Free Scan Sunday: Stocks to Watch for Monday July 22, 2019

by | Jul 21, 2019

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Here's the game plan!

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

MTP obviously the trade of the day on Friday - nice $2.80 shorts road it down to the $1.80s waiting for the failed follow through momentum to come in vs. trying to find the top. Higher better come Monday and likely finds pressure shortly there after. 945-10AM + to confirm.

MDLA haven't traded too many recent IPOs as of late haven't been as volatile as the last round ie: RVLV WORK CHWY FVRR CRWD etc -- but this one caught my attention and should provide some nice action come Monday -- first looks I'd say $36 risk for $40 + otherwise gap into $39-40 fail then fade back to $36 but again just throwing a dart there - let's see what Monday pre market brings and formulate a better plan.

AFYA reactive trade tomorrow - decent base at $23 and curled into close I'd be looking for possible re-test towards $23.80-24s and watch for a similar curl higher lows and break out. Not a huge fan of this one but I like to monitor these big ranging IPOs for a few days if they have decent volume because they've been a big part of my year.

AMK I'd look for same as Friday, had a bit of a weak open and grinded back wouldn't be looking for anything to crazy here but possibly trend join off dips if confirms 945-10AM +

DDS wild squeeze at close - small Form 4 seller AHs which brought it down tiny - doesn't really mean much guy has tiny left. But if weak open is supported $75-76 and starts to grind back I'd join for r/g $80-85 + and maybe more. I traded it Friday a few times into the parabolic but the most important thing is this: When shorting into para put out a wish order where you'd EXPECT it to go if it did flush out b/c many times that will be your only chance for the fill to really capture the $1-2 quicky pull backs like yesterday -- sometimes they just flush out the bids and spread $1/share real fast so not really a chance unless you are there.

AKTX been a while since any volume and move - very easily good go with the right PR and $2.50 break -- but for now as long as it is below $2.50 if it can't catch at momentum I would make the assumption that it's likely going to top and possible fade back to $2.

CRWD another one where I have no regrets with my wish orders on Friday - I had covered into the flush each time it went about .30 lower or so and I said to myself "ough I knew it shoulda been more patient" and then 10 min later it never saw lower. So always stick with your game plan! 945-10AM + trend join I AM NOT BIASED could easily go $90-100 + and follow the lead of ZM chart in my eyes -- scalp off open and trend join later. I am not looking for a big picture patience style trade until trend confirmation after 10AM

CAPR she's ready to raise but we haven't seen a cover come through yet so despite being a ton of risk if and only if we get a PR or some crazy move into open like we saw on RBZ where everyone likely got a wink wink raise is coming and then it didn't and everyone got squeezed out like mad -- this is one of those situations. Sure, they've checked off all the boxes but nearly 40 mil shares to very little volume since. Easy to have a major short stuck and if it doesn't line up how they expected -- end up in a bad situation. Anyhow, know the risk but definitely radar.

NEPT would be paying attention to weak opens for break outs $6.50-7 + until it gaps and has failed follow through momentum and then I'd look to fade it.

ACST steady move since the $7 PT out on Thursday ... keep an eye short term off dips we may be in for a nice $2-2.20 + break out move soon.

REKR staying familiar - trading REAL well so far but just looking to fade the day it gives up for .40-.50/share + down

NUGT staying familiar along with EGO and a few others I've been mentioning in the room if / when Gold takes a break. But, nothing to try to get in front of.

OSTK great unwind Friday - missed it. If you look left you'll see this is a huge level I think it's important to not get aggressive anticipating this b/c it's very easy to exhaust ourselves before the move and miss the entire damn thing. So, Morning shove is ideal for me higher better and then back side --

WKHS higher better and looking to fade the back side - thinking short term top has been put in. We may see a long steady slide for the next few months here. Went way further than I would have imagined. I was there in the $4s this week but didn't get aggressive enough. Should be some opportunity here this week.


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