Video Lesson #1189-1190 $CANF $VRTX Unwinds and Stubborn Stupidity on $FIT $VTAE

by | Sep 21, 2015

I figured it's time for a video for everyone as I haven't done one for free for a while. We're heading into a super busy end of the week and I always like to drive some good content for when I am away!

I've been trading really well as of August. As mentioned in a prior blog post, I had one of the best starts to any year and then continually reaching for the next "level" ended up getting super cold super fast. The past two months have been great, and at some point I'll likely share the journey, as it shows you exactly what is possible (and no, not all accounts are "large").

Recently, after my really hot run, I've been still trading super well but also been giving back a bit of profits by being too patient and lenient with trades I know I shouldn't be. I think there is a similarity here between traders who are new and find some instant success and then fall in the trap of "eh I'm up so I'll let it go" and then end up in a position they don't know how to get out of (ie: AQXP PBMD CANF style moves). They have a great three months of success followed by one major sting that puts them out of the game for a while.

So my plan during my travels (if I get to it on the plane) is a blog post on:

1. Recent trading and what I've done differently since I went over the 2015 flaws - which I corrected and I am still working on.

2. Understanding that, yes, fundamentals DO matter, and I've never said they don't ,HOWEVER they are NOT relevant on the FRONT side of a low float momentum name ie: CANF KBIO WGBS and many many more. YES YES YES they matter, but if you put your foot down that the company is a turd, fundamentals suck, and they need $$ and just about everything under the sun it DOES NOT MEAN you can't get ran over before the fundamentals matter. This is SO important to new members who see tweets about how trashy things are, remain confident based on others opinions and get blown out on margin.

3. Being patient vs. too patient but more importantly for the wrong reasons - letting things go based on a GOOD day.

4. How sweet our new chat is going to be as soon as we launch it - we're still working through a few more changes. It's all custom so it's going to be great.

5. Discuss recent CANF trades and seeing the trend hold and making the RIGHT covers vs. watching many stay biased.

6. Finding trading buddies to keep you accountable each trading day (ie: private twitter feed with buddy to post PnL daily)

7. Why not post some ideas in the comment section?

We've already had a few people mention what they'd like to read more about - feel free to do the same!

What topics would you like us to cover next on our blog?

Posted by Investors Live on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Here's tonight's video where sadly I minimized the day which was one of my best days all month.

I discuss CANF trade from today



  1. Nice video. Good point regarding not being lenient. So, if you have a good day so far, and then decide to be lenient with a few trades, with the hope of reaching a new higher level, but instead the opposit happens. What is next? In other words, if being too patience is not the answer, any ideas on what your next effort to grow as a trader is going to be?. I would guess size? Just put more money on the easier trade patterns?
    Good luck in Vegas. Thanks Nate

  2. Hi Nate,
    Nice video. I have a question related to the issue of "trade what you see, not what you think". I wonder what is your routine to trade emotionless, cool & relaxed and "to stay in the zone"? Thanks!
    Regards, damir

  3. On $GBSN, What would u recommend would have been the best entry and exit for long and short for the past two days.

  4. Thank for the vid Nate, hope you days start turning back around with much less loss.

  5. I have an idea for a problem I have when using parachat mobile. I do my trading at work on my laptop and have the chat on my phone. Sometimes I'm away for a while and come back to my phone to try to see what everyone was talking about but the chat resets to the very recent message every time I try to scroll up. Can they fix this? I would like to be able to scroll without it resetting to the bottom of the page even if there is a new comment. That would help out a lot! (This used to happen in FB and still in InstaGram where you would have to scroll thru everything you already read just to get back to the last comment you read)


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