T4AC Podcast - Eric Wood and Gregg Sciabica

by | Mar 3, 2021

Topics Discussed:

  • Current Market Environment
  • GME Trade
  • Choosing Long Trades
  • Stock Promotions and Pumps
  • Personal Trading Rules
  • Investments Outside of Trading
  • When to Wire Out vs. Keep Cash in Your Portfolio
  • Dealing with Big Trading Losses
  • Life Outside of Trading

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  1. Good insight into 2 successful traders... and absolutely hilarious!

  2. I enjoyed the pod cast, good banter amongst you three Gents, takeway was Social Media can't ignore it, and its a tough changing market. I'm a new trader, ( 3 years) small $ , trying to figure out the long game first. Hate losing $ to the point of I'll ride the stock into the ground before I sell it,. Probably not the best idea most times? Trying to set up rules to enter low, and resist the dips and panic sell, and hold long. Emotions are there, Ive made every mistake in the book, but learning from my mistakes. Refreshing to hear some of your follies in trading. My new Heros. Mahalo!

  3. Surprised there are no comments about this Podcast yet. It is fantastic.
    Thanks Eric and Gregg for sharing your lessons learned!

  4. love the way Eric describe one of his trading niche, where he explained how he look into Russel2000 to pick up the ticker to trade and gave inside to P/E ratio in relation to earning, which give a broader prospects that company is trading way above its fair value and market will adjust to it real value, which is the perfect time to short them.

  5. Great podcast. Very real.

  6. "still rolling" -
    "motherf...." brilliant
    Great to hear experienced guys keeping it real.

  7. Great to see these experienced traders talk about personal rules.


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