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by | Mar 26, 2019

Hey all!

Hope everyone had a fantastic day today. Over the last few weeks we've seen some crazy things in the market. We had a major short squeeze on BPTH followed by day in and day out of algorithms stepping into small caps ripping low float names left and right before walking away - leaving them for dead.

We've had some unreal swings lately HUNT if you want to call it a swing I guess counts but it was less than a 24 hour trade. Yesterday as stated in room I was taking a chance with it as a gapper - pretty low risk (more than happy to risk even 50% downside on the trade given the potential) especially if it turned into a mini PHUN which was the trade thesis given the similarities re: SPACs etc. Don't know what that is? Google it 🙂

(Etrade gapper not shown)


But, not sure I'd call that a "swing" but more so just an over night. My current big picture swings that I've held well over a month how are DCAR and HYRE for the highly anticipated Lyft and Uber IPOs. I think people forgot that Lyft is only one of the two big IPOs coming and we still have until April for Uber. Meanwhile, they're positioning short for Friday and forgot just how thin DCAR is. Anyhow, that's beside the point - the price proved this thesis again today. For me, I'm keeping my low $4s average on HYRE and high $2s low $3s average on DCAR (and trading around the core).

So far it's been insane - trying my best to let a good trade work but as with anything it's smart to lock along the way!

I've put together a video recap today - this market is on steroids right now. I have a hard time keeping up - but I think it's harder to actually stay focused. There is so much happening right now you need to focus right now on what YOU'RE GOOD at what YOU'RE STRENGTHS are. So many traders first questions is - how much did you make? It's irrelevant focus on you. Someone is always making more. Someone is always making a better trade. Someone is always on step ahead. The best thing you can do is be the BEST YOU that YOU can be!


Try this:

Anyhow - as promised here's the video recap of today's trades and the chat logs to go along with it!

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Free Chat Logs

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