Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For September 5, 2023

by | Sep 4, 2023

Hope everyone had a fantastic long Labor Day weekend!

Very productive Friday. There were some clean opportunities, and everything we discussed on broadcast worked to plan.

Technology at Investors Underground:

I’ve been working on more scanners with Max – I think you guys are going to continue to love what we have coming.

I know most on Sunday scan viewers may not even be in the room and likely still think we are only a chat room 🙂 But, as you’ve seen, our tech is top-notch and keeps getting better and better.

Video Topics:

  • Big announcement next week!
  • 1 year anniversary of MWSS with Sam!
  • Why do I repeat? (build habit over time)
  • 11:30 Re-evaluate
  • Recent survey
  • Avidity Fitness (how many lasted so far?)
    • Point of exercise/exercise?
  • Traders4ACause Vegas
    • Workout
    • Yoga
    • Speed coach (Kim)
  • Small changes, big results
  • Last week’s content creation! (Tim G!)

Here are some key things I hope you learned from prior Sunday videos. The point of these recaps is to compare some situations and remind you how prior situations can help you prepare for current ones. How screen time helps you with edge – what you saw last week or two weeks ago can turn into a major opportunity just by seeing that action and remembering it.

  • The next COSM?
  • Where have you seen this before?
  • ICCT (pre market discussion) not after the fact
  • Liquidity trap EDBL (Screen time trade)
  • Another widow maker Thursday ADTX (cycle?)

Giveaway Winners

Here are this week’s t-shirt winners:


  • @BellaandBeauRainSoundEffects
  • @BlakeHjelmstrand


  • @BrS_80
  • @Typ_403
  • @drew_trades

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

NIO nice trader on Friday along with XPEV – feels like a nice daily driver type of name to keep on radar. “Daily driver” as I always mention is to me just a friendly name to trade with range. There are so many names that may gap up but virtually untradeable during the day either due to random trend or lack of liquidity – daily driver is something that I can count on to find a trade during the day ie: IONQ PLTR NIO XPEV etc without worrying about lack of liquidity or edge.

ICCT ideally morning shove and back down towards $5 near term — nice opportunity on Friday just about looking left and thinking about what level would make people nervous and perhaps create short side to panic/cut a loss or take the gain and THEN start in.

AMC need to see better action but higher it goes the better for unwind or weak open if recovery for $15 + keeping a low bias here and more so to me it’s a good daily driver 10AM+

Failed Follow Through:

TAOP ideally morning shove on light vol and then fade back – nice one Friday!

MEDS thinking quietly fades off a few bucks – can’t really do a sizeable trade (I guess you could be just opens up some risk) that said — looking to join trend just like Friday’s

ACHR reminds me a lot of APLD where it took like 28 times to finally break down.


TUYA continued to go, not the wicks nice idea all last week so far

BLRX scooped per idea in IU – need to check catalyst on this one but clean break out so far

AXLA dips vs .40s

NVOS baggy turned gold (actually flat) but — had a starter on prior to yesterday only got back to flat but did add some on dips Friday so far.

AFRM still think the same thoughts as RIVN

TLRY possible sector/theme trade incoming

FFIE thinking like AMC eventually – for now, lower the better.

Staying Familiar:

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  1. Awesome trade ideas Thanks


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