Week in Review: March 16-20, 2020

by | Mar 20, 2020

Another insane week in the books. Each day felt like it lasted a week as everyone is getting up early to maximize these trading conditions. If you are new to trading this is a great time to be learning. Moves that normally take hours are taking minutes to work themselves out. I hope everyone gets some rest this weekend as I am sure things will be just as crazy next week.

UAL Scan and Trade

There were a ton of bounce opportunities this week. With the possibility of a bailout for airlines being discussed at a press conference this gave a nice trade.



PENN Bounce

Just like the trade above, this gave a nice bounce trade with the ABCD pattern showing members the way.



LK Fade

Nate was waiting for LK to put in a top and fade back on Wednesday. Using that high of day as a risk area ended up with .50 risk for $3.50 reward.




Having the best news guys as part of the IU community is one of the biggest benefits there are. Always early and actionable.



PENN Round Two

The first round was a long trade and Fridays was a short trade. You can see how the running commentary not only helps guide the members but teaches them how to do this on their own.

Thanks for all the comments you guys have been leaving or emailing. Let me know if you need anything. [email protected]






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