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by | Oct 31, 2018

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day -- wanted to share the days logs to get you an idea of how we go about it in the Investors Undergrounds community.

If you want to join us, we have an amazing flash sale going on right now.

While there is so much going on in the market it's very important to really focus and just trade what you know. There is definitely going to be the reactive trades (quick in and outs that you see hitting radar) but as far as the bigger picture bell to bell trades there's just so much happening right now it's important to take the 30 watches down to 2 or 3 with room to add 1 or 2 more.

How do you do it? How to simply the watch list? What gets the interest what doesn't? What goes on secondary watch? Here's how I zone in on what I am going to trade in the morning with my pre market broadcast:

(The only mistake I made upon my quick review was LKSD being a take out and not just an E/R would still be a play for me -- I ran out of time in the AM to review it all before the broadcast -- typically I'd trade this just as we did TWLO / SEND any time it's not all cash).

Pre-Market Scan Broadcast

Check out some of the trades from the chat today!

As you can see we encourage out of the box thinking and by no means is this follow the leader. This is actually LEARNING HOW TO TRADE! Not to follow!

KALY Trade IGCC Trade CLVS Trade ACAD Trade FB Trade TWLO Trade EXAS Trade MDR Trade

Chat Logs for October 31, 2018

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