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Nearly 1000% Alert on Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR) Live in Chat!

Friday we had a major alert!! The EARLIEST out there at .32 on Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR) live in the room! I hope everyone has had their chance to snag my streaming DVD and already watched it! If you haven't it's still 50% off for the next short while (promo code...

$12,000 Gains to Recap [Video] and a VERY Special Deal

What a day today! Remember 50% off all annuals RIGHT HERE! Sale ends in just over 24 hours! Also! Have you check out the DVD yet? Reviews --- BUY for 50% off (FIRST250 promo code) - You can also buy right on InvestorsLive    

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 – What I Am Thankful For

Each year, I take Thanksgiving morning as an opportunity to write a blog post and reflect on what I am most thankful for It's been a crazy year - you can see all trades HERE nearly $2 million verified in profits since 2010. Over $5 million verified gains traders in my...

Stay the Course: 5 Tips for Successful Trading

1. Develop a system that works for you, and STICK TO IT! To trade successfully, you must have a system. I know most of us have heard this many times before, but this step is so vitally important, it is well worth repeating. Develop your system and stick to it like...