[VIDEO] How To Trade Major Gap Down Washout Days, They Don't Come Often!

by | Apr 18, 2016

These are some of the most fun days in the market. There have only been a handful of them in the last six months and they really give some amazing opportunities to ANYONE who prepares for it. The last few gap down days were when SPY was at the lows. We saw red candle after red candle and finally the panic set in it gapped down a few hundred points and the wash out came in. Typically this happens within the first one or two minutes for optimal entry.

The way I typically trade these days is by picking stocks I wouldn't mind "getting stuck in" if I am early, wrong etc. I always give myself more fire power to add on gap downs like this and typically stay out of the trade until market open. The goal for me is to take advantage of the market orders on open and any more washout as a result of it.

Today we were super prepared and the only thing I did wrong was I didn't buy enough 🙂

My whole thought today was that this whole oil Doha meeting stuff was NEVER expected to have a freeze. That was the excuse people gave as to "why oil ran" and when there was no idea, media ate that up. "NO DEAL!!" so bad!! etc ... But it wasn't EXPECTED. So to that, it smelled like opportunity. Gap it down !! In fact I thought it may go green as I wrote - and it nearly did !

Here's a recap from today and how I trade washouts.

Enjoy the video!

I've included the morning chat logs today so you can see the plan prior to market open to see why/how I prepared the way I did which are posted at the bottom.

Below are some entries and charts of the trades we did today:

Whenever trading energy names I always watch USO XLE and XOP

Here are the morning washout snags WLL bottom ended up being $9.60 I just took the offer - this is one of those times it's quick reaction that matters - PAY THE ECN fee don't be cheap !

CLF was probably the best trade idea of the day given that NUGT involves more risk than most should be taking and CPXX well that was picture perfect but the help of some heavily followed bio guys had some negative view points that took it down so although it was perfect, it definitely was unnatural but I won't complain!

CLF I had overnight from last week. I'd been buying dips for a few days, sold most before the close, and added in this morning. I scaled up throughout the day, sold a bunch $4.45-4.46 into close and holding rest over. We'll see how it goes.

CHK perfect fade right into the open volume candle and straight up. If you weren't fortunate enough to snag the wash out - where was the next ABCD set up and risk that you see? Leave a comment in the comment section!

SDRL I've been trading washouts the past few days and been holding over. I had $3.50 entry from last week had a bunch added added and sold more than 3/4s of it Friday into close given the Doha news expected Sunday. So I did start "down" compared to Friday on this but given the entry no big deal and this opportunity was an absolute gift.

CPXX as explained on the video - wrong at first but did the right thing. Nothing wrong with trading in the first few minutes off emotion but it's a scalp and if it doesn't do as expected or starts to collect and head higher GET OUT and hope for higher - that's exactly what we did!

I waited for it to blow off into the $17s $17.30-.40 and the volume bar then got short and added to winner - you can see my scale and short here:

As you can see I downsized a BIT too early but I never get angry about it as I may have been "too patient" and covered at the same spot anyway.

NUGT ended up being my main gainer with an entry then the scale which you can see below:

What is important to note here is the scale - entry to start then add, add, and slammed in when it was about to wash (or at least I thought it was going to). I was extremely happy with my covers on NUGT. I'm best out of the gate on NUGT but I absolutely have the most difficulty with it after 10:30AM and during lull when I try to anticipate direction. The best way to trade this ETF for ME is either 1) Join trend 2) out of the gate 3) into the last 30-40 minutes

AVOID OTHERWISE if you see me trading it any other time, please PM me and slap me !!

