On watch 04/08/21 from Emil

by | Apr 8, 2021


ROOT - watching for a reversal here so any push thru 12.5 and build going to grab some and add only if will hold

PTON - dips against 114 for a long trade risking $2

FUBO - had lock up two days ago seems that some unloading in progress going to watch any pops against 21.5 for a short and more unwind in the coming days

BNSO - looking for some failed follow thru against 10 for a short ideally some slide under 8

ET - back burner but if will have a weak open 7.75 and holds might be a decent long candidate

Have a look over this Intermediate Course Video 3

Sneak a peek into IU community and see how it is, you can have a walk-through here

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