Week in Review: August 23-27, 2021

by | Aug 27, 2021

The craziness is back. Small caps, short squeezes, etc. This week had it all. There are so many options that no matter what your A+ setups are, they are everywhere. I am on vacation next week so I won't be trading and won't be doing the blog next Friday.



ABVC Failed Follow Through

This one put in a nice double top before failing so that gave a solid area to put your risk.



RBLX Risk/Reward

Emil liked this long trade just based on the R/R. Ended up being a great trade.




Nice early post by T530 and also worked out great by giving a dip to add size before the meat of the move.




This is a little bit different than the failed follow through setup. Nate started in short before it really failed. This is where using a starter size and then adding if right is the correct play.



SPRT Plans

I just wanted to show the ideas and plans that are shared on the scan and also during PM. Can lead to awesome trades but also keeps members out of trouble.

Have a great weekend.


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