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by | Sep 26, 2021

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NAKD nice idea on Friday - goal was nothing to chase but dips/flushes if trend held over mid .6x's understanding that .75 would likely cause a bit of an issue upon first attempt given chart resistance. Figure boards etc. will be hot this weekend everyone starts to think $1 + after they see things pass .75-.80 so that will really be the key levels on something like this to see if it starts to trade differently or remains heavy which will also dictate what to do with the balance of the swing.

MRIN ideally $11+ blow off again I would also suggest to compare to MVIS where you need to stop expecting what SHOULD happen each time and just go with the flow and understand that there is a huge market here, tons of shareholders and things surrounding PRs and events will last a lot longer than you may expect. Ideally more squeeze and opportunity like last week - was a really nice profit center. $11 + parabolic and sit back - otherwise 945-10AM + trend join.

GOEV big one from the last few days top spot each day and major break out. Ideally some re-test of Friday highs and then fade off again. Otherwise if I were to consider the long side I'd want to see $8.80s flush and base for r/g move and $9.50-10s+

UPST really nice opportunity last week more so equity - had a nice trade on the big fade day used some of those gains to keep the puts but those didn't turn into anything. I am still hopeful some sorta $350 + blow off and then the day it sits back ideally catch the $30 fade.

Failed Follow Through:

UFAB pretty clear base +/- $3.20 range stuck sub $3.40s for most of the day with one squeeze out pre close. The fact that the squeeze out happened leads me to believe any small gap will be met with pressure after the open and I'd be looking to fade it back. That said - thin trader so if this tries to crack $3.20 multiple times and soaks - in this market easily can rip higher.

CEI I will continue to be an opportunist here and not perma biased in any one direction - continues to be a really nice trader so it stays on radar until it stops. I only care on the big exhaustion move days best to leave it alone on consolidation days. Past few weeks using that $1.80 level provided a few great opportunities to $1.30-1.40 rather quickly which as saw this is why I prefer the short side once things exhaust out and edge comes b/c it happens so fast vs. the slow grind higher on long side. Same as Friday - huge opportunity into close which happened a lot faster than the ride up. That said - as tweeted $1.80 was the prior top prior level I was using chart did crack volume did fade off but after CEO put out the video what happened? Volume kicked back up and as I tweeted $1.80 resistance now all that matters is 1. Parabolic exhaustion moves or 2. sub $1.80s since that should/may/can act as support.

RWLK killer trade opportunity on Friday got a good piece early then didn't try to find top or even force a trade for that matter just joined later on and got a good piece of the break down later on. Morning shove $2.10-2.20s is ideal but I think at this point they worked out the shorts and have since moved on.


GREE been a great trader as long as you are trading it and taking profits along the way if you are averaging in and averaging down you're likely getting beat. This is undergoing a bottoming process working out all the average down traders false break outs etc before they ultimately rebound it IMO - thing is they may not and if you think they "have to" that's when you get in trouble. Check FLGC for an example of what I am talking about - we talked about it the prior weeks when the swing started.

AEHR I sold 1/2 of my long term swing on the morning rip Friday but then re added dips and back to my long term position. I feel like a sizeable long came in and absorbed size perhaps a stake on Friday and could see this thing just be soaked over the next few months. This was an idea every Sunday video scan since mid $6s - congrats to any who found a proper trade on the name! Saw many who did.

LPTX offered and priced well looking to position a bit longer term here - nice break out move likely use $3.50 area as a guide as long as it holds for the most part.

BCTX swing trade has been working well got up towards the highs here same sort of chart that I look for on daily (we've already gone over it multiple times on Sunday video) but I did sell some on Friday for two simple reasons: 1. Paid promotion 2. Retail promotion --- that said I am still working on trusting retail driven names typically I get nervous when everyone is talking about things and price starts to move up faster but in this market it doesn't seem to matter as they just keep on going.

EEIQ so far so good - same wicks we talk about you know I've been here since the transitional day we discussed.

QS watch dips possible $28-30 +

FSR so far so good - nice trend join this week.

LCID nice break out last week followed by a few days of weakness anticipating I positioned some long as planned. See if we get the crazy break out this week $30-35 if not that's fine would move on.

LICY watch dips possible break out here on daily - so far good form $10s

AMHC will be JSPR on Monday - same quiet thoughts as I went over Thursday and on the broadcast Friday at 8:50AM I was quietly buying weakness (no chase) and sitting on it in case we have T+2 situation.

Staying Familiar:


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