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Company: Nonko Trading
Aliases: G6 Trading, Nevis Trading
Associated Sites: Day Trade Canada, D2R Trading, Logix Layer, Stockfuse
Trader Alert: SCAM – STAY AWAY
Last Update: 11/25/2014

I hate to call this one a review but it is rather a negative report to make traders aware.  I try to be as honest as possible in reviews and this company has come up a lot in the last couple of days, so I decided to do some digging.

Nonko Trading as far as I can tell is owned by Yaniv Avnon and Ran Armon.  The company is offering a 20:1 buying power for people who sign up.  At first this sounds great but it is too good to be true.  Prop Firms have been around for a while and they usually offer buying power in excess of normal 2:1 margin that most companies offer.  This can be helpful for people with smaller accounts to get started, unfortunately a lot of times people get in over their head when they are starting off.   Regardless, their offer basically gives you 20k for every 1k you deposit.  That is just nuts.  Seems too good to be true right?  That is because might be.

There have been many complaints by people who opened Nonko Trading accounts.  Basically what it appears is happening is that the prop firm is taking peoples deposits, setting them up with practice accounts through DAS Trader and pocketing their money.  You are probably thinking to yourself, how does the person not know.  Well they are targeting new traders and with that comes a high failure rate.  They are hoping that you lose everything on the practice account so it looks like you lost the real money however they in theory just kept it for themselves.  Apparently DAS Trader caught on because people started to call and ask questions about their accounts which in reality was a practice account so DAS wouldn’t give support.  Let me make it clear, DAS Trader is in no way in the wrong here.  They offer a legit product and are a great company.  Unfortunately someone is trying to take advantage of the system.  Thankfully DAS Trader caught on and has issued a warning:

DAS Warning Trader Alert: Nonko Trading (G6 Trading and Nevis Trading)

As you can see in the warning issued, DAS Trader mentioned G6 Trading and Nevis.  A little additional research told me that the following companies are all related if not run by the same people, Nonko Trading, G6 Trading, Nevis Trading, Logix Layer, D2R Trading and Day Trading Canada.  So what do all these companies have in common?  Mainly Yaniv and Ran but in some other cases it is not so obvious.  Here is a quick break down of what I found for evidence that supports these claims.

The Nonko Trading website displays Yanic Avnon and Ran Armon as members of the “team”:

Nonko Team Trader Alert: Nonko Trading (G6 Trading and Nevis Trading)

The G6 Trading’s about us page mentions Yaniv Avnon and Ran Armon:

G6 Trader About Us Trader Alert: Nonko Trading (G6 Trading and Nevis Trading)

The most compelling evidence that these companies are a scam, involves a warning posted by the Ontario Securities Commission regarding not only G6 Trading but specifically calls out Yaniv Avnon and Ran Armon:

OSC Warning Trader Alert: Nonko Trading (G6 Trading and Nevis Trading)


The last thing to go with G6 Trading is their investimonials reviews.  I can’t prove that a majority of them are fake but I will give you one as an example.


The review completed by “ShawnCarter” that raves about G6 Trading is a complete fraud.  As you will notice in the comments, people call it out as such as well.  The review is a copy and paste of another review on investimonials and the image the guy used is one stolen from the web.

Investimonials G6 Trading Trader Alert: Nonko Trading (G6 Trading and Nevis Trading)

Does that picture look a little bit like this one…

NYU Chem Trader Alert: Nonko Trading (G6 Trading and Nevis Trading)

I would say so!  The company is posting fake reviews about itself in order to gain credit within the community.  But that is nothing, the rabbit hole gets deeper if you will.

Nevis Trading is a little harder to tie to the other two.  But there are a ton of similarities between the companies.  For example, the “Our Company” page lists Canada as the first location.  Their phone number is a Canada number.  The whois look-up on the Nevis domain is set to private registration.  Nevis and Nonko both are registered through  Additionally, they mention Skype to contact them to see if you qualify.  Skype is utilized by Nonko when opening accounts as well.  All these similarities makes me think they are run by the same people.

Nevis Trading Trader Alert: Nonko Trading (G6 Trading and Nevis Trading)

Also, a simple google search for “Nevis Trading Group LLC” results with Nonko Trading on page 2.

Additional sites that are possibly associated with these guys are as follows:

  • – Website is shockingly close to Nonka Trading’s…actually I am pretty sure it is the same theme.  Ironically also registered through godaddy as private.  I can’t exactly say 100% this is the same company, but I would be a betting man if it came down to it.  Way too many ties and similarities to Nonka.

Unnamed image Trader Alert: Nonko Trading (G6 Trading and Nevis Trading)

  • Day Trader Canada (Blog)- Appears to be run by one if not both of them.  Mentions the following:

DayTraderCanada Blog Trader Alert: Nonko Trading (G6 Trading and Nevis Trading)


  • Stockfuse – This site was tweeted out by @yanetjellen on November 24th.  Yenet Jellen is the Chair of the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve System.  Obviously a fake twitter account with ties to Nonko.  If you browse the Stockfuse website, guess what, it is the same template/theme as Nonko and Logix.  Stockfuse is also privately registered with godaddy.

Yanet Tweet Trader Alert: Nonko Trading (G6 Trading and Nevis Trading)

  •  D2R Trading (Blog) –’
    • This site appears to be old and just has a couple of charts.  I was able to tie this to Ran Armon through a site called Yatedo:

Ran Armon D2R Trader Alert: Nonko Trading (G6 Trading and Nevis Trading)

Last thing I will post is not anything major, it is just so you get an idea of what one of these guys looks like.

Yaniv FB Trader Alert: Nonko Trading (G6 Trading and Nevis Trading)

There you have it.  I can not stress it enough to new traders, avoid these companies and people at all costs.  They are basically stealing from people.  Stick with the trusted brokers such as Suretrader, Speedtrader or Interactive Brokers.  Prop firms are no good.


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