Week in Review: April 12-16, 2021

by | Apr 16, 2021

A tad bit slower this week. The COIN IPO put some volatility into the crypto names and provided some great setups to trade.

No blog sale this week but shoot me an email if you are wanting to come on board. [email protected]m


CELC Trend

One important lesson this week was to wait for things to build a trend at the key levels before starting in. It just keeps you from several small losses before the actual move.



TIRX Top Tick

This entry is just a tad early for Nate's normal style but ending up being a top tick.



Basket Names

I just wanted to post this three charts/trades that Nate started into during pre-market and then held through the open. See how they all traded almost exactly alike?



WHLM Game Plan

I just wanted to show how ideas are shared and how members are learning to create their own plans just like this.



CLOV Long and Short

Nate shared his idea to go long on CLOV on Friday. After riding it up he noticed a change in the tape so he closed the long position and started in short.



Have a great weekend!





  1. Great stuffs. Thanks so much !

  2. Great info. Thanks so much !

  3. General comment for your blog content overall : very good stuff, but often overlooked by me because you do not remind existence of it enough, maybe a bit more advertising about your posts to make sure more members read it on a regular basis, or should I set an alert somewhere to know when you post ?


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