08:09:05 am InvestorsLive: CHK hoping they give us a 1-2 candle gift
08:27:52 am InvestorsLive: in a market like this I look for the big gap downers that are excessive vs. peers
08:27:59 am InvestorsLive: then ideally we get 1-2 candles in the first few minutes to react to
08:28:04 am InvestorsLive: and either scalp quickly or let them work
08:28:27 am InvestorsLive: SM WLL DNR ESV CHK CLF SDRL types and many more will scan here shortly
08:28:51 am InvestorsLive: going to watch failed follow through on CPXX - nice big gap
08:30:48 am InvestorsLive: Key today is not being too biased in any one direction - reactive trades out of the gate for sure but look at big picture
08:30:59 am InvestorsLive: let things come to you
08:31:04 am InvestorsLive: Theranos CEO on CNBC
08:34:04 am nblancha: CYTX IMMU RXDX all health, all gap up of 10%+, all up on news. Could potentially set up for the failed follow through later in the day
08:35:36 am InvestorsLive: OTIV worth eye on dips today, news a minute ago
08:35:55 am InvestorsLive: chart break $1.05-1.10 area
08:36:42 am InvestorsLive: Crude ramp
08:36:45 am Eurocayman: Crude nice off that 38.50 support
08:37:46 am n2growth: Crude front mo rolled over to June today FYI
08:37:49 am elielitvin: DSCO is now WINT, fyi
08:43:43 am Mikez: ^n2groth, that was yesterday fwiw
08:44:04 am InvestorsLive: dang nice gap on ORPN
08:45:00 am InvestorsLive: MDVN worth an eye for $55 push then fizzle
08:45:06 am InvestorsLive: CPXX higher the better
08:45:25 am InvestorsLive: CHK SDRL WLL MRO focus spots for me prob w/ same game plan as mentioned
08:45:57 am InvestorsLive: PTCT any big washes as well
08:48:29 am elielitvin: GBSN wait up... sub 4
08:48:39 am elkwood66: beauty on the ss swing
08:57:27 am InvestorsLive: have your plans out of the gate find the names you like most for potential washes - reactive trades on oil/gas is what I am looking for
08:57:33 am Umar: CHMA & CLMT 54 and 48% down
08:57:48 am InvestorsLive: if you're nto familiar with what that is, it's ok -- relax, focus and be patient for trades later on after the settle and set up
08:58:35 am InvestorsLive: also remember things do NOT have to bounce so if you nail a wash and rebounds don't turn a nice scalp into a full day hold/loser
09:01:39 am joshclick: RPRX floating back up
09:02:31 am d4ytrad3: Kandi Technologies Reports the JV Company’s EV Models Receive Tax Exemption Approval
09:03:20 am elielitvin: DSCO name change takes effect at market open, tomorrow...http://finance.yahoo.com/news/discovery-labs-changes-name-windtree-123000156.html
09:07:49 am InvestorsLive: SKLN nice gapper so far
09:10:04 am InvestorsLive: Cramer says ESV is most important
09:10:12 am InvestorsLive: that $9.25 #
09:13:02 am InvestorsLive: CPXX reactive trade into a para for me
09:13:08 am InvestorsLive: then looking for back side to add
09:15:24 am d4ytrad3: AMDA *DJ Amedica Signs Exclusive Chinese Silicon Nitride Distribution Agreement(Dow Jones 04/18 09:15:04)
09:16:07 am Emil: main CPXX RPRX PTCT ideally will have a squeeze out of the gate
09:16:38 am Emil: AEZS will watch weak open r/g type of move for more upside
09:16:59 am InvestorsLive: DDD STX on watch from scan as well but going to be busy w/ the oil/gas mentioned out of gate
09:17:04 am InvestorsLive: will re visit those once things settle
09:17:43 am InvestorsLive: RPRX small recovery so far ideally has a morning ramp/squeeze out for more opportunity on downside, likely won't touch since all the rest are going
