Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday September 28, 2020

by | Sep 27, 2020

Video Talking Points:

  • NKLA
  • WKHS
  • ZM
  • Stan - Stop Out next day made it all back + more
  • Market call
  • Traders4ACause
  • End of July levels
  • Shirts - Hustle King / Stock Block
  • Supply and Demand

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Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

UONE expensive borrow already on Friday when it shot up, this one is a lot thicker than the first time it ran but that said going back to the supply and demand discussion a lot is possible. Ramped up fast almost was a no brainer short, who the hell would chase up here - prove everyone with that thesis correct and slammed down - BUT wait, it held. So, very well may have shorts trapped already and very well may trap a bunch pre. We really need to see the action pre market and post open - follow the volume and price.

BYFC last time this ran it went NUTS from this same level so with UONE action this easily could be gapping $2.50-3 the more folks that agree it shouldn't be running and it holds the more chance it goes. Again supply and demand.

CARV again all that matters is volume. Just like you saw last week these all can fuel each other like mad. Watch with UONE BYFC.

WKHS great example of looking left - key levels and areas that need to be tested = $25.60s and fade off. This is a great example of over extension to the upside and to the downside reset both ways and settle in. Likely squeeze out a bit before settling mid $22-23s short term.

Failed Follow Through:

TATT higher better and fade off - likely gaps down decent little squeeze into the weekend to get out intraday covers.

TRIL watching for all pops to be sold off - looking for relative weakness and fade it.


APWC has that feel that they could be setting it up for something. Each fade has failed but held relatively well. Nothing to get excited about prior to confirmation but always noting which is holding oddly well. Have small position from dips add if right - assume it doesn't break out let it break out and add upon confirmation.

JKS very key levels CSIQ SPWR RUN VSLR etc all really ripping. Was looking for potential fade back originally but scan for Friday was continuation - I felt like many likely got trapped short side easily can keep going. Staying familiar with this name just like WKHS.

Staying Familiar:


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