On Watch 03/25/20 From Dante


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IMAC: Absolutely hate these constant halt/unhalt types, so didn't even look at it today. But tomorrow it will be much more tradable for me. Very stupid catalyst but they wisely threw in a little "covid" wording so here we are lol. Hopeful for a gap up and looking for the fade around 5 would be ideal with a stop over 5.50s.

MRNA: Same plan as today, expecting it to stay heavy until it stops working - looking at all strength as good shorting opps until proven otherwise. Not going to include CODX on scan again but just know that's also same plan and still working beautifully, that trashy little pig 🙂

JNUG: Gold has really caught a bid last couple days, I like to see it moving higher with or without market support. With all the massive QE flooding in and more coming, this makes sense it's found it's footing after the initial panic liquidation selling. This can continue for a while, so watching this on dips to continue to grind higher tomorrow.

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- D

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