Free Scan Sunday: Stocks to Watch for Monday March 25, 2019

by | Mar 24, 2019

Hope everyone had a solid weekend! Tonight is my first Daughter Daddy dance so that should be exciting although, she needs to stop growing up so fast!!

I want you to think about this tweet for a bit -- and think about one change you can make moving forward - whether it's health, diet, bed/wake up, phone time etc. it's been everything for me since November when I started to make some big changes.

Let's get into it:

In a perfect world, this market continues to be as plentiful as it was the past few weeks and we have another big week in store. If not, that's fine - we wait for our A+ quality set ups to come and DO NOT force things that are not there !!

They key is to really remain FIRING on ALL cylinders. When the market is hot and I mean REALLY hot (like right now) w/ countless BIG opportunities every day -- you need to AVOID things that will cause a cylinder to blow.

You need to AVOID the random trades.
You need to AVOID FOMO chases.
You need to AVOID the eh, just one more trade can't hurt right?
You need to AVOID staying wrong, BEING wrong is better than STAYING wrong.

All of these things can take things out of alignment and cause even ONE cylinder to blow. The longer you can run at peak performance the faster you will compound gains upon gains upon gains. That's why it's so important to stay there and MINIMIZE/CONTROL anything that could cause your "engine" to malfunction.

You need to FOCUS on the MEAT of the move - you don't always need the ENTIRE move or FORCE the move.

Before I forget -- welcome to ALL new members, quite a few new faces lately. Chat room has been on FIRE. I'm really happy to continue to meet new traders on their journeys each and every day. If you ARE new make sure to visit the TRADERS LOUNGE under the "i" in the momentum chat -- that room = ANYTHING GOES whereas our MOMENTUM chat is business only 9AM-4PM.

Nothing compares to the news we have & actionable alerts found in the room. This is not a "buy now, sell now" service - it's for serious traders not the ones who fall for the low hanging fruit ads, life style gimmicks or a club to tell you what you want to hear and make you feel warm and fuzzy - we are straight shooters - warm and fuzzy doesn't make $$ a solid community does! That's why we've built the room the way we have and don't even ATTEMPT to attract traders with the shiny objects.

We are usually people's last choice but, final home. Why? Because we don't do theΒ  "trading is easy" marketing, the trader lifestyle & trade from anywhere pictures nor do we do the pictures and videos with cars that are/aren't ours. Oh, and the "buy/sell text alerts" included stuff too ... Yeah, we don't do that either.

So in true fashion most jump after the shiny objects get frustrated and then find out about us through word of mouth. Our business model is simple, let traders educate themselves the hard way - and, they'll come.

Last week was incredible.

Posted quite a few of my day trades in the story last week on Instagram So be sure to review that this week!

Video Scan and Game Plan

Here is my game plan this week:

SRNE just a beautiful opportunity on Friday!

The key is to remember this is not a junker like the rest - this very well can go another few bucks and I truly hope it does. If you nail the trade - lock in along the way. Lock around core. The volume is fantastic - the trade was friendly. The only way you got beat was being aggressive chasing break outs long or chasing break outs short. Keep in mind SSR was on and is on tomorrow so you need to be one step ahead. When it looks best, that's when there is an edge (but risk) for the short, when it looks like death that's when there is an edge on covers (risk on longs but quick snap backs). I posted my trades on Friday, I plan to do the same WITHOUT bias thinking there is bigger opportunity here - this reminds me as I wrote on Thursday of SDRL back in 2016.

XRX imagine that, finally found a seller / profit taking day after 3 solid months of straight grind. Higher better but really depends on the market. If we start to take a nose dive back down then yes, love to fade all games - but for now have to assume that it'll stay in trend. Ideally gap up pushes .30-.50 ++ and then fades back red. Would treat it like I did on the CAG trade Friday where I joined it into strength once it started to peak out and cover not into the "flush" since it was really just a grind down but rather once it stabilized and failed to stay heavy under the whole number.

PBR higher better vs. $16 - been a really nice unwind off a break out chart so whenever this happens many are unprepared and the pull back ends up being quite the knee jerk reaction opposite way before eventually turning back pretty nicely. For now, can re-test March lows.

VFF trade of choice if CGC CRON etc stay heavy - if they do I'll watch ACB APHA etc all were recent break outs and it's amazing what one candle can do to a chart. All look pretty ugly now. Watching to join trend VFF as you can see every time it pushes over $18 it meets resistance so - if it all pops into any good shove vs. $18 (starters/feelers) and scale if right vs. HODs that day.

CAG beautiful trade in the AM Friday, it did have another gift trade into the close but I missed it, I was sitting on my hands and didn't want to give back even a dime. Higher better as I said Thursday I don't want to step in front of the next XRX but as soon as this starts to show weakness I could see it unwinding the move we've seen it so much lately GPS SKX SFIX etc.

MTFB each day they don't raise is a potential squeeze day - still think they have a plan - put our a PR squeeze out then do the raise right after.

SEEL great trade great read on Friday - got long pre and midday before fading it back late day. Should be a trade off open and I'm not sold on it being done - yet. I will assume it'll fail but if it does hold I will entertain the long.

SQ market feeling a bit uneasy - you can see $75 has been battling if they let it go we could get a ROKU style pull back any day. Key is entry and not FOMO entry. They eat FOMO chasers daily.

SNSS fantastic close Friday, no position no bias but these types have been going nuts. I had so many in the .60s but what can you do. You case see the ABCD set up the first rush consolidate and perk up but usually they don't work that perfect. Higher better ideally for a short but for now would consider joining momentum if it holds

PHAS not in love due to the volume but has those wicks we talk so much about -- so buyer present. Let's see if support continues if so we could be back on highs near term. If fails off $7 - forget it, will be looking for unwind.

AMD traded it 3 days last week and probably 5 times over all over those days - I am 1 for 4 or so - so ... likely ignore it, it always gets me in there however if market is gone wild it's my trade of join vs. the SPY

MU possible gap fill on $40s if market stays heavy

VIPS goes from disaster to squeezing on $8s to unwinding again - would join this for a fail back to $6.50-7s - liquidity is great.

SE monitoring for when they start to 're-test' the pricing level of last offering. I'd like to be there for it exhaust out all the longs maybe $1-2 below pricing before it recovers.

CORT never recovered from the hit piece. Monitoring for single digits soon.

VCYT very thin - all about patience and entry and then scale on winner once levels break. Never something to add add add against as it can swipe up faster than you think.

CHGG nice win by Citron - higher better and then looking for more back side. I had it perfect but covered too soon Friday unfortunately. Kept going back but didn't add up enough to shout about.

ZUO nice big trade off open - shorting starters into the parabolic and sizing into the back side. I played it too cautiously and missed out on a big one. I think we still have $1-2 trade in it - so ideally opens up .50-.70 then gives that back plus another buck ++

Other big names of interest if we start to have 300-500 point days:

Have a great rest of your Sunday!


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