09:18:49 am CarpeGallus: EGN O&G name tends to fade hard. will look for a pop to 37.50's o/u for an ss mkt provided
09:22:00 am InvestorsLive: AMDA that was fast
09:24:24 am InvestorsLive: ESV perk
09:27:58 am InvestorsLive: Entry in everything guys be patient and let the trades come to you - lots of action this AM
09:28:07 am InvestorsLive: ESV running away from me but I'll wait
09:28:56 am Knowgood: PTCT dip
09:29:07 am c137: 1 min
09:29:37 am InvestorsLive: SKLN HODs
09:31:03 am InvestorsLive: started CPXX
09:31:06 am InvestorsLive: per plan
09:31:42 am Emil: TRXC slap
09:31:44 am InvestorsLive: started CHK
09:31:49 am InvestorsLive: NUGT slap
09:32:00 am OddStockTrader: scooped more SKLN long
09:32:08 am SatoshiTrader: FIT green
09:32:44 am cornel28: long CHK
09:32:56 am Muddy: RXDX fade
09:33:01 am Yelk: long ORPN .80s starter willing to let it dip more towards red
09:33:05 am InvestorsLive: SDRL WLL as well per plans
09:33:34 am joshclick: RPRX para
09:33:50 am InvestorsLive: WLL bingo
09:33:51 am InvestorsLive: nice
09:33:57 am Muddy: RXDX under 9
09:34:05 am Yelk: ss RPRX .71
09:34:35 am InvestorsLive: CHK nice rip
09:34:39 am Muddy: AMDA big
09:35:32 am OddStockTrader: CANN push
09:35:37 am InvestorsLive: starting NUGT ss into pops and add if red
09:35:49 am InvestorsLive: CPXX - 15.20 is area I am watching for any adds until then staying careful
09:36:08 am Muddy: RXDX lod
09:36:09 am Deezy: ESS NLOD
09:36:12 am InvestorsLive: remember - nice nails on these take some profits along way guys
09:36:15 am SatoshiTrader: FIT breakout
09:36:45 am InvestorsLive: ESV HODs
09:36:47 am Muddy: ORPN near red
09:36:56 am InvestorsLive: CLF near r/g
09:37:17 am InvestorsLive: SDRL some push
09:37:26 am Savino: Long SDRL... strated
09:37:30 am OddStockTrader: bailed SKLN
09:37:31 am Savino: started
09:37:37 am InvestorsLive: ESV GODs
09:37:39 am InvestorsLive: HODs *
09:37:40 am elielitvin: ss PTCT 8.25
09:37:42 am InvestorsLive: CLF on r/g
09:38:05 am bbstock: SDRL long 3.62
09:38:47 am Muddy: SKLN red
09:38:49 am InvestorsLive: TWTR LODs
09:38:53 am ThePacer: ARIA move off lows
09:39:17 am Muddy: MNOV trying 10 cross
09:39:33 am Muddy: AMDA drop
09:39:38 am OddStockTrader: TRTC thr .50s
09:39:53 am InvestorsLive: 2/3s wash out snags left -- locked some in very nice guys CHK WLL ESV SDRL CLF etc
09:39:54 am cornel28: sold CHK
09:40:01 am InvestorsLive: CPXX cov will re visit
09:40:19 am InvestorsLive: WLL thru $10
09:40:42 am Arsenal: FCX rip
09:41:00 am Emil: started AMDA s/s
09:41:09 am InvestorsLive: Gold spot slam
09:41:36 am Yelk: add size ORPN long, stop .79 on size
09:41:44 am elielitvin: cov PTCT 8.15-.17
09:42:15 am InvestorsLive: CLF !
09:42:43 am Muddy: AMDA lod
09:42:46 am aspenc: ARIA straight up with market
09:42:57 am heniuro: RXDX thru hod
09:43:11 am Muddy: huge pop^
09:43:11 am Emil: covered 1/2 AMDA
09:43:22 am InvestorsLive: NUGT another pull
09:43:53 am Savino: SOld 2/3 SDRL ...will re add on dip , if any
09:44:13 am InvestorsLive: sold more SDRL CHK WLL
09:44:19 am Muddy: MNOV 10 fail
09:44:20 am InvestorsLive: gonig to re add on dips
09:44:23 am InvestorsLive: NUGT RED !
09:44:29 am Muddy: CPXX 16
09:44:52 am c137: ss RIO
09:45:32 am Emil: out AMDA more 1/3 left
09:45:36 am InvestorsLive: SKLN going to watch dips use .22 guide after the big gap can use profits to let antoehr trade work
09:46:45 am InvestorsLive: CLF relative strength so far
09:47:14 am Muddy: GBSN some bounce
09:48:37 am InvestorsLive: MRO straight up
09:50:10 am InvestorsLive: PTCT already back on $8
09:50:28 am Muddy: SGSVF over 1
