Week in Review: August 24-28, 2020

by | Aug 28, 2020

This week was pretty similar to last week. Things moving a bit slower but still some great opportunities to make some great trades. It is a great time to learn to trade so if you are interested, reach out to me. [email protected]com


RKT Reactive Trade

Having orders ready to go is key right now. Nate was able to jump in long on the washout and sold half a few minutes later. He ended up keeping the other half overnight for the gap up.



UONE Pre-Market

PM has given some great trades in the past few months. Nate started in long early and ran out of shares to sell 20 minutes later.



CRM Short

While this isn't the most impressive chart, I just wanted to show the knowledge and experience shared everyday in the chat.




NIO News

Not much to say but TexMex with the news on NIO offering.



XPEV Failed Follow Through

Weekly edition of FFT trade.

Have a great weekend.


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