Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For March 18, 2024

by | Mar 17, 2024

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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Now, onto Sunday Scan.

We are joined again by Chris, Stan, and myself to discuss some ideas for the week ahead.

Video Topics:

  • VERB Crowded blowout – Pros/Cons good information (Fundamental vs. Technical/Vol)
  • ROOT remember SMCI 1/10th thought process
  • The feedback we got on the last video was that you guys love the technical side of things, walking through the set ups:
  • SOUN The A+ Of Week
  • Failed Follow Through And Clear Out Examples This Week (RIVN last week + others)
  • Liquidity Trap Squeeze AISP
  • Market shift less follow through on runners

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Video Scan and Game Plan

Nate’s Stocks to Watch

SOUN ideally gap up blow out — either going to perpetual squeeze or have the same A+ set up on any major gap and blow out this week. I still think $10-12 idea is possible we already did that once mid range — so possible again. I just want to be ready when it’s time. Stay focused don’t let the noise of others take this one off radar.

NVDA catalyst week we discussed last week and acted just like SMCI – ideally blow out and the big trade by Wednesday/Thursday.


Failed Follow Through:

GCT watching with price alerts for failed follow through

VERI let it run but looking for failed follow through set ups

WIMI trappy – possible ramp portion of the move

AISP liquidity trap been playing out – higher better for back side.


JTAI assume fails but thinking possible T+2 liquidity trap setting up

LSF squeezer — possible outlier move off all flushes

AXTI steady trend still from idea earlier in week

ALCE big picture idea

ROOT like SMCI $2-4 move consolidate $5 to $7 or $8? So far good from thought process not to fade it just because it looks like it’s up a lot.

DOGZ ramp portion?

OCGN seems like it’s setting could be nice break out squeeze – I need to check catalyst here but technically looks like it’s setting up for a big move.

Staying Familiar:

Chris’ Thoughts for the Week

Inflation data came in a bit hot and FOMC is on Wednesday to update us on if and when rate cuts are coming. The market is pricing in fewer cuts and further away from that.

We can see rates rising and how it impacts things like Tesla (confluence of things going wrong ends up in perpetual relative weakness until the variables change).

If the Fed says it is not worried and inflation is still on the right path down, then markets may start to ramp and overheat, and the current cycle goes on. But if they say we are not afraid to hike again if needed or have no cuts this year, then that’s the start of a new market cycle.

We can see things changing a bit in small cap land, with liquidity traps having less upside now, natural shifts in cycles, and the need to be objective and not hope for the same strategy to always be the best one. Find what’s working and focus on the path of least resistance so you aren’t fighting a market cycle.

Commodities are also heading up a bit with inflationary aspects. Copper breaking out and things like FCX can be good go-to names for calls to trend a theme. Ship = copper price, anchor = FCX. Don’t force, but be open to new themes if they prove.

AI event, but it feels like we may be in a consolidation period for a bit. Same with crypto. MSTR is not just driven by crypto but also structures with the stock money from the miners going there after the ETF release.

Stan’s Thoughts for the Week

This past week, we’ve seen some great intraday range on some tickers.

One by one, they started going after them. If you can spot and catch them early, there are good opportunities on the long side. Or if you wait for that blowout/exhaust move, then the opportunity is on the short side. The move higher that fails should either be your exit or entry. GXAI HOLO ALCE, etc – Plenty of range intraday.

From a daily view, some of these are holding and could be a potential liquidity trap forming. What has been working is waiting for the clear-out and backside move. For the most part, they have been headache-free.

VERB had that look if .5s firmed up, and over half a billion churned on Friday, so I’d be watching this in the coming week. The tape was really heavy since .68-.7 broke down. They had an offering afterhours on Friday, but it was for less than 4mil shares. Will be interesting to see how we do in the following days.

SOUN great opportunity this week, beautiful setup. NVDA has some sort of a forward-looking event this week, so ideally this provides another great opportunity like it did on Thursday of last week. I’d be interested in any gap-up and blow out scenario.

Main Watches:

VERB – will know more on Monday morning, but ideally it traps and squeezes. Anything over .5-.6s, I wouldn’t step in front. It could try and digest the move/volume for a bit, but if .3-.35s hold, and we start inching higher, this could get some decent range.

SOUN – Will monitor for a day like we had last Thursday. Any big push will be of interest. Even though it trades 100-200mil on some days, it can thin up really quickly. This is where volume vs liquidity steps in. Be cautious with size if in a fight.

CVNA – Just monitoring if we’ll break out of this $10 range it’s been in, 75-85.


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