Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For August 7, 2023

by | Aug 6, 2023

Productive week last week

More of the same super crowded action and nail and bail paving the way.

Video Topics

  • Traders4ACause Vegas – SOLD OUT
  • Traders4ACause Boston – 20 Tickets Left
  • Close Circuit Bands (MF)
  • Gamified Tape (14/15 Seconds MF Circuit)
  • Catalyst Run Ups (OPEN FUBO UBER DKNG NIO)
  • How Much Time Spent? (TUP YELL)
  • NIO Breakout to Break Down Recap
  • Slow Grind vs. Speed Up / Gap Up

Here are the giveaway winners from last week:

Twitter Winners:

  • @doigtt2
  • @TheRaviHirani

YouTube Winners:

  • @foronezlife
  • @abhim82

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

NIO A+ set up last week – worked out to a tee – I think we’ll have one or two more good trades off it this week and then probably starts to lose momentum and volume. Earnings run up, they got approval for more shares which will likely be sold each PR high volume days that they have.

MF nice move AHs kept small over just for fun – but ideally blows out shorts and unwinds. Small float, high vol and $1.80 trapped all day while keeping shorts in there since it didn’t break out. Nice push AHs ideally 4AM ripper $3+ or something wild. Then once crowd is gone should be a good unwind opp.

FUBO higher better vs Friday levels

Failed Follow Through:

RAD higher better for back side – thinking sign of the times just a squeeze out and fade. It may take nice but like BFRG etc. pays to keep a few on radar after the ‘big’ days everyone comes and and covers.

IDAI higher better – like many others crowd is here keep it on radar once crowd is gone it’ll fade.

TTOO higher better for back side – nice almost MULN ish set up. Fumbled it Friday that was the big day.

RIVN higher better for unwind

AMSC feels like the type they’re just keeping it trading until they pull the plug and it sinks to $5


TDS weak open for break out

AAOI .30-.50 gap down is ideal for rally r/g

FREQ same idea as before – thinking possible run up into merger

Staying Familiar:


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