On watch 03/30/20 from Emil

by | Mar 29, 2020



Sneak a peek into IU community and see how it is, you can have a walk-through here

Check - The fundamental checklist for technical traders here


PTON - same plan as Friday dips against 25.5 fro a long trade targeting 30 in the next few days

TLRY -  interested to short any push &stuff action against 9.5 looking for a unwind towards 7 risking .30c or so

NET - dips against 21.5 for a long trade looking for the next leg up, the fact that this one held very well int he pas few days despite all the turbulence out there makes me think can push towards 25 before we 'r going to see a slap back

INO - big picture I want to short this one badly BUT also in order to do that I need more meat on the bone so the way I look at this one is: some stuff in the morning then base after 10AM for a push towards 10 later in the morning or maybe day, if manage to get there definitely I'm going to be interested this short it meanwhile I might take advantage of the long side to IF unfolds my way


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  1. Thanks Emil for the great ideas!


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