[FREE VIDEO] Market Melt Up - How Sunday Scan Played Out

by | Jun 8, 2020

I've been sending out a free scan every Sunday night where I share the stocks I am watching and the exact game plan for Monday. The game plan is just as important as the watch list itself. Watching a stock ensures that you are there for the action. Creating a game plan is how you actually place a trade.

I wanted to show you how some of the trades panned out on Monday. I explained the entire game plan yesterday, so make sure to check out yesterday's free scan if you haven't already. Here's a video that shows the top trades for the day. These are the types of videos I put out for members 3-5 times per week. If you find value in them, consider joining IU to continue your learning.


  1. Hi Nathan,

    I have been watching your videos and following your tweets. Amazing lessons you shared and very honest that you guide the middle experienced like me. I was day trader in 2014 and made initial profits but in the end huge losses because I did not sold and when it dropped still holding in expectation of going up. Anyway, lesson learned and I came back stronger in March and put good size capital and guess what my size after 3 month - 3 times profit but not yet wired the money which I will be after listening to your video last night. One question I have for you is how you accumulate the day/hour/month chart into 1 and how much time you take to decide because timing is key. I am still debating to join investors underground or Trade-Ideas, but more I watch you, more I tilting to IU.

  2. Thank you very helpful I need to watch more of your videos

  3. Excellent review.......... thanks Nate!

  4. Super good

  5. thanks man . need to cover pretty fast not letting that stubbornness take my account .


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