A Sniper Mentality in Trading by @DGTrading101

by | Nov 15, 2017

Key Takeaways

  • Approach trading like a JOB not a fast track to riches
  • Use a "Sniper Mentality" - Be calculated, be stealthy, and narrow your targets
  • The most successful traders focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY
  • Focus on taking fewer actions that lead to bigger impacts
  • Only trade the best setups. If you don't have an edge in the trade, stay away.
  • Scalping and overtrading are limiting. Become more disciplined and double down on the best setups.
  • Take advantage of larger moves over longer timeframes


  1. Wrong, trading is not gambling. It is a business for me, there is a huge difference 🙂

    • Calling trading gambling is like calling a retail trader a professional trader. IMHO gambling is way easier than a career trading these markets. The game changes without warning and you never know who the opposing players may be. That's not even considering a world of fundamentals, correlating influences, dare I mention cfd, introducing brokers, mega banks with micro second data fed into quantum algorithms?
      Yep, day trading is most definitely not gambling.

  2. This was great!


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