Free Scan Sunday: Stocks to Watch for Monday September 9, 2019

by | Sep 8, 2019

Had some very clean action on Friday with DOMO and NTGN meanwhile LCI stole my attention and missed majority of ENDP - doh!

DOMO was sized properly scaled in but just never got the big unwind, solid trade just lackluster unwind was hoping for much more. NTGN was fantastic repeated the same trade as MRNS essentially shorting into strength on the secondary shove an was fortunate to be there for the flush - but, easier said than done only had about 1/4-1/3 size that I would have used. Last but not lease I think LCI was the really big issue, never scaled in much but just over stayed like an idiot w/ blinders on which caused me to miss the majority of that ENDP lay up - had a perfect plan on it, but fumbled. Next!

Video Scan + Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

ENDP if it doesn't gap up too much I am going to be looking for some weak opens and ideally some flush then it gets soaked a bit, flush again ... bought up and then rally back red/green. This has been super beat the last few months especially but when the MNK news came out they really nailed this thing hard -- and only upticked from there. So, we could have some shorts bent - key is to follow trend until it fails, and most importantly I need to remind myself not to take it off radar because as soon as they are done squeezing the weak hands - this will be bidless and fade right back.

NTGN pushed some AHs - that'd be great if it continued. Higher better and then look for back side again. Failed follow through momentum is key here vs. trying to size into the top b/c they it did trade relatively thin on the way up Friday when they wanted to let it rip so all it takes is 2 or 3 in a row and you're on the wrong side quickly.

LCI $12.80-12.50 is key - likely all a short squeeze and new $$ coming in - real $$. The liquidity is no joke right now. They did not let it dip key areas and spent every dip trapping on Friday. Ideally blows off and we have the trade -- thing is, it's not something I'm looking to see it give it all back -- at all, just looking for the high reward vs. small risk trade. It's coming, it's setting up. Higher better.

DOMO -- although I'd love to fade it just need to be open to the trend tomorrow and this week. AEO dived on e/r and came back hard - so always keep that in mind. Either gap down flush and rally or gap up shove vs. Friday resistance and fade would be two trades I want.

SY solid so far all pops for fade until it doesn't work or we have a VWAP reclaim that we talk about daily in the Traders lounge.

RTRX like all morning shoves for back side.

FSLY higher for back side sub $30s is ideal - so I'd want a gap up re-test Friday resistance levels and fade off. If we just sorta open flattish and grind - this very easily can continue to impress.

TEVA if ENDP MNK get a good rally going - have to watch TEVA we could go $7.50-8 fast

NUGT just a matter of time for this one once they turn being an ETF oh baby, premium blows up - as you see. Keeping on watch due to range, traded it Thursday nicely but not Friday.

DUST higher better (watching Gold / NUGT etc) and then unwind again while NUGT bounces.

CLDR just waiting to join profit taking day

HOME 2nd day squeeze - $7.50 + para is ideal then looking for back side.

MGI stalking like WKHS - reminds me of it the same.

PHUN notable come back $1.50 base - it cleaned up a lot of sellers I think last move to $2 there was a lot of blocks that went off - and now churning back. Worthy eye if momentum comes back

SMSI been over a month now in the swing (those that have been reading these Sunday scans know that) - has been nice but keeps failing at that recent high. If it goes, and does break I think the candle is going to be big. I'd watch for it off weakness or any snaps and then randomly swipe through like we saw on the SLDB swing when I got long.

SLDB last time it was over $10 as noted I had locked some in I believe it was $10.3x's -- gave a decent dip but back at the $10 mark again (this swing is from the $5s as well - average is $6.12 now.

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