InvestorsLivecovering some QCOM nice
02:05:22 pm InvestorsLive1/2 QCOM left
02:05:43 pm P_Mil: IMGN r/g
02:06:06 pm InvestorsLivenasty quick hit QCOM fast $1.50 pull
02:06:25 pm @AureliusValue - There you have it $MDXG. Pete wont address clear evidence of malfeasance at the VA https://t.co/FhkdYLWSFh
02:06:28 pm DanSNXPI hit
02:07:54 pm Hilltop_88: sold the top of the last pop 3/4 KEM dumped the remaining when it pulled
02:08:24 pm Hilltop_88: still ss NWL unwinding slowly taking some off .5s
02:08:44 pm Arch173rd: DRYS another higher low
02:09:01 pm P_Mil: IMGN nice push off r/g line
02:09:04 pm InvestorsLiveTSLA ripping
02:09:06 pm cmorbutz: GE hods
02:09:29 pm InvestorsLivecov more QCOM
02:10:37 pm InvestorsLiveTHC steady unwind
02:10:49 pm InvestorsLiveSNAP monster missed this one -- nice plan but didn't get there
02:11:07 pm cmorbutz: GE !
02:11:07 pm InvestorsLiveGE MAJOR !
02:11:08 pm MMLifeMatt: GE accelerates
02:11:14 pm InvestorsLivesee it busted that line I posted
02:11:27 pm cmorbutz: sold some more GE
02:11:46 pm cmorbutz: nice alert GE
02:12:27 pm MMLifeMatt: TEVA might also be ready to go
02:12:36 pm InvestorsLiveall covered QCOM
02:12:51 pm InvestorsLivemaybe I look back at $58 but that was sick -- safety first
02:13:34 pm daniiit: NRG 52w high
02:13:34 pm _81_: DRYS nhod
02:13:36 pm Hilltop_88: obviously $16.50s key area for KEM, waiting for a confirm of some sort after this triple bottom
02:13:44 pm InvestorsLiveQCOM I only like to trade in and out b/c if true halts etc and rips .. or if deny ... slams
02:13:44 pm cmorbutz: TEVA nice strength breach of hod might see 12
02:13:53 pm InvestorsLiveI typically trade first move and leave it alone
02:14:34 pm cmorbutz: 1/3 left GE
02:15:27 pm InvestorsLiveATVI -- very happy w/ those covers
02:15:30 pm InvestorsLiveQCOM sub 62
02:19:23 pm InvestorsLiveVWAP test QCOM
02:20:52 pm MMLifeMatt: TEVA HOD test
02:20:58 pm InvestorsLiveGE if it holds that line -- then maybe slow march into close if not -- prob sideways 'the GE way'
02:21:41 pm OddStockTraderGEVO odd vol, feels like someone bout to pump it
02:21:47 pm cmorbutz: adding TEVA long
02:23:06 pm InvestorsLiveSN another big day there on the swing
02:23:12 pm InvestorsLivehopefully finally pays so I can get rid of it
02:23:16 pm InvestorsLiveDCIX big crack there
02:28:16 pm _81_: DCIX sub 15
02:28:52 pm DanSINTC hit
02:29:03 pm DanSNXPI LOD
02:29:13 pm Arch173rd: DCIX DRYS TOPS wheels coming off
02:29:19 pm Impertrader: TOPS HALTED
02:29:29 pm InvestorsLiveTOPS just price halt
02:30:03 pm Arsenal: K nLOD
02:30:59 pm JackTheDog: NFLX 200 break and hod's
02:31:04 pm @d4ytrad3 - Expecting a $TOPS development in the coming days that will also be for $DRYS imo; more thoughts to come on wknd
02:31:38 pm cmorbutz: s TWTR for few cents loss
02:34:23 pm OddStockTraderlon TOPS
02:35:05 pm @d4ytrad3 - $SBUX took all day, but finally weakening slightly here technically; long way to go to reprice...
