Week in Review: June 21-25, 2021

by | Jun 25, 2021

These days and weeks are flying by. If you are used to the normal summer slow down in the markets, this is about the exact opposite. Don't let any ticker take all of your attention for the day waiting for a top or a bottom. There are 100 other setups out there that you can round trip trade before the hot stock decides what it is going to do.

Couple of spots left on the flash sale. Even though the timer shows zero, you can still join as long as the allocation isn't showing as filled. https://investorsunderground.com/s/JPHV9


AEI Fail

This one took a lot of patience and Nate stuck to his plan to stay in as long as it remained heavy.



TRCH Failed Follow Through

You can see this failed several times on the re-tests. Nate started in short with a tiny risk and a big reward possible.



MOXC Signal

I said many months back that if Nate thought shorts were possibly in trouble, it was my buy signal. I just grabbed this chart as it was a super early call to put it on everyone's radar.



GOED Broadcast Plan

Every morning, Nate does his live broadcast. He goes over the charts and discusses key levels to pay attention to. Once it was game time all the members knew the plan.




Another day another FFT setup.

Have a great weekend.



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