Day Trading a Market Crash & Review of Today's Trades

by | Mar 12, 2020


Make sure to check out these 14 rules for trading market panic.


  1. Thank you for the valuable insight. The market seems rough and a bit scary for me with a small account, I didn't even bother trying to trade today, I can't borrow shorts and everything was trending down so I didn't feel comfortable. One thing you said that really stuck with me was, if you don't feel comfortable with the trade, walk away from it. So THANK YOU again.

    • Thanks for the insight, lots of things to learn as a new trader!

  2. What did you mean repeatedly saying..."if you weren't covering.." you were in trouble...(?).

    I'm obviously a newbie and with this market my head is spinning...


  3. You emphasis ideas/teaching and staying safe. I sure appreciate it, especially in this market. Much more substance than just a bunch of “hype”.

  4. DAMN, I wish I had Nate's intelligence!👊🏾

  5. Thanks, Nate! As a new trader, the breakdown of your thought process helps a lot!

  6. Really nice update on market,

    Thanks Nate,


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