T4AC Podcast – Nathan Michaud Interview

by | Feb 23, 2021

Topics Discussed:

  • How trading is changing in 2021
  • What new traders need to understand about current market action
  • How to capitalize on the best trading opportunities every day
  • “Traps” to look out for
  • The future of Investors Underground
  • How to scale up your trading strategy
  • Non-financial motivation for trading success
  • Learning from other traders
  • Focusing on the trading “process”
  • Appreciating the trading journey
  • Trading psychology
  • and much more!

What Are Your Takeaways?

Leave a comment below with the best takeaways from the interview!


  1. Never to old or proud to learn

  2. Trade , profit , and make a difference.

  3. Excellent Nate and Zach

  4. I love this!!! The honesty and sincerity from the beginning (i.e. – hey we are just developing this podcast and we’ll go through the bumps and bruises but in time we’ll improve. . . paraphrasing).

    – There are traders who recognize this is a competitive environment yet remain humbled to the point of not seeking recognition, they just aspire to help and improve individuals as well as society.

    – Learn to read between the lines of people and the trade, there will be setbacks, loss of cost but keep an eye on your purpose as well as using your ability to recognize your ability to learn and seeing your intentions through.

    – Even when one has all of the background information on a company – revenues, past earnings and what one believes can be riskier than typical – the gumption to quickly assess and make decisions are to be relied upon

    . . . there are so many take aways but the environment that this platform allows coupled with the cause, ability to reach out to fellow traders e.t.c, this podcast which adds to education and improvement is ideal. Thank you all for the way that you serve and what you do!


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