Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For November 27, 2023

by | Nov 26, 2023

We spent quite a bit of time going over liquidity traps the last few weeks and that has come in handy lately.

One by one, they’ve been going nuts. For example, MRAI, the outlier squeezer that tripled.

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Video Topics:

  • SHOT unwinder
  • BGLC review of Friday discussion
  • BGLC set up vs SPRC (Daily too)
  • AGIL looking left
  • Liquidity Traps – MRAI CDT WGS SGD TIVC
  • GDHG stars aligned?
  • New broadcast tested Friday – more to come!
  • Black Friday hopefully those that were considering took advantage (our deals for Sunday Scan viewers only went quick)!

T-Shirt Winners:

  • q3mav
  • barnchips

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

BGLC big trap on this one and good squeeze out after hours over $1.20 + solid idea from early for that AHs potential and maybe even 4AM + on Monday we’ll see. Either way looking to let it do it’s thing and then fade the trend once we have a clear failed follow through set up. They did a great job supporting the .62-63 area then confirmed over .80 level given which put just about every short under water hence knowing we’d need a blow out of some sort before trend reverses given the crowd.

ITRM same thoughts – remember volume is lights so this can last a lot longer. Looking for $2.50 clear out and fade – if it has a big red day I’d be looking to position long – typically names with this kind of volume get soaked up on flushes like the PRCH idea last few weeks.

PLTR AFRM been great traders lately – reactive trades

SHOT in my eyes – shorts still aggressive and they are likely right — but the problem is the borrow cost. So, no matter what you think it should do, the longer it hangs around the more costly it gets so promoters know if they support it – it’s just a matter of time before covers trickle in.

Failed Follow Through:

IBRX looking for the day we break $4 for unwind. So far lots of exhaustion but doesn’t mean anything if it holds trend. I don’t think we really have one major unwind since catalyst run up into April? Seems a bit early for the run up but worth remembering as a retail run up sell the news trade later on.

HKD morning shove and looking for slow fade back.

MNY liquidity trap idea played out well again – ideally one more good shove like MRAI then fade off.


GDHG same thoughts as last week and the week before when we went over it. Yes risk is drops 80% in a day like the rest. We know it’s a trading vehicle and just an excuse to be public. They’re using the “company” as an excuse to be public and in this case trap shorts. There was a major negative article two weeks ago on this name and it absorbed it all. The problem is – like we talked about is there are no sellers. The only sellers are shorts. This is tightly held float so when a hit piece comes and they absorb it, things start to happen. If this has a major fail and no inventory to buy back this will skip into circuits. Be super aware, but all the stars are aligned for black swan. Problem is just depends if SEC is awake or not to put a stop to this before.

MLGO so far so good from our discussion on this idea.

SPRC big time opp on Friday nice long in the $8s and exits $12-14s watch all weak opens if it doesn’t stay heavy

INVO liq trap on watch if it nears $2.50 – would be real focused

ANGH nothing to chase but same as Wednesday idea re: liquidity trap and $3 being key. Remember if squeeze comes and exhausts out at $3 that voids as the cover has come.

ICVX daily chart – watch for break out

PRCH so far so good – would use same plan as last week only this time $1.50s as a guide on risk

Staying Familiar:


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