Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For January 8, 2024

by | Jan 7, 2024

Finally got some snow over here in New England!

I hope you all took the time to check out my 2024 post, as I put a lot of time into it. It contained a brief recap of 2023 changes – some of my goals, realizations, and focus for the year ahead!

We have earnings starting this week with the banks, so we should start to have some really nice opportunities in larger caps.

Focus has been getting on the right side and just good trades for EVERY trade. Easy to say you’re going to do things – another to actually do them. You don’t need to do it all in one day, but work towards where you want to be.

Video Topics

  • Snow! Skiing etc.
  • What are your attainable goals?
  • IU TrendScanner (beta)
  • QS looking left example
  • AIMD BNZI exhaustion moves (review of one idea to help with emotions)
  • MARA trade recap

Giveaway Winners

  • IconMeals Winner: @MrARivera101 (as long as in the US)
  • T-Shirt: @keithsummers9948
  • T-Shirt: @brucehaddad8251

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

JPM I think it’s been up every day so any volatility post earnings report should be great — whether its a gap down and reversal back or big gap that fades off we’ll see but trade should be soon. Again JPM BAC C on radar but no sense making a game plan until AFTER earnings. Should be volatility leading into them and the couple days after.

MARA nice idea for Friday gap pre for unwind – clean fader all day.

PTON a lot like the QS trade – higher better and failed follow through.

Failed Follow Through:

CLSK trade with MARA RIOT etc.

AIMD great one on Friday – any push for continued fade is ideal

MTC just like last time so far – if you learned nothing last time the key is not to step in front of the trade. They are doing literally the same thing they did last time. Create a trap and wait for the buy in day, possible run it up into 10AM like last time fade it off and then punish shorts from that day + buy ins to create a much larger squeeze.

BNZI morning shove and failed follow through CAUTIOUS if it does not stay heave and firms up as these are the types that can turn into a liquidity trap in a day or two.

SGD any good gap for gap fill

ZCAR big move AHs, maybe one good gap up blow out and retrace.


SWVL nice idea last week – tripled from big picture continuation idea – first real day of volume. Watch dips vs $2.50s given that Friday was the first day of volume we could be looking at secondary move $4-5-6 + and some circuits.

LXEH likely walk up for eventual liquidation.

SASI liq trap set up

RWLK dips vs. $1.10

Staying Familiar:


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