Free Scan Sunday: Stocks to Watch for Monday August 12, 2019

by | Aug 11, 2019

We've got a lot coming up !!

The market has 100% changed in the last few weeks.

It's less about REACTIVE trades and really coming prepared with no brainer shorts if/when certain things happen and more about joining what's working. Moves are happening through the entire days and honestly continuation plays are HUGE - multi 2-3-4 + day runs

Adapt adapt adapt!

We've got a lot coming up!

1. Miami is August 21st - I am going to Lucci Meets and hope to meet a bunch of you there -- Miami Meet Up Sign Up

2. Traders4ACause is COMING and we're filling up! Join Us in Vegas Can't make it? That's OK sponsor anyway or send someone! Reach out to Zach if any questions [email protected]

3. I will be going to Jon and Pete's Conference the week before T4AC if you're interested reach out! I'm not sure how I'll do with the back and forth's to Vegas but I'm doin' it -- gulp!

Here's the game plan for this week!

Video Scan + Game Plan

Stock Watch List

RKDA well, we finally have momentum back? We'll see! Was a great ripper pre market nailed the trade pre, got short off the morning rip and stuff had an OK trade going - traded around core and got ripped on the other batch because -- no matter what you did a move like that, yeah, nothing you can do - which once again reminds you to be cautious with LOW FLOAT trash with outlier volume. Yes, it traded well over the float pre market to the first few minutes -- so, yes your antenna needs to be perked up. Anywho, got long all dips and made it most of the way into the $4.7-4.80s exits -- I kept a little chunk for EOD squeeze potential but bailed into the weakness like a chump then blinked and it was near $5 - whoops. It's hard to have a game plan tonight for tomorrow -- because we don't know are we going to get an effectiveness notice, are we going to gap down? Are we going to gap to the moon ... we'll see but this is one where we gather the information available to us, we know what we're up against and focus on making a plan pre market.

INWK consolidate- dips and ramp $5 + there was a newsletter that got long late day and many times the sell recommendation comes the following morning so if it stalls out 935-945AM + I'd be inclined to lean on it to get in front of the sell off.

AMD was a nice short on Friday - got towards the top covered a bit too soon but I think we'll have some room back to $35 and then look for a fade again. We are into some serious resistance at the moment. BE CAUTIOUS 930-933AM you can be DEAD right at 931AM and then .50-.80 down at 933AM - Reactive trend join trade using VWAP as a guide.

CTST down a lot after hours I think Friday was a big MOC order that went off was a fast buck into the close before coming in after hours. All strength tomorrow I think we'll see a bit of a yank/seller/fade post morning.

OSTK totally impressive, it's been a great trader if you take profits every big move it flushes out but you have to be there - in hindsight yes it woulda been easier to get long no doubt but how can you trust this company. Then again, the more real they are the worse they trade the more pumpish and less they have the better they do - so I guess it makes sense. Hoping for a few day breakout and exhaust the shorts so we can finally get the post e/r correction.

TXMD gap and looking for failed follow through momentum

PBYI "transitional" day as I call it - looking for a re-test back on highs from Friday + if it sets up 945-10AM+

LK very clean trade every time - weak open 26-27 + gap up fail vs. prior highs and fade.

GDOT 2 day bounce so far (note AMAG and many others) don't step in front it can keep going - weak opens to join trend or gap and failed follow through to fade.

AMAG 1050-11 para for fade - squeeze mode right now from everyone stuck $7-8

PRTK dips vs $4.50 until momentum fades off

AVDR thinking $2 + move soon

CLVS nice recovery on Friday off the lows, I tried to fade it pre but missed - great vol if nothing off scan is ready in the AM I think this is worth watching for .50 + trend join of range

FTCH 945-10AM + trend join huge volume great fader on Friday -- we could have .50-1.00 more fade and then snap back for $1-2 rally

TWOU let it squeeze out stalking for the fade day.

BHAT stalking in case it wants to turn into a SOLY 2.0 at some point would need a few mil vol

CDNA crazy call by Sahm - Kerrisdale capital I keep dropping the ball here - higher better for unwind

CARG another Sahm play - higher better and unwind towards $30s

SIEN watch dips and if we can get over $6.50 and base we have some decent potential

CARS reminds me a lot of TWOU - just wait for the trend and then join that don't try to find bottom


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