09:50:40 am InvestorsLive: NUGT More slam
09:50:53 am Muddy: GBSN green
09:51:36 am InvestorsLive: sized way down on all the oil and gas rebounds
09:51:41 am InvestorsLive: partial left looking for any good scoops
09:52:26 am nic3trade: CHMA nlod
09:52:38 am CarpeGallus: EGN started ss room to 38
09:52:43 am InvestorsLive: 16.25 seller so far CPXX watchin around $16 later on - not interest into front side
09:52:56 am Yelk: stopped ORPN long .80 -.05 revisit if they scoop later
09:53:21 am Muddy: GBSN fighting green hold
09:53:54 am Muddy: LABU r/g
09:54:38 am Muddy: GBSN fail green
09:55:54 am SocietyRock: MDVN pushing
09:55:57 am bbstock: SDRL nHOD ed to green posible
09:55:58 am InvestorsLive: covered 1/2 NUGT
09:56:00 am InvestorsLive: SDRL thru HODs
09:56:05 am InvestorsLive: TWTR watch dips now 17.40 risk
09:56:33 am nic3trade: CMMA lod, 4 test
09:57:00 am nic3trade: CHMA
09:57:03 am elielitvin: ss starter RPRX 2.70
09:57:16 am InvestorsLive: ESV
09:59:19 am elielitvin: add ss 2.66 RPRX
09:59:25 am InvestorsLive: NUGT LODs
10:00:25 am Muddy: CPXX more 52s
10:00:31 am elielitvin: cov RPRX 2.65
10:00:36 am InvestorsLive: coveed bit more NUGT 1/3 left
10:01:16 am InvestorsLive: CLF fresh highs
10:01:38 am Nonstopshop: C r/g 45 test
10:01:46 am CarpeGallus: Stopped EGN
10:02:08 am Muddy: ARGS more off pre
10:02:09 am InvestorsLive: CPXX nice
10:02:31 am Yelk: PGNX 5 break multi month resist, has run before watching dips if follow through
10:02:31 am QTrader111: VALE r/g
10:02:38 am Nonstopshop: SPY ramp
10:02:46 am InvestorsLive: Gold spot striaght down
10:03:19 am InvestorsLive: SDRL nearing r/g
10:03:41 am InvestorsLive: covered rest of NUGT
10:03:54 am InvestorsLive: +4-4.50
10:03:54 am bbstock: SDRL out +.17
10:04:16 am taipeirob: why oil bounced hard
10:04:17 am OddStockTrader: long STEM
10:04:39 am lx21: Worked down size on my RPRX short position pretty far. I'm not looking to hold another day unless support cracks today.
10:04:46 am QTrader111: CHK perk
10:05:31 am Muddy: UNXL pops
10:07:08 am Jwezz: HLF testing lows
10:07:58 am heniuro: DDD losing g/r
10:09:13 am InvestorsLive: USO on 10
10:09:50 am Muddy: RXDX under 9 again
10:10:09 am InvestorsLive: PTCT nice rally off dips
10:11:08 am tunko: CPXX nhod
10:11:53 am InvestorsLive: going to be patient now and let WLL CLF ESV SDRL CHK trend w/o any size on -- going to watch for opportunity on cracks - nice job guys !
10:12:19 am swimswim: PTCT news was out pre-market
10:12:42 am cdr2006: long small SKLN .21
10:12:44 am Savino: Scoop some TWTR off dips
10:12:50 am Savino: long**
10:14:44 am InvestorsLive: like the relative strength on CLF
10:14:53 am InvestorsLive: NUGT nice reversal off covers
10:15:30 am ThePacer: CPXX faster
10:15:36 am InvestorsLive: TRTC squeezing a bit more today
10:15:44 am Muddy: UNXL more
10:15:59 am InvestorsLive: STX trend formed today worth a watch on dips
10:16:18 am InvestorsLive: started ss CPXX feeler
10:17:08 am InvestorsLive: cover CPXX along way, still on front side - nice little stuff there .20-.30s but has a lot of power and if dips get soaked can keep going
10:17:26 am InvestorsLive: $16.50 over/under only spot I'd be patient
10:18:47 am InvestorsLive: SKLN they supported again off dips- agian not a trtade for anyone only if u have padding
10:18:48 am InvestorsLive: from earlier
10:20:37 am Muddy: ARGS 52s
10:20:41 am InvestorsLive: Gold spot pulling back down
10:20:49 am InvestorsLive: NUGT Nice failed follow thru - missed it that round
10:21:03 am InvestorsLive: will watch all pops NUGT for s/s as long as Gold spot doesn't base at 1234
