Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday November 9, 2020

by | Nov 8, 2020

Swings & big picture ideas have been hot fire!

Obviously pot stocks went into high gear on Friday which although I dropped the ball on a lot of the names since my goal was to accumulate the dips (that never came) still got a good % of the SNDL move from the idea/thesis at .18x's in the room.

APVO just intense I'm sure most of you saw the video by now but if not check it out after Sunday scan! YES, it happened and while I may have looked like I was losing it thinking $80s -- it did hit $83 AHs 🙂 Yes, I was long and yes still long and I'll credit the rehearsal dinner I was at for my patience lol. Everyone who knew I was long was calling me texting me I thought someone died -- turns out shorts did. Here are some thoughts on last week's action:

Moving on to the Sunday Scan...

Talking points this week:

  • Looking left video owed
  • Beware MELT ups
  • Supply & Demand
  • Earnings - BE AWARE!
  • Swing trades NNDM etc.
  • SUP example

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

ACB likely the main watch I have CGC TLRY CRON etc all close eyes depending on what we get for action off open and e/r's but depending on liquidity is where I will gravitate. (Comments on video how I'll play)

APVO well, it came. $80 came - hit $83 + AHs. Is it over? We'll see. Easily could trap a few hundred K more shorts pre and then circuit halt up a few more times. Be safe out there. I still have a position based on the commentary I gave in the room and why - also did an extra video on it from the hotel room this weekend because it was such an event. In a perfect world stays heavy and then turns on a dime and heads up for some circuits etc.

ALTM I think you could see the interest AHs as well - as noted I felt like one or both had the potential for craziness and w/ that said (I do have a position) but same thoughts as last week - very easily could have a big rip. Would I say $80? Nah probably not because everyone will get super bullish and think hmmm maybe same set up it's only $30 bucks etc then pops $40-45 and they just fade it from there. I do think it'll have a sympathy FOMO leg up though.

ONCT quite possibly the result of broken APVO accounts where people short both forced to liquidate - we should have a great trade here I'll go over key levels on the video. PATIENCE!

Failed Follow Through:

MOGO nice fader on Friday from $2.60 short in the room. I think every short won so with that -- if we get a small gap up force some shorts that DIDN'T cover yet since no reason to -- look to fade their panic covers off AM shove.

NIO I have as failed follow through because I will wait for just that. No finding the top! When and if we get the day it'll be a nice $3-5 fade until then -- it can stay strong into earnings.


NNDM screwed up the swing but notable. If it starts to build $3.70 base I may start to pick at the dips. Clearly they're raising $$ in strong hands.

SUP watch all dips vs $2.20s

Staying Familiar:


  1. 1. look left
    2. draw lines make it easier for yourself
    3. volume trumps all

    These are the things I keep hearing from your lessons and I keep reminding myself about them. Thank You for the video lessons PURE GOLD!

  2. Great Stuff

  3. Thank u, Nate!

    Appreciated as always - great insights!


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