On Watch 03/24/20 From Dante


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BA: Looks like Goldman is starting to get their beak wet in this one with that very timely upgrade today, so very possible we've seen the lows. Watching tomorrow on dips to join long with market cooperation. Not going to give levels because who knows where we'll open, futures and ah/pre trading are still so crazy.

MRNA: This name is highly unlikely to be the covid hero, and I think that's setting in slowly. Second round of longs have been mostly bagged, and I think this continues to stay heavy. Higher the better in the morning and looking for failed follow through and to get short.

CODX: I'm a broken record mentioning this on scan I know, but it's for good reason. Off most peoples radar, absolute joke of a player in the covid testing space, and this should continue to slowly bleed off down sub 5 and eventually even lower. Same plan as it's been - treat all strength as good short opportunities here until further notice.

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