[FREE VIDEO LESSON] Reviewing 2 Winners and a "Good Loser"

by | Jul 16, 2015

Yesterday was a great trading day for us in chat.

I had 2 solid winning trades I wanted to share, and one that I would consider to be a "good loser."

OHRP provided us with a nice long opportunity. I was buying the dips in the morning using $3.50 as a guide. I learned from these mistakes and focused on the reclaim.

FIT spiked in the morning and started testing support. Support cracked and the reclaim failed, so we started shorting the pops. Great covers on this one!

SYN looked like a good long opportunity in the morning, but eventually broke support. I was on the wrong side of this move, but was able to size down and cut losses quickly. While this trade resulted in a loss, I was very happy with my execution on it.

Check out the trade recap video below to get a more detailed explanation of these trades.

I do these trade recaps 2-3 times/week for IU Elite subscribers.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments about the video.

Check out the free video lesson.



  1. Thanks Nate. I truly appreciate the "perfect loss" and/or "oh shit handle" as it has drastically made a difference in my overall P/L and given me some solid objectivity in my trading. Really appreciate the videos!

    • Thank you Nate

  2. TripleV was here learning. Thank you, Nate!


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