On watch 03/27/20 from Emil

by | Mar 27, 2020


Sneak a peek into IU community and see how it is, you can have a walk-through here

Check - The fundamental checklist for technical traders here


With all these stimulus out there market can be very irrational on extremes and what I mean by that: I'm  not going to get over biased and going to try to trade price action and join either direction , timing will be the key


PTON - nice hold yesterday took a breath, going to watch any dips against 25.25 for a long trade - prolly these guys are going to have good sales in the next period of time since ppl get those free money that must be spent, so why not buying something that can be used inside 🙂

NET - same plan as above , eyeing dips into 21.25 for long trade thinking next leg setting up nicely targeting 25 area

MFA - if pops into 2.25 are going to be stuffed early in the morning going to short it for more unwind towards 1

IMAC - morning shove into 2.5 and stuff there for a potential short targeting 1.5 area later in the day risking .25c more or less



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