On watch 03/31/20 from Emil

by | Mar 31, 2020


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SPCB - ideally will have a shove back towards 1.25 for a decent short and more unwind towards .75 only scenario I'm interested in

PDD - good news starting to pop up (real or not) and some of the China names that held pretty well during the fall off start to gear up, I'm interested in any dips against 36.25 for a long trade maybe will swing some for few days if will have a push and hold strong into close

NET - long time on my w/l now watching all dips and trail as long as trend holds, at this stage b/o most likely will start to show up at the table so morning dips against 23.5 targeting 27.5

OXY - weak open into 11.25 ideally for a long attempt risking 1 buck in order to see it pushing towards 14

OMI - big volume kicked in also pretty obv setup which not really a big fan (not a believer) but looking to take advantage of a fast move towards 10+ so any dip and soak against 9 and lower




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