10:22:58 am InvestorsLive: CPXX - 16.80s I'd say at this point is a key level based on the absorb - so be sure you've paid yourself some but 16.80s = big level for over/under
10:23:04 am InvestorsLive: Gold, no interest in NUGT right now
10:23:42 am OddStockTrader: STEM nhod
10:24:32 am InvestorsLive: STEM is a super slug but def a watch if it moves has a big baggy base that will love to get excited about it
10:24:38 am InvestorsLive: WLL Fresh highs
10:25:53 am chasesmooz: CMRX looks like it wants to go parabolic
10:26:56 am Yelk: PGNX more hods
10:27:08 am heniuro: RPRX back above VWAP
10:27:17 am Muddy: LABU 5% on the r/g, CANN steady so far
10:27:53 am InvestorsLive: CHK setting up nicely again
10:28:11 am orlandog1: PTCT hod
10:28:20 am kiwuuu: PTCT Squuueeze
10:28:50 am OddStockTrader: CANN impressive
10:29:17 am InvestorsLive: PTCT nice game plan Friday, for dip buys for squeeze back - careful on short side very well may see r/g if trend can hold
10:29:22 am InvestorsLive: nothing to chase idea was into dips/washouts off open
10:29:31 am InvestorsLive: CPXX reclaim - be aware if you didn't take profits
10:30:24 am Muddy: RXDX lod
10:30:51 am Muddy: CANN walkup 1.80
10:31:52 am InvestorsLive: CHK perk
10:32:36 am InvestorsLive: working into CHK dips .. SDRL would love to scoop for r/g and $4 mag - all dips if oil/energy agrees
10:32:48 am InvestorsLive: I have a core still on all of these - just took off day trades when mentioned
10:33:17 am InvestorsLive: CPXX failed follow thru so far
10:33:22 am d4ytrad3: NUGT / Gold nice continuation bounce back to green
10:33:48 am InvestorsLive: CPXX still above VWAP - so stick w/ rules we cover on webinar
10:35:16 am B1rko: RXDX nlod
10:36:15 am d4ytrad3: RPRX failed followthrough break
10:36:32 am InvestorsLive: STEM .290
10:38:35 am InvestorsLive: VCEL some push - was the old ASTM that used to run with STEM potential sympathy I have zero interest in long vol too low but just in case it gets going will watch back side
10:39:12 am Muddy: ORPN red
10:39:49 am TWB52: RPRX snap
10:40:27 am Muddy: ENDP bit more
10:41:34 am InvestorsLive: ENDP damnit, every day I miss it lol - going to get long here on dips using VWAP as a guide
10:41:44 am Deezy: /gc
10:42:03 am InvestorsLive: started ENDP - looking for .50 wash dips and VWAP guide then if I get to 1/2 size will use .50s over/under
10:42:59 am nic3trade: ss STX
10:43:43 am InvestorsLive: yep STX ^ eye from scan on pops
10:44:06 am InvestorsLive: CPXX there's $1 fader so far
10:44:23 am OddStockTrader: FELP nhod
10:44:26 am d4ytrad3: ss WLL
10:44:48 am d4ytrad3: FREE some vol
10:45:27 am Nonstopshop: CPXX 15s
10:45:32 am InvestorsLive: cover 1/2 CPXX
10:45:32 am xiaoyi11788: cpxx wow
10:45:34 am heniuro: $CPXX NCI/Stanford Ph2 AML trial just suspended pending IRB review
10:45:35 am GaryC: FREE moving because a know trade said he bought
10:45:44 am GaryC: fyi
10:45:49 am InvestorsLive: CPXX !!!!!
10:45:56 am OddStockTrader: FORD former runner, light vol at the moment
10:46:06 am xiaoyi11788: cpxx free fall
10:46:10 am InvestorsLive: ALLC OVERED
10:46:12 am InvestorsLive: BOOOOM
10:46:13 am Emil: holy moly CPXX
10:46:17 am InvestorsLive: going to takea lap around my house brb
10:46:23 am Arsenal: WTF
10:46:25 am tank: lmao
10:46:36 am InvestorsLive: omg covered far too many far too soon
10:46:46 am Muddy: halt
10:46:49 am Emil: god damn
10:46:49 am Arsenal: covered ALL 16.13
10:46:54 am OddStockTrader: likely halts
10:46:55 am Nocturnal: More bleed CPXX is there news?