02:35:05 pm P_Mil: IMGN nhod
02:35:19 pm OddStockTraderadded TOPS, vwap guide
02:35:27 pm InvestorsLiveINTC nice alert Dan
02:35:30 pm InvestorsLiveNXPI too
02:35:37 pm InvestorsLivegreat calls/eyes this week appreciated
02:35:41 pm DanSNXPI monster
02:37:46 pm OddStockTradertook scalp TOPS
02:39:11 pm MMLifeMatt: TEVA fail
02:39:12 pm BLR3000: TEVA - pull
02:39:38 pm QuantTrade: TEVA HOD retest stuff repeat of yday
02:41:45 pm InvestorsLiveHopeful for a pop on INTC into 46s but I am joining into any pops/offers to start then scale if right sub .50s but prefer higehr
02:43:11 pm iromano4: Sweet reversal on CALA, watching for breakout
02:43:28 pm MMLifeMatt: GE so far held the 20.20 inflection level
02:46:45 pm OddStockTraderotc but trading all dips TWMJF, love the daily
02:48:16 pm InvestorsLivelocked a bit GE in re load if yanks again or add if breaks out -- avoid if slow grind
02:48:23 pm InvestorsLiveSNAP beauty
02:48:24 pm P_Mil: SNAP fresh highs
02:49:14 pm InvestorsLiveQCOM another big test prior level
02:50:28 pm InvestorsLiveINTC coming into range, see if a stuff to add if it just grinds likely just move along
02:50:50 pm InvestorsLiveCCL gave back the day
02:53:22 pm OddStockTraderECYT thru 5
02:55:52 pm OddStockTraderfeels risky, but scooped TOPS again
02:56:43 pm InvestorsLiveINTC w/ NXPI
02:57:04 pm InvestorsLiveEDU from scan rolling
02:57:23 pm InvestorsLive1/3 GE left
02:58:36 pm InvestorsLiveall out GE
02:58:54 pm InvestorsLiveleaning a bit EDU will look to get short 82 guide over/under if grind then no add if cracks and starts to peak 8150s wills cale
02:59:29 pm gblair: ss INTC starter
03:00:02 pm daniiit: NRG through 28s
03:00:05 pm Top tweeted, previous hour: QCOM DCIX AVGO TOPS AAPL NXPI AMZN BB TSLA TEAM
03:00:29 pm InvestorsLiveAMD ABCDing HOD test
03:01:23 pm MrAnderson: HMNY crack
03:01:43 pm OddStockTraderlast add TOPS, if .75 can't reclaim gonna take loss
03:03:04 pm InvestorsLivemoved on INTC
03:03:13 pm InvestorsLiveHMNY dip and rip
03:04:25 pm InvestorsLiveGROW gavce the entire gap back
03:05:36 pm InvestorsLiveBe aware lotta air in DCIX by days end ... easy $1-2 air crack
03:05:44 pm InvestorsLivethen another $1-2 right after
03:06:11 pm Zain: similar thoughts on TOPS, Nate?
03:06:41 pm InvestorsLiveTSLA non stop since the perk
03:08:28 pm iromano4: everything ripping it seems
03:09:24 pm cmorbutz: TEVA coming back around still in.. will stop under .5
03:09:57 pm ameer: AMD nHOD
03:10:12 pm OddStockTradertook loss TOPS
03:11:14 pm OddStockTraderECYT lil pop
03:11:44 pm InvestorsLiveFSLR big day
03:14:36 pm InvestorsLiveCVS slam
03:14:39 pm DanSAET spike
03:14:44 pm DanSCVS rumors again
03:14:57 pm InvestorsLiveshewww
03:14:57 pm Arch173rd: TEVA another hod rewjection
03:17:03 pm P_Mil: OPGN push
03:18:07 pm InvestorsLivenice alert AET
03:18:46 pm trader530HIIQ 13d by cannell cap
03:18:51 pm trader5308%
03:19:00 pm Hilltop_88: MNKD g/r hopeful for unwind for the rest of the day
03:19:08 pm @d4ytrad3 - $HIIQ new 8.1% stake by Cannell Capital


03:19:49 pm @d4ytrad3 - $HIIQ ontop of huge earns yest & shook out the weak hands, nice trifecta setup
03:20:01 pm DanSHIIQ high short interest
03:20:05 pm DanS42%
03:21:06 pm PPOWER: CVS right back
03:23:09 pm cmorbutz: QCOM push
03:23:11 pm OddStockTraderDCIX pretty orderly pullback last two hours, probably gets jammed up in close
03:23:11 pm InvestorsLiveEDU done
03:24:02 pm cmadini: QCOM
03:24:05 pm cmadini: small curl
03:26:36 pm OddStockTraderTWMJF continues
03:27:59 pm OddStockTraderMYO crazy ramper there
03:28:43 pm QuantTrade: MYO earnings?
03:30:39 pm Arch173rd: TEVA heading back down
03:30:40 pm Mas: W non stop
03:32:42 pm InvestorsLivebrb
03:35:00 pm @d4ytrad3 - $DCIX nice fat dip right into range; may be a decent scalp re-entry here
03:38:39 pm MileHighTrader: these bounce plays on DCIX are nutty
03:38:51 pm BLR3000: ZGNX some perk
03:40:34 pm InvestorsLivePYDS near r/g prob buy ins
03:45:02 pm No post earnings today
03:45:50 pm metamo: fwiw CVS e/r premarket 11/6. in case anyone trading overnight.
03:48:23 pm Umar: AXL
03:49:51 pm Hilltop_88: DCIX big range on dip buys all afternoon, will likely pop some prior to close, but my nerves are done.
03:50:17 pm MileHighTrader: QCOM pull
03:51:03 pm InvestorsLiveMoxReports put in the top on RH
03:51:49 pm ameer: MU nLoD
03:54:20 pm BLR3000: ILG - daily bo
03:54:50 pm InvestorsLiveMissed HMSY some how 40% rebound intraday - nuts
03:55:19 pm InvestorsLiveMU slamming
03:56:44 pm InvestorsLiveEDU red
03:57:04 pm iromano4: NEOS ripping
03:58:24 pm InvestorsLivePLSE gave it all back
03:58:52 pm MileHighTrader: DCIX probably a gap on monday
03:59:05 pm InvestorsLiveup or down -- to be determined 😉
04:00:02 pm Most Mentioned Tickers, today: DCIX(469), TEVA(225), GE(195), AAPL(187), JUNO(172)


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