[Morning Recap] Top Stock Trades for March 28

[Morning Recap] Top Stock Trades for March 28


SUNE great trade to start the day I noticed it gapping pre market so immediately went on watch. I watched it trade for an hour and a half pre market determined they were soaking up dips so to be any good washout was a buy with $1.20 area risk over/under. That's exactly what I did, got long $1.25 and added $1.28-1.30 for the break out. Currently holding a little under one half letting it test given the good average. The risk here is bankrupt any day - but truthfully once and if it goes BK and ends up on the OTC market under SUNEQ symbol this is going to be one hell of a trade and I can't wait for it !!

08:01:03 am InvestorsLive: SUNE some action
08:42:21 am InvestorsLive: SUNE every day is a potential rebounder - holding the gap so far today, will look to use $1.20s over/under as risk
09:34:50 am InvestorsLive: snagged some SUNE basically risking .05
09:43:16 am InvestorsLive: added SUNE



GME I was a bit too early on this one today, started in short just small given how I trade - feeler trade and add if a winner no winner so I went ahead and stopped out and then I WAITED for it to have a back side, re-test and fail to risk off HODs, started re short $30.50s and change niec fade off sub $30s for a partial cover and currently looking for another BACK SIDE confirmation ONLY for another scale later on. IF trend holds I'm not interested.



ENDP MNK VRX great profit centers today. At some point it feels like this ENDP needs to wash out under $25 but for now every morning that it has failed follow through momentum in this market that's my favorite style set up getting in there for the major unwinds - it's been working well. For those unfamiliar - review the Failed Follow Through Momentum set up in Tandem Trader.

09:32:31 am InvestorsLive: going to start MNK as well
10:21:23 am InvestorsLive: added bit more MNK
10:31:57 am InvestorsLive: MNK red
10:42:32 am InvestorsLive: covered 1/2 MNK
10:46:23 am InvestorsLive: 1/4 MNK left
10:58:05 am InvestorsLive: done MNK


PTLA I put a wish order out there ie: what I'd like to fill at if it were to parabolic - and got short at $20.49 before it slammed right back down. I do this many times so that I can take part in many names on radar but not necessarily be firing away orders. Pros are you get fills like today Cons are you get filled and it keeps going. Not something for a new trader but many times works very nicely.


PTX once again gave us a nice gap up and chasers into the $1.30s I was shorting $1.27-1.30 range and covered on the red crack down to 1/3 size. Great way to start the day I will keep looking for this to trap longs each day before it finally gives it all back towards $1 or below.



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