10:46:56 am c137: wow
10:46:57 am Muddy: sorry not yet
10:46:57 am Danetyler: wowww
10:47:05 am heniuro: yes CPXX neg
10:47:06 am stapes1: CPXX
10:47:06 am Savino: ok... thats was a gift !!!!!
10:47:11 am Nonstopshop: halt
10:47:14 am Muddy: theres halt
10:47:21 am OddStockTrader: wow
10:47:23 am Emil: $CPXX NCI/Stanford Ph2 AML trial just suspended pending IRB review
10:47:27 am gigantebaba: Celator Pharma CPX-351 Study Suspended Participant Recruitment
10:47:30 am Muddy: unreal wow
10:47:39 am Arsenal: AND halt
10:47:42 am Nonstopshop: Great work guys!
10:47:44 am Nocturnal: PTCT's turn now
10:49:30 am tbohen: wow lost a couple hundred being early on a starter on CPXX that hurts now!
10:49:36 am InvestorsLive: grats guys - crazy morning nice work
10:49:38 am apitrading: BPTH vol
10:50:04 am adamj: nice alert Heniuro on CPXX!
10:50:18 am Muddy: UNXL hod
10:50:23 am xiaoyi11788: cpxx's rip pull rip pull action got me covered bunch too.. timing is the key!
10:51:15 am nic3trade: STX Nice below vwap
10:51:26 am Savino: SDRL pulling...
10:52:12 am ThePacer: open CPXX
10:53:55 am OddStockTrader: not many likey got short CPXX, can do an easy 16 push
10:53:58 am cw29545: long CPXX
10:54:37 am Savino: SS STX 25.99
10:55:03 am Nocturnal: halt CPXX again
10:55:33 am d4ytrad3: CHMA sucked huge shorts 3.90-4 off that 100k bid, held so far
10:55:45 am Savino: staying out of CPXX for nw.... yo yo action halt crazy for me
10:55:50 am InvestorsLive: CLF HODs
10:56:15 am Muddy: LABU again
10:56:52 am Muddy: LMCK no bottom yet
10:59:21 am nic3trade: ss PTCT 8.29
10:59:34 am InvestorsLive: ENDP HODs
11:02:30 am Savino: added more on TWTR //last of it...
11:04:10 am Savino: STX nice acton
11:04:16 am Savino: aatiion**
11:04:35 am InvestorsLive: SKLN failed trend
11:05:33 am Gahan: RLYP r/g
11:06:24 am c137: ss NUGT
11:07:36 am OddStockTrader: GRNH fast thru .07
11:07:43 am InvestorsLive: WLL bit more !
11:08:20 am Emil: watching LULU for lower highs and back side
11:08:28 am B1rko: BOFI nhod
11:08:51 am InvestorsLive: ENDP eyeing dips
11:08:54 am Iglue: SKYS hodn
11:09:09 am InvestorsLive: CHK if it goes - its going to be fast like WLL on the break towards $6
11:11:27 am c137: covered NUGT
11:11:54 am Savino: COvered 2/3 STX +.45 leaving the rest for a possible g/r move
11:11:55 am Kojiman: WATT keeps grinding up past 11's
11:14:01 am Knowgood: CHK going
11:15:01 am InvestorsLive: CHK
11:15:29 am InvestorsLive: awesome preparation today guys - feel free to reach out if any questions any trouble out of the gate ... here to help while I'm just sitting on hands


  1. Thanks for a great recap!

  2. Nate, Do u use any criteria/parameter to differentiate b/w short covering and real buying pressure when you go long on early morning washout?

    • All about the daily chart, volume and price action.

  3. it would be great to see a run through of what you do after market hours... going over your trades, logging them, journal if you use one, exel spreadsheet entries,...thanks

    • I go for a walk, work out and relax and then scan later on. No reason to journal for me I know when I loneed or short and why. At the end of the day my scan at night and morning prepares me I make the trades with a plan I don't need to go back and review what the plan was I do that while trading real time.

      Tradervue is great for stats though you can learn a lot.

  4. what tool do you use to go through stocks and pick them out depending on your criteria that your looking for?


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