Video Scan: 11 Stocks to Watch for Day Traders and Swing Traders

by | Jul 7, 2024

Welcome back to another Sunday Scan. We hope you all had a good holiday and weekend. 

We’re back to the normal format, with a review of stocks in play and then the main watches for the week ahead. Judah is joining this week to discuss a great trade on KOSS, which we will review and dissect in the video. 

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Video Scan and Game Plan

The Playback

Below are some charts in play from the past week. Make sure to watch the video for a full breakdown.

KOSS was the center of attention for once in the meme world on speculation that Roaring Kitty may take a position in this tiny company.

TSLA is taking center stage with the options run, similar to SMCI/NVDA while those were melting up. We cover strategies for capturing upside and downside and how to time it in the video scan.

ARM relative strength in the AI sector, breaking to new highs after consolidating the the prior key levels. 

GOOGL continues to be a rotation name and is running with the rest of the Mag7 stocks.

NVDA is consolidating and digesting and taking a back seat for once to some other strong names. 

CHWY so far pop and drop after Roaring Kitty tweet and positioning.

GME consolidating with no real direction. Waiting for the next piece of news to move it.

OPTT high volume traded with good range on lots of social media mentions. 

ANVS was up 100% Tuesday on Lilly Alzheimer’s approval. 

CORZ got a buy rating and is running with the smaller crypto/AI names. 

MLGO fading off after last weeks trappy action and blow out. 

SNTI was awarded a grant for a cell therapy. 

ZAPP perpetual squeezer still in play. 

QLGN 200M volume traded with good range. 

Main Watches 

NNE possible next leg up coming until insiders end the run with dilution or unload shares. 

DXYZ breaking out again after long consolidation after parabolic run a few months ago. 

TGTX breakout on watch. 

RIVN hanging around, may have another leg up. 

CRWD consolidating at highs with possible next leg coming. 

CVNA holding trend higher and stair stepping.

TSLA main option activity name; on watch for run up throughout the week and then sit back Thursday/Friday and then repeat. Opportunity on upside and downside. 

ARM relative strength on watch for calls with AI sector. 

COSM possible liquidity trap building. 

COIN on watch along with IREN, CORZ, HIVE and others with crypto rebound after sell off. 

PLTR break out on watch with relative strength recently.

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