On watch 04/03/20 from Emil

by | Apr 3, 2020


Sneak a peek into IU community and see how it is, you can have a walk-through here

Check - The fundamental checklist for technical traders here


PDD - good recovery and held pretty well after that, looking to long dips against 35.5 > lock in some into 37.5 if works out then ride the rest towards 40

MRNA - constant bid yesterday now that has this b/o look most likely ppl will jump in for the big move , long against 32.5 for a move through 35+

GILD - eyeing any pull back towards 75 and ideally will build into mid morning then push towards 80 , real company with a real product that might work during this times so not going to underestimate it, depends on how is going to unfold might be a decent swing if decent entry

BMRA - interested in any pop and stuff into 7.5 for a short and more unwind towards 6






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