Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For April 1, 2024

by | Mar 31, 2024

Welcome to another Sunday Scan.

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the long weekend. This week, we have Chris and Judah sharing some insights for the week ahead.

Video Scan and Game Plan

Chris’ Thoughts on the Market

The market continues to show strength but we are seeing some sector rotation happen.

Things like energy and commodities continue to get inflows and we saw a bit of consolidation in technology, likely because of the end of quarter rebalances. I was waiting for the large 30B sell, but it was a non-event, or it happened earlier in the week – can’t get too attached to an idea.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the gold sector may be setting up for a major move now that the spot price is hitting new all-time highs. There are a few ways to play this, either with an ETF like GDX for the miners or trying to find the go-to names like EQX. Look at what has volume and a good chart.

We’ve had a few IPO-style names move a lot recently, with RDDT and DJT being the largest movers this week. I thought it would be good to discuss a few things about IPOs and some of the differences between an IPO and an SPAC merger. Tune into the video for details.

Main Watches for Chris

ARM – possibly more selling from insiders in the upcoming week. On watch for puts.

FCX – commodities continue to outperform. On watch for calls.

EQX GDX GLD – gold theme forming, on watch for calls or long equity. 

MU – new go-to name for calls for AI sector theme

Judah’s Thoughts on the Market 

Right now, we are just in grind mode, with everything continuing to the upside. We are getting huge moves in huge names and different sectors.

Until the SPY breaks its rising channel, it’s not worth fighting, and names will continue to outperform. We’re pretty much straight up 28% since the November lows, and that’s something you have to keep in mind because we haven’t seen moves like this since 2020-2021.

As for the IWM and small caps, we have just started to break out of this small few-month consolidation since January. What I would love to see is some consolidation in the large caps and momentum shift to small caps. Things may start to get choppy in the larger cap names, so that’s something to keep in mind as well because you don’t want to get chopped up. 

Main Watches for Judah

COIN could really use more consolidation but will keep eye if it continues to trend, really for a shorter time frame type trade

SMCI tightening up nicely, feel like it can go anyway but I’m interested in trend join over 1025-1030 area

NVDA same as above, tightening up real nice feels like it can go either direction but watching for trend join over 910-915 area for trend join 

ELF watching over 198-200 for trend join to upside 

LAC reminds me a little of ZIM, watching over 6.8-6.85 for continuation 

NOVA solar name that may provide a decent bounce opportunity back to the 8+ area, watching over 6.20-6.25 for trend join 

SQ 85.80-86.80 trigger, looks good on shorted frame as well as a much larger frame, in consolidation for almost two years now 

ESTA interesting chart setup interested over 51.50

QBTS gap down off ER Thursday than reclaimed range, still on watch over 2.15

VKTX nice holds and inside days since gap, on watch for continuation to upside, eventual ATHs 

ASST nice inside days and chart formation here, interested over .75

OPGN potential liq trap over .73-.74

LIXT potential liq trap, 4.42 key for upside breakout as well

NVFY potential liq trap over 3 

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