Week in Review: June 15-19, 2020

by | Jun 19, 2020

Another solid week in the books. Not as much insanity as the last few weeks but still a ton of A+ setups. Keeping risk in check and following your rules were key this week.



Monday gave us the news of a possible cure for type 1 diabetes. Pretty big news and had staying power all week.




Back to back days for great news posts by Trader530. Price target raise and a 1.20 in just a few candles.



CLIR Momentum

A great risk reward trade. .10 in risk for 1.50 in reward.



WKHS Order

It requires 3 posts in the blog to be nominated MVP of the week and Trader530 got there Thursday.



BYFC Failed Follow Through

One of the things that doesn't get brought up much is the amount of learning you can do as a trader when you come to IU. Even if you didn't take this trade you were able to follow Nate's play by play commentary to learn this type of trade.

Have a great weekend and reach out if you are thinking about joining the IU community. [email protected]



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